Is it a sign of the hyperplasia of the breast hyperplasia?

Is the front chest pain a sign of breast hyperplasia?Many women are worried about whether they are breast hyperplasia when they feel chest pain before menstruation, and then worry about the risk of breast cancer.In fact, chest pain and breast hyperplasia are not the same thing.

Breast pain before menstruation, it seems that there are hard blocks and nodules. Is this breast hyperplasia?Most women are worried about this situation, for fear that they will be entangled in breast disease, and then they will develop into cancer without paying attention.In fact, not all pre -aid pain indicates that breast hyperplasia, and the cancer of breast hyperplasia is not as terrible as we think.

The front chest pain was originally estrogen monsters

About 1-2 weeks before menstruation is the ovulation period, and it is also the peak period of estrogen secretion in women.Estrogen can promote the development of mammary tube and cause water and sodium to stay in the tissue.Therefore, before the menstruation, women’s breasts are often a little bigger than usual, often accompanied by edema tenderness.

At the same time, on the basis of estrogen secretion, the secretion of progesterone has gradually increased, further promoting the development of the breast.At the end of the development, the breasts will swell and harden, so it feels a hard matter, and the light pressure is accompanied by pain.

This kind of chest pain may be breast hyperplasia

Ovulation is prepared for pregnancy. If the eggs cannot wait for sperm, the luteal will start to degenerate at about 10 days after ovulation (at this time).It was gradually absorbed, and the chest returned to the original appearance.

However, when menstruation comes, the level of estrogen is still very high, resulting in the increasing part of the mammary glands in the menstrual period without recovery during menstruation, and the pain continues to retire, and the clinical breast hyperplasia is formed.However, most people suffer from simple leaflet hyperplasia. Only a few severe hyperplasia has a high rate of cancer.

Therefore, chest pain is not necessarily the hyperplasia of the breast, or it may be normal pre -menstrual hyperplasia. This does not require treatment.If the pain in the front chest does not retreat during menstruation, it is necessary to go to the hospital to further check the possibility of breast hyperplasia.

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