Is disgusting vomiting?These are the signals of your successful creation

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Colleagues Xiao Hu, recently did a stupid thing.Eating at noon in the past few days, Xiao Hu was always disgusting. Yesterday, I heard that the fish fragrant eggplant that was ordered by another colleague had almost vomited.We are all worried about asking, is it sick and uncomfortable?Because the recent work is too busy and often work overtime, she is not very good.Who knows Xiao Hu laughed and said: I must be pregnant!I really did not work hard with my husband.We suddenly realized congratulations.

But on the third day she came to work with a frightened look.Originally, she asked for a two -day leave. She wanted to go to the hospital for an examination. By the way, she took a break to make up for her body.I heard that she was pregnant. Her husband, her father -in -law, and her parents asked her to go to the hospital for examination. The scene was mighty.But doctors just say that stomach problems should be raised well, don’t be tossed if you don’t hurt, don’t stay up late, don’t work pressure.In the end, it was not pregnant. It may be that the daily life was irregular and the work pressure may be high.

Later, when she really became pregnant, she knew that the success of the people might not be disgusting. As long as it was not a very carefree girl, pregnancy was felt, and the signals of these bodies really showed that you made success!

First, the aunt hasn’t come for half a month.

Of course, this requires that girls and aunts are at least accurate.After pregnancy, the aunt will feel that it will stop.This is the clearest signal of every girl after pregnancy.

Secondly, I do n’t sleep enough, always sleepy, and accompanied by having no appetite.

After the fertilized eggs are in bed, pregnant women will secrete a body hormone, which is progesterone.The secretion of this hormone is one of the signals of the baby’s arrival.At this time, expectant mothers will feel that they have no strength, sleepy all day, sleeping long after sleeping, and not appetizing anything.

Third, I ca n’t hold my urine, and go to the toilet when I drink some water.

After pregnancy, as the fertilized egg develops after bed, the uterus will become larger with a little bit, and the bladder will be squeezed and reduced.The place where the urine is stored is reduced, so the expectant mothers who are just pregnant always run to the toilet.

Isn’t it a signal of pregnancy?

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers have disgusting and vomiting, which is the pregnancy vomiting, but this is usually expressed in about two months of pregnancy.

Do you know the three signals of successful people?


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