Internet celebrity breeders were exposed to sleeping powder, but the woman disappeared after her pregnancy, and more loser -character moves were exposed.

When it comes to giant pandas, I believe that as long as netizens who have a little knowledge of these national treasures, they all know the triangle rice ball -female star Huahua, and the super three prince Menglan.

The two breeders in the panda world also became influencers breeders because they received much attention.

At present, Grandpa Tan and the daddy of the two panda breeders in the domestic fire circle, as employees of the Chengdu Panda Base, have taken care of Menglan and Huahua.

It is said that with the panda all day, the living environment should be different from the smoky net red circle, which is extremely simple. However, on July 15, the hairband grandma Zhang Yue suddenly exposed the derailed sleeping powder scandal.

When netizens learned, they were surprised and unbelievable.

The hair hoop grandma was originally named Zhang Yue. He was only 34 years old this year. He has a master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine in Sichuan Agricultural University. Because he has always left long hair, in order to facilitate feeding pandas and does not cover his sight, he is worn all year round.Daddy.

Fans who love Huahua and Menglan also love the house and Wu, and regard the handsome, cute and cute hair hoop grandma, as an idol, to be enthusiastic and obsessed.

However, the hair hoop dad did not cherish the trust and love that the fans gave him. After derailing the fans named "Mei Show", the other party was pregnant.

Who knows, as a dad of a woman’s husband, not only do not admit mistakes, but find a way to make up for the harm caused by his behavior to the other party, and suddenly disappear!

From the screenshots of the two people’s chats, "Beautiful Poetry Meow" and "Poor Daddy" only saw the first side in Macau on May 19 this year.

Judging from the news of the "Meimei Meow", she should be a girl who is very unprecedented and easy to be fiddled. She is already pregnant, and she still has the mentality of Buddhist Buddhism.

In fact, before the relationship with the daddy of the head hoop, "Mei Shi Meow" also knew that he had been a family room and had children, but it is estimated that she was halo by the female star Huahua and the third prince Menglan.After a while, I couldn’t hold myself for a while, and when I met the other party, I had intimate contact with the line of defense.

However, afterwards, "Mei Show Meow" asked the hair hoop grandma to verify. When there was any impressive response to her, the hair hoop grandma responded ambiguous, making her particularly sad.A while greedy, deceiving her feelings.

As soon as the news broke out, some netizens saw the "Meimei Meow" poorly, and coaxed her Wen Yan and softly, but many people were shameless about her behavior.Yu Moth fluttering fire, it is not worthy of pitiful.

As the derailed sleeping powder continues to ferment and intensify, the head hoop grandma rushes the social account urgently.

There are also netizens who claim to be familiar with the matter, saying that the dad of hair hoop has long had the tradition of sleeping powder, and the relationship with "Mei Poetry Meow" is not his first surpassing Thunder Pond.

The hair hoop grandma found that the opposite sex at the panda base would take the initiative to ask for the telephone WeChat or something, which is convenient for his sister.

When his wife was pregnant, he secretly went to Japan to secretly go to Japan …

According to netizens, the head hoop grandma not only has repeatedly done morality on the problem of style, but even in a job to make things that make fans cannot understand and accept:

When the camera faces him, he must be very gentle and care about the panda, but once no one shoots, his impatient energy will appear, such as the panda climbing to the tree and unwilling to come down.I do n’t wait patiently, but kick the trees fiercely with my feet, so that the panda realizes the danger and has to climb down from it.

Of course, even if the news is rumored, it does not rule out the possibility of "Luo Shengmen". Whether it is reversed in the future, the parties need to respond.

As the female star Huahua, the third prince Menglan, and other pandas have become more popular, they will inevitably indirect the breeders who serve them. I hope that these breeders can take it correctly and cherish the enthusiasm of fans, and from this to bringCome traffic.

It will definitely play a positive role in the use of traffic, but if the various interests and desires behind the traffic will be crooked, the traffic will become a flood beast and bite it!What are your opinions about this?I hope to speak in the comment area.Welcome to follow@欢 欢 to share with you different entertainment stars every day.”Headline creation challenge “” female star Huahua”

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