Is Tomato pregnant?

Ten days ago, I bought a few tomatoes, put them in hand when I packed, and threw them into the bottom vegetable kitchen.After a long time, I forgot.Today, I cleaned up the west, and I accidentally found that the tomatoes that put it for more than ten days turned to the cubs!Can tomatoes be pregnant?And what are the children of others, how do you grow like a mung bean sprout baby?

Most of us have seen potatoes, radishes, cabbage and other germination, but we rarely see tomatoes.The tomatoes that were placed at home for more than ten days were not bad, and there were small seedlings like bean sprouts, which looked a little weird.

I doubt whether there is something bad in it, and I checked the information, but found that the expert said that this situation was still normal.The expert’s explanation is: Sometimes the tomatoes will germinate, which is a normal phenomenon.

Because the tomatoes are rich in water at this time, and the tomatoes are not eaten for a long time. When the seeds are mature, they will germinate under the right conditions.But at this time, the tomato taste was relatively poor. The seeds inside consumed a certain nutrients during the long bud, so the tomatoes were basically consumed.

Experts suggest that such tomatoes should not be eaten.If you have been eaten, generally do not cause harm to the body, let alone poisoning.

Although I heard the expert’s explanation, saying that such tomatoes are non -toxic, and the long buds are normal, but I have to say that the current tomatoes have long gone from the previous taste, and they have to die from the inside to the outside.

It looks very red outside, but the seeds inside are green, hard, and it is not bad for a month. It can be seen how strong this tomato is.Can it be this without manually?A few years ago, the tomato was cooked for two days, and it was rotten without eating.You look at this tomato again, for more than a month, it is not bad to boil until long buds.Is it really evolved?Still there are other hidden feelings.

When I was young, I was able to eat it naturally. The sand mouth with normal sweetness.I’m afraid it’s hard to eat now.Take a look at the tomatoes with similar situations in your family?If so, don’t be afraid, it’s just pregnant, it’s over as you throw away, remember to eat it early next time!


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