Insomnia conditioning methods, pregnant women must keep in mind

Pregnant women will encounter all kinds of troubles during pregnancy. The changes in the body affect this emotion. It is normal for pregnant women to have insomnia and dreams.Health, so mothers who often have insomnia and dreams should pay attention to, pay attention to conditioning their bodies.

How to condition for pregnant women insomnia and dreams

1. Regular work schedule

The first step should be done by pregnant women with insomnia, that is, slowly establish a regular schedule, develop the habit of regularly sleeping and getting up, so as to build their own biological clock, so the problem of insomnia slowly disappeared.

2. The correct sleeping position

The posture of pregnant women sleeping during pregnancy is very particular, the posture is wrong, and she will sleep uncomfortably. Insomnia is common.

It is recommended to consciously develop the habit of sleeping on the left side from the beginning of pregnancy. The bending posture of legs will not compress the large blood vessels of the pregnant woman’s abdomen, which will cause the blood from the lower limbs to return to the heart and reduce the heart burden of pregnant women.It will not cause pregnant women to sleep uncomfortable and insomnia.

3. Appropriate exercise

Pregnant women do proper exercise to help sleep. They can adhere to pregnant women yoga every day and do exercise.Even in the third trimester of pregnancy, the body is heavy, and we must insist on walking and be pregnant women.

4. Soak your feet

Pregnant women can soak their feet with hot water before going to bed every day, which can also promote blood circulation, strengthen metabolism, improve the body’s immune function, and improve insomnia.

5. Hot water bath

People often say: "Take a hot bath before going to bed, and sleep at night is particularly good." This is scientific.The method of treating insomnia in hot water bathing is that the blood vessels around the whole body can be expanded. The blood in other parts of the whole body will flow into these dilated blood vessels, reduce the blood in the internal organs, the brain blood flow is relatively reduced, the brain will feel the brain will feelTired, which is beneficial to sleep.

6. Tai Chi Boxing

Tai Chi Boxing therapy can promote blood circulation, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, reduce heart burden, improve myocardial blood supply, improve cardiac blood discharge scores, thereby enhancing cardiac function.Improve the body’s immunity, enhance physical fitness, prevent diseases, treat diseases, and delay aging.Treatment of insomnia and neurasthenia, especially for manifestation of insomnia, dreaming, upset and anger, forgetfulness and fatigue, can play a good effect.

7. Foot rule

Foot therapy includes feet hot water bath, foot medicinal bath, foot massage, etc.They function to promote blood circulation, complete the transportation of material in the body, and promote metabolism.To promote the immune function of the body, some people say that the foot is the "second heart" of the human body. Foot therapy can enhance the body’s immune function, promote the secretion of endocrine hormones, and play a role.

8. Regulate emotions

Pregnant women are easy to be nervous and sensitive, so that they will have a bad impact on themselves and fetuses.Pregnant women should learn to regulate their psychology, control their emotions, be positive and optimistic in the face of things, learn to relax, and don’t grow old.The family of pregnant women should also be accompanied and persuaded, and breeding a small life is a happy thing.

9. Listen to music soothing emotions

It is a good way to read and listen to music.When the pregnant mother finds that she can’t sleep, she can listen to music to soothe her mood and read the book to disperse her attention.I am also doing prenatal education, stabilize their emotions, and improve the wisdom of fetal baby.If you get more, pregnant mothers can try it!

10. Communicate with your husband

What should I do if pregnant women have insomnia? I can communicate with her husband.Pregnant mothers can tell her husband’s pregnancy experience and tell her husband what he has seen and heard.If your emotions are too high, you can ask your husband to help him.This can increase the relationship between husband and wife, and also allow pregnant mothers to avoid bad emotions and affect good sleep.

11. Develop a healthy dietary habit

What should I do if pregnant women have insomnia and dreams? Good eating habits can help develop good sleep.Some pregnant mothers like to eat heavy -flavored foods such as spicy food.With a baby, the pregnant mother must avoid it.Otherwise, it will affect the baby’s absorption of nutrition.Overlashing is the same, it is not advisable to increase gastrointestinal burden, and it also seriously affects sleep.

During pregnancy, there were all kinds of discomfort. Coupled with insomnia, pregnant women were easy to think about and affect emotions.With a good sleep, you can have a good mood, so you must kill the insomnia dreams in the cradle!

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