Is it really so terrible like a fetal teratoma?

Forexenoma is a common ovarian tumor, accounting for 10%-20%of all ovarian cysts.

There are many types of tissue on the ovaries, including epithelial cells, germ cells, and interstitial cells.Tumors of different tissue sources have different properties.Most ovarian tumors are derived from the epithelial tissue on the surface of the ovarian, called ovarian epithelial tumors. If vicious is called cancer.

Forexenoma is from the reproductive cells of the ovaries, that is, the tumor of egg cells (men are derived from spermatogenic cells).Reproductive cells have a great characteristic, that is, in the future, it will develop into embryos, can develop into different tissue cells, and develop into other parts of the body. Medicine is called "more capable".When a tumor occurs in germ cells, the tissue is very diverse and does not have only one tumor cell like other tumors.

Therefore, there are often many tissue components in teratoma. During the operation, hair, skeletal, fat, brain tissue, etc. can be seen during the operation, so it is named "abnormal".For the first time, the doctors who just entered the industry saw the abnormal tumor surgery. When the abnormal tumor was cut, it would be a little nauseous and uncomfortable.

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Favorite tumor is tumor tissue, not in the fetus, parasitic.Many people are legendary to wrap their twin sisters and brothers in their bodies during the embryo period.wrong.

Favorite tumor is a tumor that comes from the swelling of primitive germ cells.Nengjin tumors do not all exist when they are born.

Nengjinoma not only grows in ovarian and testicles, but also has other parts of the body, such as intracranial, thyroid, stomach, and sacral tail.Of course, relatively rare, the most common is women’s ovaries.Since the teratoma is not a parasitic or a tumor that comes from germ cells, how can we grow outside the ovaries?

Mainly starting with the origin of teratoma.

A doctrine is a single breeding of teratoma.Under normal circumstances, human reproduction requires gender participation. If an egg cell or a sperm cannot complete the reproduction, but unusual reproduction occurs, but it cannot develop into a normal embryo, so it is called "abnormal tire".

Another doctrine is that teratoma originated in primitive germ cells.Gel cells are omnipresent. During the development of the embryo, if the primitive germ cells remain in inappropriate places and grow inconsistently, it becomes teratoma. Therefore, there may be other places other than gonads, mainly in the middle line.

Obstetrics and gynecology are more common tumors of the ovaries, as well as the common tail tumor tumor commonly common in obstetrics.

Ovarian teratoma is the focus of today.Very common ovarian tumor.Due to the distinctive characteristics, it can be diagnosed in the ultrasound.Many people often observe for a long time after diagnosis of teratoma, and do not care.

There are neither symptoms, nor affecting ovarian function, or even affecting pregnancy, so they often do not pay attention.

But the ovarian teratoma is not all benign.Generally speaking, we call a benign teratoma a mature cystae, and the immature malignant tumor is malignant.Mature malfunction may also cause bad changes.The malignant degree of malignancy in mature teratoma is higher, and the effect of chemotherapy is worse.Nakaitatin accounts for the vast majority, about 95-98%, while malignant accounts for only 2-5%, including primary immature teratoma and mature teratoma.

Favorite tumors generally have no symptoms. Most of them are discovered during the physical examination, and small teratoma can only be diagnosed under ultrasound.However, the characteristics of teratoma are inconsistent with tumor components. They have bones, hair and fat. Therefore, the center of gravity is often biased on one side, resulting in teratoma prone to tumor twist and acute abdominal pain.Ovarian reversal is an acute abdomen, manifested as a severe colic of the sudden occurrence. Many patients do not even know that they have teratoma before the abdomen occurred.

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Ovular cysts must be surgery as soon as possible. Otherwise, the reversal time is too long, which will cause ovarian necrosis. In the end, the ovaries cannot be retained and can only be removed.Surgery in time can be reset to reversing cysts and recovery ovarian blood supply, which can retain the ovary.

The ovaries are very important for our young women to ovulate to ensure that they can have fertility and secrete estrogen to maintain a young state of women.

For doctors, if the cysts are not surgery and pathology, they cannot determine its nature, especially benign malignant.Bed tumors may also change the possibility of evil in the process of growth.Therefore, ovarian teratoma has been diagnosed and surgery is performed as soon as possible.

Ovarian teasing tumors can be considered in laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal.Laparoscopy is the first choice.Small incision and minimally invasive.

Ovarian teratoma, the pelvic condition is generally good, less adhesion, and the operation is not difficult.

However, the cysts on the ovary should be routinely performed in the surgery.Guide the doctor’s surgery.

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Favorite tumor peeling is relatively easy to peel off during surgery. The ovarian damage is relatively small. It does not affect fertility after surgery, and rarely occurs in ovarian function. This is different from ovarian chocolate cysts.Chocolate cysts themselves will invade the normal ovarian tissue, tightly adhesion, and deeds often lose normal ovarian tissue. Therefore, if bilateral ovarian cysts, especially those with long diseases and large cysts, are prone to premature ovarian failure after surgery and lose premature ovarian failure and lose the loss of premature ovarian failure and lose the loss of ovarian failure and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of ovary and lose the loss of the ovary and lose the loss.Fertility function.

The probability of recurrence of teratoma is not high, and it is lower than ingenious.Drug treatment does not require drug treatment after mature cyst tumor peeling.

Unsure malignant tumors are metastatic and erosion like other malignant tumors.Ovarian reversal will also occur.Unsure malfunction tumors are more prone to cyst rupture, which leads to exogenous seepage of cyst fluid and adipose tissue, and peritonitis, membrane planting and metastasis occurs.

Unsure malignant tumors are malignant tumors.However, compared with ovarian cancer, young women are good, and they are mostly early in their early days. The prognosis is good. The 5 -year survival rate is high. Therefore, if there are fertility requirements, the uterus and one -sided ovarian can be retained.That is to retain the fertility function.Early patients can be observed after surgery that chemotherapy is required in the middle and late stages.

Those who retain the fertility function will complete fertility as soon as possible after completing chemotherapy, and complete fertility through the auxiliary reproduction if necessary.


A few years ago, a patient, ovarian cyst, and postoperative diagnosis was a juncture tumor, because the patient had no fertility to retain the fertility function, but the patient had been taking business as an excuse to treat his infertility after surgery.Later, it was still unpaid, but ovarian cysts recurred, and ultrasound and CT were highly suspected of ovarian cancer.The child was not born, but the disease deteriorated.Doctors retain the fertility function for patients. They are comprehensive consideration. In this case, completion of fertility as soon as possible, and then use the full -uterus dual attachment resection to prevent post -troubles.

Patients with immature teratoma who retain fertility function must be monitored regularly after surgery.Ultrasonic, as well as tumor logo CA125 and AFP.Some immature teratoma may increase CA125 and AFP.

Patients who have completed fertility must perform comprehensive staging surgery in accordance with the standards of ovarian cancer, that is, the ovaries and uterus cannot be retained, and lymph nodes must also be removed.It can be fully staged and the treatment is more thorough.

Unsure teratoma has standard chemotherapy schemes, and mature malignant tumors have no good chemotherapy schemes.

Negotemantoma is a very common ovarian tumor. There are many mature malformed tumors. The diagnosis is very easy, and the treatment is not complicated.Once diagnosed, surgery should be timely.Mature malice tumors are not terrible, and immature fault tumors are not very terrible. Young patients can retain fertility function, complete fertility as soon as possible after surgery, and regularly review and monitor.After completing the fertility, you can remove the dual attachment of the uterine and perform comprehensive staging surgery.

The teratoma in other parts is divided into diseases in different departments, and diagnosis and treatment have different methods.

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