Is it necessary to be pregnant without visiting?Do you really get pregnant?

For many female friends who are pregnant for the first time, they can’t figure out whether they are pregnant and not pregnant, maybe because they are still a baby!So what symptoms show that you are pregnant?Don’t care, these 10 major symptoms show that you are going to be a mother. Come and see if you move?

First pregnancy symptoms: Auntie suddenly did not visit — menopause.I believe that more than 90%of friends know that the first element of pregnancy is that the aunt will never come to harass you again.However, some pregnant mothers will have a small amount of bleeding, which may be red or pink blood spots, which are normal.If the amount of bleeding becomes larger, the blood color becomes brown and is accompanied by severe abdominal pain in the abdomen, you must seek medical treatment in time to exclude ectopic pregnancy.

First pregnancy symptoms 2: The female man becomes a delicate doll -afraid of cold or suddenly a cold.After pregnancy, some pregnant mothers will be cold, and qi and blood deficiency will slow down the operation of the blood, which will cause the body to be cold.People who are cold in their bodies are most likely to be afraid of cold. At this time, pregnant mothers should eat more warm food and pay attention to diet nutrition.After pregnancy, the body’s physical resistance will decrease, so many pregnant mothers will suddenly catch a cold, but I don’t know why. If you have a cold symptoms about a month after the same room, don’t care about it.Medicine.

First pregnancy symptoms: Night owls become little lazy cats -lethargy and tired.You used to sleep in the early morning, and you suddenly started to feel that you couldn’t sleep. You felt tired every day. The game did not want to play to sleep tightly. The TV series did not chase the sleep.Drill into the bed early every day, but I don’t want to get up in the morning, and I want to find a place to lie down and rest when I go shopping.

First pregnancy symptoms: A cup becomes a D cup -the breast becomes larger.Many female friends have found that their breasts seem to be increasing every day, and underwear no longer appropriate to buy them. They also buy some tight underwear to highlight their figure.Xiaobian will tell you wrong!wrong!wrong!During pregnancy, the breast duct expansion will be caused, and the breasts will increase the nipples in the breast, but you need to wear a relatively loose underwear. Excessive underwear will cause the breast to be stimulated and tingling and pain.

Early pregnancy symptoms: the toilet becomes its own "home" -frequent urine.After pregnancy, the uterus will gradually become larger, so it will cause pregnant mothers to always want to urinate, but there will be no symptoms of urgency and dysuria.

Symptoms of the first pregnancy 6: What to eat and what become nothing or not -fear of smell greasy, nausea and vomiting.If you get up in the morning and want to vomit, you do n’t want to eat what you eat. When you see the greasy things, you are disgusted. If you like a food, congratulations may be pregnant.

Symptoms of the first pregnancy: I see a roller coaster every day -dizziness.Dizziness makes pregnant mothers feel helpless.Whether you have to stand up, you have to take a walk, or even go to the supermarket to shop. Climbing the stairs will make you feel dizzy, and some pregnant mothers even suddenly fainted.

Eight symptoms of the first pregnancy: Every day like a steamer -sweat.Many pregnant mothers have a weak body because of their weak constitutions, and the decline in immunity after pregnancy causes the body to sweat. Even if they wear thin, they will sweat every day. This is normal. Pregnant mothers must strengthen their nutrition and improve themselves.immunity.

Early pregnancy symptoms Nine: pregnancy test test is positive.The most direct way is to go to the pharmacy or hospital to buy a few pregnancy test sticks to test it. If there are two lines in the pregnancy test stick, it indicates that it is the symptom of pregnancy. If it is one, it indicates that you are really not pregnant.

Friends can initially determine whether they are pregnant based on the typical symptoms of these pregnancy, but this is not an accurate method of judging. After these symptoms, they have to go to the hospital for initial pregnancy examinations to determine.

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