Is it suitable for drinking black tea in summer?Will it get angry?3 questions about black tea, once clearly

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A few years ago, the topic of the tea circle contempt chain was very hot.

"If you drink tea, drink tea and drink at the end, Pu’er and rock tea are the kings."

"Why don’t old tea guests drink jasmine tea? Because the layers of tea are not as domineering!"

"The tea taste of black tea is just fragrant and soft, and you can’t really solve the problem of tea addiction."

For a while, these claims about drinking tea are very loud.

But now I look back and look at it. Similar to the above perspectives, it is too one -sided and naive.

No matter what tea is, there are good quality and bad quality.

Between different types of tea, green tea, black tea, flower tea, Pu’er, rock tea, white tea, they are equal and flat.

Between each other, only the characteristics of tea taste are different.

One tea is different, and it is different. Drinking tea and tea only need to be screened according to personal taste.

The so -called tea circle contempt chain is just a joke.

Take black tea as an example. The taste of high -quality black tea is not only fragrant and soft.

The tea flavor is full, and the first -class black tea with mellow soup is very good.

In order to clean up the dispute, these 3 points of the series of black tea are worth seeing slowly.


1. Is it suitable for drinking black tea in summer?

Although there is a saying in the tea circle, "Winter Red Summer Green", it is better to have no books.

What kind of tea is suitable for drinking?It must also be determined according to personal physique and taste preferences.

In a crowd of tea, the flavor of black tea is relatively gentle.

After twisting and fermentation, the moderate fermentation degree of black tea, the tea has a sweet taste, full of fresh mellow, and sweetness.

The tea soup tastes the entrance, it will only make you feel that the whole cup of tea is fragrant, slippery, and moist.

After swallowing the tea, returning to Gan quickly emerged.

Ingredients are immersed in the wonderful aftertaste, it feels better.

Compared with non -fermented green tea, black tea has a high degree of fermentation, and the inner polyphenols are more oxidized and transformed into characteristic tea flavors such as tea yellow and tea red.

I am weak in my own stomach, but I am used to drinking tea all year round, and it is more suitable for mild and less stimulating black tea when drinking tea.

From the perspective of personal tea preferences, the taste of tea drinking is very personal.

Drink tea, some people like to take a variety of tea and drink in turn.

But there are people who drink tea with a single taste all year round and drink only one kind of tea.

Rock tea enthusiasts, only love to drink Wuyi rock tea all year round.

People who are accustomed to Pu’er, no matter what time, drinking tea is preferentially considered Pu’er.

Tea guests who love to drink black tea can persist in themselves, and there is no need to blindly obey the so -called "winter red summer green" tea drinking proposition.

Three thousand weak water, only one scoop.

Although there are many good tea, just drink black tea, why not?

As long as you buy the black tea you start, there is no quality flaw, all year round, spring, summer, autumn and winter, you can drink it at any time.


2. What is the relationship between the small species of Zhengshan and Jin Junmei?

They are the best in Wuyi black tea.

In black tea, the small species of Zhengshan and Jin Junmei have a close relationship with Jin Junmei, which is a specialty of Wuyi black tea.

To be precise, they are all produced from the core area of Tongmu Mountain, Wuyi Mountain.

Tongmu area is a national natural ecological reserve in Wuyishan, and the ecological environment is excellent.

Driving to Tongmu needs to be reported in advance.

From the direction of Xingcun, you must clear the level in Pikeng, so that you can smoothly penetrate the core of Tongmu.

As a famous tea produced in the protected area, the small species of Zhengshan and Jin Junmei have the advantages of the origin that cannot be compared with other black tea.

But in Tongmu black tea, Jin Junmei is not a small species with a slightly higher level.

Because from the details, both aspects are full.

First, the rise time is different.

The small species of Zhengshan is the originator of the world’s black tea. It is the earliest born black tea recognized in the tea circle. It has been released as early as the 16th century to the early 17th century.

Jin Junmei was officially created in 2005, creating a precedent for processing black tea with bud heads.

If the small species of Zhengshan are the old nobles in the black tea industry, then Jin Junmei is a typical tea circle.

Secondly, there are different standards of tea picking.

Suitable for the small -breeds of the small species of Zhengshan, pick the buds, two leaves, three leaves of the tender shoots of the local tea trees, or the three or four leaves of the small open face.

The raw materials of Jin Junmei are not casual tea buds, but the single buds of Tongmu alpine tea trees as raw materials.

Because the buds of Tongmu tea are relatively thin, the picking of Jin Junmei’s raw materials is quite artificial. The precious thing is that 70,000 to 80,000 tea buds can make a pound of finished products.

Third, the tea making process is slightly different.

Small species of traditional craftsmanship will be smoked when making tea.By burning the ponytail material, after many smokes of the tea, the cigarette species with special pine smoke flavor are produced.

However, Jin Junmei’s tea -making is not smoked, mainly withering, twisting, fermenting, and drying.

Finally, the soup color, tea aroma, and tea taste are different.

The standard soup color of Jin Junmei is golden yellow.

Jin Junmei’s tea fragrance has a high -level sense of flower -like honey.

The small species of Zhengshan have representative pine smoke and longan fragrance.

When drinking tea, the ingredients are exquisite, and the picanine content of Tongmu Jinjun eyebrows. The entrance to the tea soup is far more delicious than other black tea. The soup is sweet and sweet.

There are many categories of small species in Zhengshan. Tea soup is sweet and can be drank in the tea soup.

Reference materials: DB35/T 1228-2015 "Geographical Mark Product Wuyi Black Tea"


Is it genuine?

Whenever Jin Junmei’s "Black Tea Guime" name is mentioned, some tea friends will not understand.

"Why, the price of Jin Junmei is very expensive? I don’t think, Jin Junmei, which is dozens of hundreds on the Internet."

It’s a pity that those are not true.

Strictly speaking, it is just a name.

The name of "Jin Junmei" is empty, but there is no essence.

Regardless of the industry standards of "Jinjunmei Tea" or the local standards of "Wuyi Black Tea", Jin Junmei is a landmark protection product.

One side of the soil and water, one side flavor.

The real Tongmu Kim Junmei, with Tongmu Village as the core of 565 square kilometers of alpine tea single buds of alpine tea trees as raw materials.

In addition, they are not authentic.

According to the market market, the market price of Tongmu Takayama Jinjunmei is over 10,000 per catty.

Dozens of pieces per catty, can’t buy it.

A pound of thousands of dollars, can’t buy it.

Calculated from the cost of tea making, you can start a large bag of "Jin Junmei" with dozens of yuan. It is estimated that most of them are rough old stalk leaves, and there is no bud head.

The 100 -dollar counterfeit Jin Junmei is mostly buds and leaves, but it is not a boutique pure bud.

The Qian -level price of high imitation Jinjunmei can meet the requirements of pure buds, but the area of the production area is not the core area of Tongmu.

In addition, the tea buds adopted and the tea tree varieties are not Tongmu cuisine.

In terms of appearance, the tea buds are larger, which does not meet the fine characteristics of the tea buds of Tongmu Jinjunmei.

In terms of inner tea, it is far from!


Have a tea friend consulting, is Mei Zhan Jin Junmei the real Jin Junmei?

Strictly speaking, it is not counted.

Because Mei Zhan is a variety of tea trees native to Lutian in southern Fujian.

The earliest is famous for suitable oolong tea. The oolong tea production area in southern Fujian and northern Fujian has been widely planted.

Later, due to the dense germination, it is easy to cuttings, the premium is high, and the comprehensive economic benefits are affected by the reasons.

The tea circle has gradually evolved in the practice of using Mezhan tea tree buds and leaf raw materials to process parallel black tea.

However, after the tea buds were collected, Mei Zhan Jin Junmei made is embarrassing.

Because according to the strict standard definition of Jin Junmei, Mei Zhan Jin Junmei’s production area is not produced in Tongmu.

In this regard, maybe tea friends cannot understand, and the relatively high -yield plums are moved to Tongmu to plant it.

Behind this is long.

As a national nature reserve, Tongmu is strict with ecological management.

Most of the local tea trees are distributed in the original ancient tea land, and there are few newly -built tea gardens.

You can grow tea with a small area. Most of the Tongmu Mountain Tea Tree is dominated by local ancient vegetable tea.

It is not realistic to talk about random quotation!

The preciousness of Jin Junmei is that it is produced in the Tongmu Nature Reserve, with the buds of ancient vegetable tea as the raw material.

Tea is difficult, the yield is small, the nutrients are sufficient, and the flavor is good. It is the foundation of Tongmu Jinjunmei that can fire in the circle!

They are all black tea Jinjunmei. How does Zhengshan Jinjunmei and Waishan Jinjunmei distinguish?Skills are here

Huang Ya Jin Junmei, Qilan Jinjunmei, Mei Zhan Jinjunmei, are they all authentic black tea?

The precautions of the brewing of Jin Junmei Black Tea, in this 5 points, Jin Junmei is not wasteful!

The differences between Jin Junmei, small cigarette species, small species of Zhengshan, and small breeding black tea today finally explained that

In black tea, is there a small species in the mountains?

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