Is it harmful to pregnant women’s fetuses frequently during pregnancy?How many times to do during pregnancy?

When it comes to ultrasound examination, everyone should be familiar with, especially women who have had a history of fertility and have screened gynecological diseases. The most common screening items are "ultrasound".

However, many pregnant mothers are worried and misunderstanding of ultrasound. They believe that as long as medical instruments are checked, radiation will cause radiation and cause damage to the baby.

But is there really any damage to B -ultrasound?wrong!

First of all, ultrasonic examination is completely different from CT and X -ray checks. It is a sound wave conduction instrument that uses ultrasonic frequencies to penetrate body tissue and check each organ, uterus and fetus.

You know, ultrasonic waves are frequencies beyond the scope of human hearing. It can penetrate the object. When the ultrasonic conduction is hindered, echo will occur. Different obstacles and feedback are different. In the endIt will be used on the instrument!

Because the B -ultrasound is sound waves, ionization and electromagnetic radiation will not be generated during the inspection process. The clinically used ultrasound is low -intensive examination items.

It can not only diagnose early pregnancy, but also observe the structure of the uterus, fetus, placenta, and amniotic fluid.So far, there are no clinical cases and data descriptions that B -ultrasound can cause fetal malformation and damage.

The security of the B -ultrasound is completely guaranteed. As long as it is a regular and qualified instrument, correct operation, and a reasonable examination, it will not cause damage to the fetus.

So the question is. Since the ultrasound can be done during pregnancy, how many inspections are it reasonable to conduct the whole pregnancy?

1. The first inspection: The most typical symptom of the bred is "discontinued". The menopause can be performed for the initial test by more than 10 days. If the test strip shows two positives of the test strip, it means that you are pregnant.

However, at this time, it is not the most suitable stage for ultrasound. Generally, it is 6-8 weeks after menopause, that is, the initial screening of about 50 days.

There are two purpose of screening at this time:

The first is to determine whether the gestational sac is in the palace to eliminate the possibility of abnormal pregnancy;

The second is to observe the number of gestational sacs, depending on whether it is a single or more;

2. The second examination: This examination stage should be carried out at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy.And the risk of chromosome abnormalities.

After this stage, the pregnant mother should also combine the Tang sieve to rule out the possibility of the fetal congenital foolish type;

3. The third examination: This stage needs to be carried out between 20-24 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, not ordinary ultrasonic screening, but "four-dimensional color ultrasound".

It can clearly observe the rough structure of the fetal head, limbs, and internal organs, and exclude the possibility of fetal malformations.

In addition, thinking ultrasound can also record the fetus in the maternal activity, sometimes even the cute moments of the fetus, such as the fetus sucking fingers and snoring.The most important one in color Doppler ultrasound;

4. The fourth examination: This needs to be carried out at 28-34 weeks of pregnancy. The screening item is similar to the four-dimensional color ultrasound, because some malformations are relatively low in the middle of pregnancy.Gradually appear.

Therefore, the purpose of this screening is to supplement the test in the middle of pregnancy;

5. The last check: It needs to be carried out at about 30-40 weeks of pregnancy. It has now entered the stage of third trimester and needs to do everything to welcome the birth of the fetus.

The purpose of examination at this time is to estimate the weight through the morphology of the fetus, whether the location of the fetus is suitable for delivery, and observe the maturity of amniotic fluid and placenta.

What pregnant mothers do not lack are the above five steps, but this is not completely fixed. If special circumstances occur during pregnancy, such as abdominal pain, blood flowing from the lower body, abnormal fetal movement, etc.And the ultrasonic screening is performed according to the doctor’s suggestion.

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