Is it normal to fart during pregnancy?Those things that fart during pregnancy, you can’t know

Is it normal to fart during pregnancy?Those things that fart during pregnancy, you can’t know

I suddenly saw such a news the day before yesterday. A pregnant mother said that she often farted from three months after she was pregnant, and the smell was particularly "different". Her husband didn’t want to sleep with her, but her bowel movement was normal.The stomach is not uncomfortable. I don’t know if it is because they are not eating well or their usual pregnancy.

In fact, most of the pregnant mothers have had similar situations. Often farting is also ashamed when she is pregnant. When she is pregnant, many mothers will feel ashamed of this situation. Is it normal to love fart during pregnancy?Those things to fart during pregnancy, you can’t know, let’s find out together.

During the pregnancy of pregnant women, many hormones will gradually produce in the body. As the amount of nutrition absorbs a lot of nutrition, the size of the baby will continue to grow. These will more or less affect the stomach movement of the pregnant mother.Coupled with the large belly, the mother cannot control the body organs very carefully, which will cause the stomach to be qi and very easy to fart.So this is the "special time" experienced by each pregnant mother. In fact, this is very normal when I am pregnant, and there is no need to be ashamed.The baby wants to make a joke with their mother, which is just a naughty baby’s prank.

Many pregnant mothers complain that they are too stinky. Even if they know that they are physiological reactions, they also eat with friends or have such an embarrassing environment in the office, but they always make themselves ashamed.Even beside the husband, he was always joked by the husband and couldn’t get angry. After all, it was his own problem.In fact, the bloating of the abdomen is discharged from the physiological period and the odor is unpleasant. This is also related to the diet of pregnant women. Eating more lighter protein foods can effectively alleviate the odor.Like meat and irregular diet can cause "odor abnormal".

Pregnant mother, do you have this physical condition?And these pregnant mothers to share their experiences are really unbearable. Is the husband who is "jumping" by farts seriously?Hahaha, it’s really a joy.When you are pregnant, you will feel inconvenient to mothers, but we have to control our mental state. It is the most important thing to ensure that the baby’s health is to ensure the health of the baby in a special period!I wish you all a smart baby!

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