Is it really abnormal if children taking contraceptives?How long can the contraceptive take a child?

I believe that many women with sexual experience have more or less contraceptive experience. HoweverAfter experiencing the fetus, it will be deformed, so how long do these statements be true and false, how long is the most suitable pregnancy after stopping contraception?Today, I will take stock of contraceptive measures for everyone:

Will contraceptive residues affect the baby’s health?Answer: may be teratogenic

Oral contraceptives are hormone drugs. The drug components are mostly synthetic estrogen hormones. Its role is many times stronger than natural sexuality.Drugs of different ingredients stay in the body different time. If the drugs are not fully discharged from the body, they will conceive immediately.The reaction occurred.

How long can I get pregnant for a long time to take the drug?

In order to avoid the adverse effects of drugs on the embryo, it is best to wait for drugs in the body to excrete clean and ovulation ovulation normally before planning to become pregnant.So how long does it take to get pregnant to stop using contraceptives to be safe?

The choice of contraceptive pills are different. The residual drugs after stopping the medicine will completely discharge the time required to be different:

There is evidence that after the drug is discontinued, the incidence of fetal malformation does not increase after stopping the drug. Due to the low content of compound short -acting oral contraceptives, pregnancy can be pregnant after stopping the drug, which does not affect the growth and development of the child.Long -acting oral contraceptives are very different because their hormone content and dose are very different from short -acting contraceptives. It is recommended to discontinue 6 months and then get pregnant.The subcutaneous buried implants, vaginal drug rings, and medicine -containing palace -containing in -palaces can try to get pregnant in the second month after taking out.For long-acting contraceptive needles, ovulation recovery may be delayed after the needle is stopped. Therefore, it is recommended to try to get pregnant 3-6 months after the needle stops.However, due to the variety of contraceptives, the determination of specific pregnancy safety period is best to consult a doctor at the hospital.

What should I do if I get pregnant unexpectedly during the drug?Children can take it?

During the period of stopping the drug, in order to accidentally conceive the contraception, other contraceptive methods should be used, such as condoms.If you accidentally get pregnant and do not have to have an excessive ideological burden, you can explain the situation to the obstetrics and gynecologists and solicit professional opinions and suggestions.

If you decide to continue your pregnancy, the pregnancy process should be checked regularly, and strict care during pregnancy should be performed. Once the embryo development is found abnormal, the pregnancy can be considered.

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