Is it good for the fetus to eat "goose eggs"?Pregnant mothers are ignorant, don’t make a joke with the baby in the belly

No matter what field, it is possible to encounter the rumor.

Although many people know that these messages are not necessarily accurate, they always have the idea of "I would rather believe it", and they were eventually deceived by these rumors. Even about pregnancy, there were many inexplicable rumors.

Eating "goose eggs" is good for the fetus?The pregnant mother is ignorant, and don’t make a joke with the baby in the belly

Fifi stayed at home immediately after pregnancy. She couldn’t go out all day. She bought a lot of professional security books. People who never loved reading before are now studying for children.

But Fifi is a little bad, just like to inquire about some earthwork about plants.One day Feifei’s mother told her that he had inquired with an elder in his hometown. Eating more "goose eggs" would be good for the fetus.

After hearing it, Feifei immediately convinced that she didn’t want to think about it, what are the benefits of goose eggs?Why eat?

But Fifi, regardless of those, call her husband immediately and let him go to the vegetable market to buy a lot of goose eggs. Feifei eats a few every day. I really think that this kind of approach can make the child healthier.And the baby’s life.

When Feifei gave birth, she was already a very obese pregnant woman. She was almost difficult to give birth during childbirth, because the child was too fat to be taken out. In the end, she could only be changed to a caesarean section.

Regardless of whether it is a birth or cesarean section, Feifei has suffered both sins.Later, the doctor asked her diet during pregnancy and told her that eating goose eggs would only increase cholesterol and make the risk of production greater. Pregnant mothers were ignorant. Don’t make jokes with the baby in the belly.

At this time, the mother -in -law knew that her soil method not only did not work, but also almost harmed herself. It was really regretful.

If you have a fetus, you should still obey the professional suggestions. Don’t believe in those little news anymore, otherwise it is likely to be deceived.

So what are the false rumors about the child?

1. Can’t touch the nail

The rumors about pregnancy are really diverse, and in the statement, making pregnant women should not touch the nails. If these more sharp things are moved, the fetus is likely to be unstable.

In fact, this is because in the past, people pay attention to the words of pregnant women at home, it is best not to decorate, because beatings and beatings are likely to make pregnant women move their fetal gas.

Later, such rumors became more and more strange, and it became a pregnant woman who could not touch the nails. In fact, it was unrelated.

2. Use electronic products to cause children’s malformations

People always exaggerate the harm of radiation. In fact, many items in life have radiation, but they are not harmful to the human body.

Others say that if pregnant women use electronic products, such as mobile phones, children will become deformities, and even buy some radiation -proof clothes to wear.

In fact, this statement is unreasonable, but it hurts a lot of pregnant women to touch her mobile phone.The radiation in the mobile phone will not affect pregnant women at all, and pregnant mothers can still use it normally.

3. Can not tell others within March

There are such rumors in many areas, that is, when they are pregnant for less than three months, they cannot inform anyone the good news of pregnancy.

Their statement was that the fetus was unstable at that time, and if they told others that they would probably have a miscarriage.This statement is very superstitious. In the past, the medical conditions were underdeveloped. Many children of pregnant mothers had a small yield before three months.

In fact, this has nothing to do with whether they told others.What’s more, the medical conditions are very good now, and the means of the fetus are more clever, let alone believe in such rumors.

There are indeed some taboos during pregnancy, but these have nothing to do with superstition. Pregnant women should maintain a peaceful mood. Do not rush to get angry, do not have melancholy, and pay attention to rest and nutrition, then you can have a healthy and cuteBaby.

Do you agree with these claims?During pregnancy, you have heard of rumors of fetal fetus?Welcome to share your point of view, let’s discuss together.

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