Is the cold belly of a pregnant woman pregnant with a boy?Don’t take it seriously, these three reasons are the truth

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Introduction: After pregnancy, there is a little baby in the body, and the body of the pregnant mother has changed. In the process, the pregnant mother will also have some habits to change, such as changes in taste, adjustment of schedules, fear of heat and cold, etc.Essence

Abu Ti became afraid of heat when she was pregnant. She was so hot that she liked to set off her clothes to reveal her belly.Once she was seen by my aunt, she touched my belly, and she said: Seeing that you are flushed with a hot face, how can the belly so cool, it may be a boy.

I said that the belly of pregnant women is cool. Do you have a boy? In fact, this has nothing to do with the gender of the child. It is caused by their own reasons.

1. Large belly belly, affecting blood circulation

As the baby grows up day by day, the pregnant mother’s belly is also large, and the blood vessels around the belly are squeezed, which occurs slow blood circulation, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, the blood circulation is slow, not just the belly is the belly.Cool, it is easy to edema.

2. Excessive calories consumption

Originally, there was a layer of fat on our stomach that kept a certain temperature, but after pregnancy, the belly was large, the fat became thinner and thinner.Naturally, it is colder than other positions on the body.


Pregnant women are afraid of heat, especially the big belly. There are more babies in it. Many times when people are hot, they will find ways to cool down, so pregnant mothers usually like to expose the belly to cool down.Following the fan, the belly was also cool when he felt it.

Another reason is that the pregnant mother has a cold cold. At this time, let alone the cold belly, even the body feels cold.

Therefore, it is normal for the belly to cool down.

① Pay attention to keep warm

It is always not good to set off. You should pay more attention to keep warm, especially when you open a small wool blanket when you turn on the air conditioner in the summer. It is easy to cause diarrhea, fever, and contraction.

According to the study, when the body temperature of pregnant women is 2 ° C higher than the normal body temperature, it will affect the normal development of the fetus.

② Prevention of stretch marks

Every woman is beautiful. When she is pregnant, she should be supported by the belly, so stretch marks will appear, but as long as they are moderately maintained, they can also effectively prevent stretch marks and keep the pregnant mother’s belly smooth.

Usually we use pregnancy cream, olive oil, and eggs to prevent it on the belly; and use the belly belt to help support the abdomen, reduce the degree of pulling the skin down, and reduce the skin’s skin relaxation.

③ Avoid collision

Although the baby is protected by amniotic fluid in the mother’s belly, mothers should also pay attention not to let the belly collide into some harder places to avoid the harmful fetus.

In addition, some pregnant mothers will also have room with her husband during pregnancy, and they must grasp their strength to avoid colliding with their stomachs.

④ Appropriate exercise

Take a walk and do yoga. Proper exercise can promote blood circulation and improve the phenomenon of cold stomach and edema.

In the end, the cold stomach of the pregnant mother is normal, not implying the baby’s gender, and the gender of the fetus is determined from the moment of pregnancy. As long as the pregnant mothers need to check on a regular basis, pay attention to the details of daily life.

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