Is every woman suitable for the ring?What are the adverse reactions and side effects after on the board?

Although the Shekuan is a common contraceptive measure, if the incorrect Shekuan will also cause the female body to appear abnormal.The harm of improperly on the ring is very serious. In addition to triggering physical discomfort, it will also cause other adverse phenomena.Y -shaped and chain -like.Different materials and different shapes of hedging devices have their own characteristics, so they can be suitable for women with different constitutions and needs.The staff of the upper ring of the Family Planning Office generally pay the state salary. As long as the amount is completed, the one who should go to the ring is good. Even if the task is completed, they will not increase the burden on the country. They are not professional doctors and will not considerPersonal physical problems, personal differences.Therefore, it is recommended that women who are suitable for Sheung Wan to read the following articles carefully to see if they are suitable for the Shang Ring. What ring is suitable?When I arrive at the hospital, I will tell the doctor about my own situation that the doctor will naturally arrange a birthplace that suits you.

Should not be placed

1. People with inflammation of reproductive organs, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, severe cervical erosion and vaginitis.

2. Frequent menstruation, and a large amount, or the symptoms of irregular bleeding in the vagina

3. Genital tumors, such as ovarian cancer, uterine fibroids, etc.

4. Very serious systemic diseases, such as: severe anemia, heart failure, etc.

5. The cervix is too loose, tears severely, or a severe uterine prolapse. Even after the ring is put, it is easy to fall off. This crowd is not suitable for upper ring contraception.

6. Caused by fever, body temperature is above 37.5 ° C, or if the reason is unknown, you can go to the ring after fever.

The problem after the loop


The response of the uterus to foreign matter is to try to exclude it by strengthening contraction.Most people can’t feel the shrinkage of the uterus and can adapt to it, but some people feel back pain, backache, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding, and other situations, how to deal with it?

(1) Mild low back pain and backache are not adapted to the loop. The uterus is shrinking. It will disappear naturally after a period of time. Be careful not to do heavy work during this period.

(2) A small amount of vaginal bleeding, or shortening the menstrual cycle, the amount of menstrual periods is large, and the menstrual period is prolonged. Due to the compression of the endometrium by the endometrium, the cells are infiltrated.Over time, the symptoms will disappear after the uterus adaptation.

(3) Increase in leucorrhea: The uterus is stimulated, and the cervical secretions increase. Generally, this symptoms will gradually decrease after 3 months.

Fall off

After being put in the uterine cavity of the ring, for some reason, it runs out of the body quietly from the uterus. This is what people call the ring fall off.Some people can discover time when the ring falls off, but some people do not know at all. When they are pregnant or do the ring follow -up inspection, many people worry about it.So what causes the ring to fall off?How can we effectively prevent it?There are several factors that cause ring falling:

(1) The cervical mouth is too loose, which is the main reason for the ring falling.

(2) The uterine shrinks, and the ring slowly descends until it is discharged.

(3) The size and type of the ring are inconsistent with the uterine cavity, causing the uterus to shrink and drain the ring out of the body.

(4) The position of the ring in the uterine cavity is incorrect. As soon as the uterus shrinks when the menstruation comes, the ring is easy to fall off.

(5) The quality and type of the ring have a certain relationship with the falling of the ring.The metal single ring and other rings used in the past are easy to fall off.

Find a doctor in time to find a doctor for examination. As long as you understand the reasons for the ring falling off, through the joint efforts with medical staff, you can definitely reduce the occurrence of ring falling.

More menstruation

Some people have a lot of menstruation every time, and they last for a long time. What should I do?First take medication treatment.Correct medication should be used in ibuprofen, Tusheng, and anti -depression.Such drugs inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandins, and the reduction of prostaglandin can effectively reduce uterine bleeding.In addition, anti-fibrous drugs such as amino acetic acid and hemostasis sensitivity will not enhance uterine contraction, and the effect is better.In addition, Yunnan Baiyao has a good effect on promoting blood circulation and stopping bleeding and rotting new effects.If the medication is not good, you should consider that the size of the uterine form may not be compatible with the size of the birthplace. If necessary, you can change a ring. After changing the ring, the ring will not always be pressed in the same place.heal.It really doesn’t work, you can use other contraceptive methods.

Ring pregnancy

Placing the in -palace is an ideal contraceptive method, with an effective rate of more than 90%.However, there are also a few women who are still pregnant after being placed. The reason is as follows:

(1) The in -palace’s hedging device has fallen off, but I did not notice it. This is the most common cause of contraceptive failure.

(2) The position of the internal in -palace is low. It is close to the cervix and cannot inhibit the bed and development of fertilized eggs.

(3) The size and size of the in -palace and the size of the uterine cavity are not adapted, or that the birthpool has been deformed or even broken, and the contraceptive effect is lost.

side effect

1. Perform perforation: The mechanism of uterine perforation is not clear. It is generally believed that it may be caused by the size of the uterus or the operation of the doctor.In addition, when women exercise violently, the birth ring in the body may also cause damage to the uterus due to physical inertia.The uterine contraction of unknown causes may also squeeze the birth ring and cause uterine perforation.

2. Damage to other organs: In a few cases, the internal internal internal breds will enter the abdominal cavity after the perforation of the uterus, which will cause the abnormal level of the birthplace.The birthplace may be different in the bladder, pelvic cavity, and intestinal membrane.

3. Excessive menstrual volume: Part of the in -the -palace internal breds contain copper ions, and copper ions have cytotoxicity and hemolysis effect, which causes excessive menstrual volume, which is normal.

4. Ectopic pregnancy: If the embryo is bed in the fallopian tube without reaching the uterus, the result is ectopic pregnancy.The principle of contraceptives in the in -uterus is to change the environment in the uterus and cause miscarriage, which only plays a local role in the uterus, so it can only prevent normal pregnancy in the uterus and not ectopic pregnancy.

5. Endometrial fibrosis lesions: The internal internal breds belong to the foreign body in the human body.The foreign objects in the human body will cause mechanical damage and chronic inflammation and fibrosis lesions of local tissues, which is already medical common sense.After 10 to 12 years, the endometrium will occur fibrosis.

6. Bringing ring pregnancy: Bringing pregnancy is also known as a pregnancy.Because the contraceptive perfection power of the in -palace is lower than that of oral contraceptives and sterilization, women still need to take precautionary measures after the ring with the ring to prevent the ring from getting pregnant.

7, soreness: After the ring is put, some women will experience soreness and discomfort on the lower abdomen or back. This is because the contraceptive ring placed in the uterus is a "foreign body" for the uterus, especially when it is large or low in position. The uterus is the uterus.Exclusion this "foreign body" causes contraction, causing contraction pain.

The benefits of the Sheung Wan: One of the benefits of the birth ring is to avoid going to the hospital for abortion again and again.As we all know, the worst damage to women’s bodies is the most serious damage to women’s bodies is to accidentally hurt the endometrium base layer, which hinders the endometrium regeneration.As we all know, every menstruation of women fall off the upper layer of the endometrium and excrete the body; after that, the endometrium is divided into the endometrium of the endometrium.Therefore, after the menstrual period after menstruation, women after menstruation fall off, and the endometrium base layer directly contacts the nursery. The birthplace is directly killed by mechanical scratches and the cytotoxic effects of copper ions to directly kill the endometrium base layer layer layer layer.Essence

Gynecological experts reminded that the settlement of the contraceptive ring is not to say that women can never be able to go off once and for all, and the contraceptive ring may also fall off, but most women do not know.It is recommended that women conduct regular gynecological examinations after the contraceptive ring to see if there is a contraceptive ring falling off or the contraceptive ring embedded into the uterus. Generally, after the menstruation is cleaned in the first month of the upper ring, it will be checked once in three months.Can be reviewed every six months to monitor the situation of the in -uterus contraceptive ring.

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