Is the leucorrhea yellow a gynecological disease?Tell you what normal leucorrhea is like

Leucorrhea is one of the health signals of women’s private parts, but many women have all kinds of confusion about this: Is there a problem with the sudden increase in leucorrhea?Is the leucorrhea yellow because of infection?Nympho

Let’s talk about this "white secret" today.

1. Lands have nothing to do with "detoxification"

In simple terms, leucorrhea is the secretion that exists in the vagina. It is a liquid made of mucus secreted by the secretion function in the female reproductive organs.

For details, the main component of leucorrhea comes from these aspects:

Cervical mouth and cervical ducts of mucus secrete

The mucus exuded from the endometrium and vaginal mucosa

Epidermal cells of cervix and vagina

A small amount of white blood cells

The inherent flora and its metabolites of the vagina

From this, we can recognize:

Lands have nothing to do with detoxification, and does not involve toxins or metabolic waste;

The amount of leucorrhea depends mainly on the secretion and exudation function of the cervix, endometrium, and vaginal mucosa;

What needs to be noted here is that the mucus produced during the same room is also part of the leucorrhea. It is mainly the mucus secreted by the "vestibular gland" located in the vaginal opening. It will not occur if it is not stimulated.

What is the use of white belt?

Some people ask if the leucorrhea is so easy to have a problem, can there be no leucorrhea?In fact, it is not possible. The leucorrhea still has its own effect, mainly in these aspects:

1. Vaginal lubricant

The vagina is usually closed, and the front and rear walls are close.

The moist environment formed by leucorrhea can reduce friction between the front and rear walls of the vagina and protect the vaginal wall from being damaged.Some women often rinse the vagina, resulting in little inner vaginal leucorrhea, which will damage the vaginal mucosa.

At the same time, in this humid environment, the vaginal mucosa will be more flexible and can increase the quality of the same room.

2. Natural protection barrier

The vaginal flora balance formed by leucorrhea can resist the invasion of foreign pathogens.

3. Auxiliary conception

The amount of leucorrhea during ovulation is the most. At this time, the role of men’s "small tadpoles" can be combined along the leucorrhea with eggs. You know, sperm has a characteristic that it will move against the current.

Therefore, leucorrhea during ovulation is simply a natural runway of "Xiaoyu".

Of course, in turn, you can also judge the ovulation period through the change of leucorrhea.

4. As a health indicator

Lands are usually an important test of doctors to diagnose reproductive tract diseases, which is the reason why leucorrhea abnormal women often check the conventional leucorrhea.

Third, normal leucorrhea is not only one state

Generally speaking, many women see the information that when leucorrhea is healthy, there is only one state -little leucorrhea, white, sticky, no odor.

However, this has caused many women to misunderstand, and they will think that as long as they are not the state mentioned above, there is a problem.

In fact, leucorrhea is not only one state.

The trait of leucorrhea has a certain correlation with estrogen, which is why women leucorrhea in teenagers rarely or almost no reason; with the development of the ovaries, the level of estrogen rises, leucorrhea also appears.

The form of normal leucorrhea changes with the changes in the following factors:

1. Menstruation cycle

Different stages of the menstrual cycle will have different leucorrhea.

(1) A large amount of leucorrhea with egg white samples and brushed

In the menstrual cycle, a peak of estrogen is at the ovulation period.At this time, the secretion function of cervical cylindrical epithelium, vaginal mucosa, glands, etc. became strong, so the amount of leucorrhea during ovulation is large, transparent to egg white, and brushed.Essence

Immediately before and after the luteal period, due to the increased secretion of the whole pot of the pelvic floor, the secretion of the vulva will have a humid feeling, and sometimes there are traces of leucorrhea on the underwear.

This is normal, and the majority of women need to worry about.

(2) The yellowish yellow sticky leucorrhea

After the ovulation period, it enters the luteal stage, and progesterone secretion increases. At this time, the secretion of leucorrhea is reduced, so it becomes sticky and mixed with a large number of cells. Therefore, the leucorrhea at this time is white and even a bit yellow.

2. Living habits

The trait of leucorrhea will also be affected by factors such as drinking water diet, environment, work, personal hygiene and living habits.

The slight changes listed below are also within the normal range:

Obviously feel that drinking less water, the leucorrhea will be yellow;

Sometimes you eat chili, seafood, etc. for a few days in a row, and there will be a change in leucorrhea, but it will return to normal in a few days.

At this time, the correct approach is to wash the vulva with water every night and keep dry and clean.

3. Age stage

At different age stages, the traits of leucorrhea are also different, such as:

Although women during pregnancy are temporarily discontinued, due to the role of estrogen in women and rich blood supply, the secretion and exudation of cervix and vaginal walls will increase, and leucorrhea will naturally increase;

Women in the wedding honeymoon period, because of frequent sexual impulses and sexual contact, will also cause leucorrhea in a more state;

After menopause, due to the decline of ovarian function and the decline in hormone levels, the corresponding organs atrophic and degenerating, leucorrhea secretion will decrease or even disappear.

Fourth, leucorrhea abnormalities should seek medical treatment in time

There are so many normal situations above, and the following is what "leucorrhea is abnormal" looks like.

Valua leucorrhea: leucorrhea yellow or yellow -green, such as pyrophy, with a bad odor, is generally caused by infection;

Colorless and transparent mucus leucorrhea: The appearance is similar to normal leucorrhea during ovulation, and the amount is large. It is commonly caused by endocrine disorders or using hormone drugs. Usually, increase after menstruation;

Blood leucorrhea: Lands such as blood staining blood, you should be alert to malignant tumors such as cervical cancer. Some benign lesions will also have this symptom;

Tofu -like leucorrhea: Tofu -like white blocks are mixed with tofu residue, which is a characteristic of mold vaginitis;

Yellow water -like leucorrhea: At the same time, there are other performances, such as evil odor, accompanied by tissue falling off, etc.;

Value -like leucorrhea: relatively rare, the characteristics of amoeba vaginitis.

Brown leucorrhea: It is often formed by a small amount of bleeding mixed leucorrhea;

Gray -white leucorrhea: In addition to leucorrhea gray and white, there are also dirty and fishy smells, which are often caused by infection;

Vulvar yellow secretions: sometimes cause itching and other symptoms.

What should I do if there is an abnormality?

At this time, do not find the information on the Internet for a seat, or listen to the rumors of advertising.This is likely to delay treatment and the consequences are more serious.

I feel that there is a problem, go to the gynecology department of the General Hospital in time to receive a regular diagnosis and treatment.

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