Is it necessary to be so careful when you are pregnant?

Whether the fetus is healthy is the quality of fertilized eggs, and the quality of fertilized eggs depends on the quality of sperm and eggs.The fetus that is easy to have a miscarriage itself is unhealthy and the result of natural elimination.

Diet should be scientific during pregnancy.Nothing cannot be eaten, but it is best to eat more foods rich in vitamins, protein and fat.I do n’t have to avoid my mouth during pregnancy, eat everything, and want to eat and eat.Legend has it that the things that cannot be eaten are also declining, such as hawthorn, crab, cola, coffee, so on.(You are relatively cold in your own body, don’t eat cold things)

There will be a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. As long as the doctor says that it’s okay, you don’t need to pay much attention, mostly caused by changes in the level of physical hormone.For example, insomnia, don’t doubt whether you think you are depressed; if you are constipated, don’t think that you have something to do with you; a slight cold is okay.These problems can actually be solved through some simple and safe diet.Insomnia, you can drink sleeping red dates, soothe the gods to help sleep.Constipation, eat more high -fiber vegetables and fruits, and drink honey water, which can basically solve it.As long as the cold is not serious, it can heal itself regardless of it.

About exercise.I personally think how to move.But the first three months or even the first four months is still the most important thing to protect the fetus.How to do it?Rest more.After the middle period, I insist on making yoga every day, and at least guarantee a walk for a walk.Of course, if the doctor was told to rest in bed, he would be bedtime.

Pregnant women must be strictly prohibited from smoking during pregnancy, but the harm of second -hand smoke to pregnant women and babies is actually greater.

Stay away from second -hand cigarettes to avoid smoking in the smoking area. It is best to take smoking ban in the family, or let the family members of smoking smoking outside the house.Try not to go to public places for non -banned smoke, because second -hand smoke is uncontrollable, what can be done is to stay away.

Can’t make up, it is best not to make up.Cosmetics contain hormones, heavy metals, etc., which will affect the growth of the fetus.If you need to make up because of your work, it is recommended to make light makeup, and use mild, natural and unwavering pregnant mothers cosmetics

The premise of using skin care products is that skin care products cannot add stimulating ingredients such as fruit acid, salicylic acid, alcoholic alcohol to prevent the fetus from harming the fetus.

Regarding the skin care of pregnant mothers, you can directly open the "pregnant woman mode" in the real -myself app. Some products that cannot be used will display it with caution on it, which is also very convenient ~

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