Is it really good to massage and massage?Do not make massage in these situations

Massage massage can relax the bones and eliminate fatigue, so it is loved by the public.As the people’s health awareness is enhanced, massage massage is also more popular. As long as the neck and shoulders or body are not comfortable, they generally think of massage.

Massage massage is the treasure of the motherland medicine. It has a long history in China, and has been highly valued by Chinese medicalists and health scholars thousands of years ago.For example, in the "Yellow Emperor’s Canon" pointed out, "Do not release massage, do not reprimand, move in lack of energy, and get back."This shows that massage in the Qin and Han dynasties has become an important means of medical and health.

So, do you do it frequently?There is no doubt that massage can relieve pain and relieve fatigue to a certain extent, but frequent massage is not necessarily beneficial.This is because the amount of life and activities of modern people is small, and there are basically no strenuous exercise. Only a small number of (about 20%) muscles are in a continuous movement, and most (about 80%) muscles are in a "dormant" state state.The muscles are prone to balance disorders, so it is also prone to sore parts.Repeated stimulation caused by frequent massage to the body will break the small muscle fibers, eventually forming scars, lack of elasticity, and lack of vitality, but it is easier to become sore.

It should be noted that not everyone is suitable for massage.The following groups are not suitable for mass massage:

1. Those with mental illness cannot cooperate, it is best not to massage massage;

2. Patients with severe heart, brain, lung disease;

3. Patients with blood diseases with bleeding tendencies;

4. Bone diseases such as bone joint tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, senile osteoporosis and other bone disease;

5. Patients with acute spine injury with unclear diagnosis are accompanied by spinal aiditis symptoms;

6. Patients with spondylosis or neurological symptoms in spondylosis or neurological symptoms;

7. Patients with chronic diseases, especially tumor patients, should not massage massage.

In addition, if the health population has the following situations, it is best not to massage massage:

1. Try not to massage when you are full, too hungry, overwhelming or long -term sleep.

2. Dislavics, fractures, and acute sprains taboo massage.

3. Massage massage is not recommended when skin diseases such as skin trauma, inflammation or herpes.

4. Do not push the massage during pregnancy.

How long is it better to massage once?If the massage time is too short to achieve the effect, and if the massage time is too long, it will be counterproductive, and some people will also have massage fatigue.The massage time should be appropriately controlled according to different circumstances. At the same time, it should be noted that it is best not to repeat and press for a long time in the same part when massage. Pay attention to the dispersion. Massage at most 10 minutes in one part.One time is generally between four or fifty minutes and one hour.

There are still many people who feel that the more painful massage is, and some people even think that it is not painful to be in place.In fact, there are four most basic requirements for massage massage, namely evenly, soft, powerful, and sustainable.The softness is very important, not the better it hurts.In addition, the strength to emphasize the method not only does not play a therapeutic effect, but will aggravate the condition.

In short, everything is too much, and so is massage massage.Moderate massage can promote blood circulation, relax muscle, relieve fatigue, etc., which is undoubtedly beneficial to the body.However, excessive massage is not good for the body, and long -term stimulation of muscle skin can cause soreness and fatigue and muscle atrophy.As the saying goes, it is moderate and happy.

Author: Guo Shuzhang, deputy chief physician of the General Hospital of the People’s Liberation Army Xinjiang Military Region General Hospital

Source Science Popularization China

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