Is it related to pregnant women and newborns?Are you worried?

In the posts a few days ago, according to the above wind direction, there have been no major problems, although there is no major problem in the general direction of the development of the epidemic.But in fact, the speed of unblocking is really unexpected. For example, in Shanghai recently, it can be described as one unblocking policy a day.

In the past few days, I returned to Shanghai for three days and three inspections, and they could not enter public places for five days;

Become today’s inspection measures to cancel, account for checking and cancel;

Then the latest high -risk areas released tonight are canceled and pass free.

Basically, it can be declared that the entire Shanghai has been fully liberalized, nucleic acids are no longer a necessity, and the flow of infected personnel is no longer limited.

It is foreseeable that in the next few months, the number of infections in China will increase exponentially. Are you ready?

Just today, I saw a few videos. Some pregnant women were worried about the baby who was born immediately and worried that the new crown had an impact. Therefore, it has not been downstairs for more than ten consecutive days. I believe that such people are there.

So today, draw on the experience of Japan ’s Ministry of Labor and Welfare and the experience summarized by Japan’ s current reports, papers, and cases. I hope to give you a certain reference.

Will anyone ask, what is the Ministry of Life and Labor in Japan?Can you believe it?

So everyone understands, basically equal to Japan’s official speech, and reliability is not to doubt.

① Even infected with a new type of coronary virus during pregnancy, if there is no basic disease, the condition is said to be the same as those who are not pregnant.

② However, there are reports that infection in advanced pregnancy will increase premature birth rate, and some patients have deteriorated their own condition.At the same time, there are reports that the elderly pregnancy, obesity, hypertension and diabetes are the risk factor for the worsening of Covid-19.

However, it is also strongly recommended that those who are pregnant, breastfeeding or planning to vaccine vaccines, no matter what time, can be vaccinated early.(Japanese vaccine is different from us, everyone judges this by yourself)

So far, there are no reports on infection during the childbirth.Therefore, even if it is diagnosed with COVID-19 at this time, it does not mean that you have a caesarean section.

However, considering the general situation of infection with pregnant women, if the childbirth time is required, caesarean section can be performed.However, newborns are often infected by droplets or contact, so even after delivery, mothers and family need to pay attention to contact and droplet infection, and mothers and infants may temporarily separate.

Although there are a few reports that the fetus is infected in the uterus, the situation of the pregnant woman infected with the new crown virus is considered to be rare.In addition, it is said that if the new coronal virus is infected in the early pregnancy or midterm, the virus is unlikely to cause fetal defects.

In Japan, in order to understand the impact of new coronary virus infection on maternal and infants, we are investigating and studying the disease status of pregnant women infected with new coronary virus infection.

Among children, under 2 years of age (0-1 years old) and absence of basic diseases are the risk of severe illnesses. The hospitalization rate (36.6%) under 2 years of age (0-1 years) can be said to be relatively high and asymptomatic (20.2 20.2%) The proportion of reports is very low.

In addition, as of February 20, 2020, 2,112 cases of 0-4 years of age (including outpatient symptoms) were registered and registered in the Japanese Pediatric Science Society, of which 14 were in ICUs, 12 cases were treated with Redsie, and 53 cases were received.Separral steroid treatment.

On the whole, the proportion of baby mild is low, and most of them still need to go to the hospital for treatment. This requires parents to pay attention.

In general, even if Japan has been released for a while and has a certain first experience, the overall is still under research.

As far as pregnant women themselves are concerned, old -age pregnant women who have basic diseases still need to pay more attention to it, including babies with basic diseases.In addition, the best way to prevent newborns infection is to avoid contact with droplets and try to avoid newborns and pregnant women infection.

Even though the proportion of the report is not very high now, there are indeed similar events. I hope you pay attention!

If you are interested, like the comments, and update other related knowledge next time.

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