Is it better to get pregnant by accident?Don’t decide easily

Many women in their lives will cause unexpected pregnancy because they do not take contraceptive measures. When unexpected pregnancy occurs, most of them want to terminate pregnancy through abortion.Instead, there are many people who think that the faster the flow of people, the better, and the smaller the damage to the body.However, some gynecological experts pointed out that this idea is wrong.

There are a lot of unexpected pregnancy women who think that the sooner the flow is, the better, but in fact, this idea is wrong. Generally, it is necessary to go menstruation from 35 days to sixty days.The best time to do painless abortion.At this time, the success rate of surgery is not only high, but also less bleeding, and the pain will be lighter.

1. Time to get pregnant is too short

Because the pregnancy time is too short, the changes in the uterus are not obvious. At this time, the use of urine detection or B -ultrasound diagnosis cannot diagnose whether to be pregnant. Only the positive rate detected after 35 days of menopause can be diagnosed.It is the most suitable for painless abortion.

2. Menstruation is not allowed

Because some women’s menstrual cycles are not regular, menstrual irregularities often occur.They are easily affected by the emotional seasons and physical health, which delay menstruation.Some will be extended to more than 40 days before menstruation, and it is not possible to test whether it is pregnant before menstruation.

Third, easy to suck

Because the embryo has just developed during the early stages of pregnancy, if an artificial abortion is performed prematurely at this time, it is easy to occur or leakage, which will cause the surgery to fail.It is more painful, and it will add a layer of pain.

It can be seen that only when the menstrual cycle is 35 days to 60 days, it is most suitable for pregnancy and then perform artificial abortion surgery. At this timeEssenceAnd if an artificial abortion is performed more than this period of time, the surgery will be complicated, and it will easily cause damage to the body.

Warm reminder, although artificial miscarriage is the best way to get pregnant by women accidentally, the damage to the body is very large, and multiple artificial abortion can easily lead to infertility in women.Therefore, if you do n’t plan to get pregnant, you have to take contraceptive measures to avoid damage to the body due to multiple abortion, and it is easy to hurt the uterus because of excessive miscarriage.

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