Is it 100 % effective?No!These upper ring disadvantages, women know in advance

Taking contraceptives frequently is not conducive to women’s health, and the principle of ring contraception is to place the birth ring in women’s uterine cavity and achieve the purpose of contraception after irritation and chemical interference.Its contraception effect is good and has a small side effects. For some women who do not have children, Sheung Wan contraception is undoubtedly a relatively common and effective contraceptive method, but some people have some doubts about it.

Recently, Xiaomin and her husband who have always had a good relationship with the husband and wife started the Cold War. The reason was that after the first baby in the past two years, he no longer considered the second child.As a result, Xiaomin went to the hospital for the ring. The couple thought they would be foolproof after going on the ring, and the two continued to start a sweet life.

But two months ago, Xiaomin found that her appetite was a bit bad, and sometimes she wanted to vomit inexplicably. She had experienced her baby experience. The more she wanted to look like the symptoms of pregnancy.Really pregnant.

Probability events may also occur.Because considering that the current living conditions are temporarily not allowed to have a second child, Xiaomin had to perform abortion surgery.

Even though the body has been recovered now, after experiencing that accident, Xiaomin had a small mustard in his heart, and he was unwilling to touch her. Since then, the life of the two has some twists and turns.

Is the Shekuan be 100 % effective?

Answer: Not

In fact, there are no contraceptive measures at present, which are 100%effective and safe and without side effects. Similarly, there are certain disadvantages of Sheung Wan.

Cause bleeding

Many patients are prone to a small amount of bleeding in the early stages of Shanghai (within 3 days). This phenomenon can generally be cured by themselves, but if the amount of bleeding is large, it is necessary to take a timely treatment.

Easy to cause infection

Some women have poor constitution. During the process of Sheung Wan, due to the influence of uterine contraction, some patients are prone to backache and lower abdomen.Moreover, if there is an irregular operation, it may cause endometritis.

Increased menstrual flow

The birth ring is likely to cause endometrial damage in the female uterus, which will cause the menstrual displacement to increase than usual. This situation generally develops a good development after a quarter.

So, what do you need to pay attention to?

Do a good physical examination in advance

The Shekuan is not suitable for all women. Before considering the Shang Ring, you must go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination to understand whether your physical condition meets the standard of the loop.

Regular review

Put the ring must choose a regular professional hospital, plus the upper ring has certain timeliness, and the review must be conducted on a regular basis after the ring.

Pay attention to avoid menstruation

The operation of placing the birthplace into the palace should be performed after the menstrual period.At the same time, a sexual life is prohibited within one month, and baths are prohibited during bathing to prevent infection.

Pay attention to rest after being on -board

Do not perform excessive physical labor, rest proper rest, avoid excessive abdominal pressure, and prevent the navigation ring in the palace from falling off.If the body produces discomfort, go to the hospital to take it out in time.

Although not everyone will encounter this situation similar to Xiaomin, it is still necessary to maintain a mentality of non -absolute contraceptive effects. In addition, women’s own constitution is relatively weak. Pay attention to regular inspection work after going on the ring.

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