In the same room during pregnancy, you must pay attention to these 5 things!Related to the baby’s health!

During pregnancy, couples are not unable to do the same room, but they need to pay attention to many matters.

1. Avoid the same room in the early pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, it generally refers to the first three months.At this time, it is not suitable or even forbidden to the same room, because the fetus is not stable, and a little carelessness may lead to abortion or threatened abortion.For the stability and health of the fetus, the couple can kiss, hug, and friction, but try not to slap.

2. Avoid the same room in the later pregnancy

Although the fetus is stable enough.However, the feeling of shrinking the uterus at orgasm is similar to delivery.Generally, the uterine contraction can spasm for 1 minute, and it may cause premature fetal birth.Pregnant mothers who have had abortion or premature birth before may also lead to the same tragedy.Therefore, be cautious in the second trimester.

3. Step posture to change

As the abdomen increases, there are some popping postures.If the husband and wife do not have to do some exercise during pregnancy, you can use the way to enter the side or behind.Here we remind men that the movements must be gentle, careful, do not compress the stomach when you pop, do not hit strongly, do not insert too deep.It’s not good to hurt the uterus.

Because sexual intercourse that is not suitable for strength may also cause premature birth.

4. Wear a sleeve

Although it is successful, experts and gynecology experts suggest that men have to bring a condom during pregnancy.This is to prevent uterine shrinkage and cause abdominal pain or abortion.Because prostaglandins in semen can cause a shrinkage of the uterus.Wearing a sleeve can prevent contact with women’s uterus, it also reduces the risk of abdominal pain and abortion.

5. The number of pops must be controlled

In addition to be careful, the number of times should be less.Because there are still certain risks during the same room during pregnancy.Especially for couples who have not done a good job of physiological and hygienic knowledge, it is possible to play too hi, which may cause the fetus to be harmed.

In general, as long as the husband and wife are healthy, and they learn the knowledge of the same room during pregnancy, and they also get the affirmation of the doctor. Of course, sexual life can be performed during pregnancy, not to say what will cause the fetus.But two keywords must be remembered: soft, restrained!Perform softly and restrained.If the pregnant mother is unwilling, men should be considerate, everything is for children.

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