In the public institution exam, a girl’s physical examination was brushed, the reason: pregnant women cannot go to work at any time

A recent news attracted the attention of Teacher He. It was said that a girl’s test of a kindergarten teacher in a girl test. The second and the interview was the first. The result was not accepted. Why?The reason is: pregnancy.

In fact, Teacher He has been saying that whether it is civil servants or public institutions’ political review and medical examinations, they are very strict. They are not required to walk through the field.As for why the "pregnancy" was brushed, Teacher He today went to the medical examination of the public institution with everyone.

Rejected by pregnancy, some people feel unfair?

The girl applied for the posting position of the kindergarten teacher. The second place in the written test and the first place in the interview. During the medical examination, it was about 6 months of pregnancy. During the physical examinationAffect children.She thought she could get the preparation smoothly, but was rejected.The reason for the employer is that these teachers urgently need to work, and pregnant women cannot meet the request of immediately on the job, so they are not accepted.

Therefore, the physical examination session is also a very important level. The employer urgently needs a teacher. You will face a child immediately before you come to work. If you leave the maternity leave after work, who will teach?Who is responsible?And the girl interviewed the kindergarten teacher, and the children themselves are also active. The medical examination is not only checked whether there is a physical disease, but it will also check that the current position does not meet this position.

Therefore, Teacher He wanted to say that after pregnancy, he should apply for a civil servant and a public institution position immediately. You must choose your post with caution. It is best to wait for the production before applying.

In the medical examination of public institutions, which ones can’t be over?

Next, let’s talk about the physical examination session, there will be several situations that will pass the level.

Urine test

Urine test is a must -see. Some people worry that they do not drink water for a long time. Will the urine test affect?In fact, Teacher He suggested that you can drink plenty of water a few days before the physical examination, and you must drink plenty of water.However, the night before the medical examination can not drink water and eat, do not take medicine, because someone eats the dragon fruit before the test, the urine test is red, and it is only after a second review. Therefore, pay attention to this before the physical examination.

Heart rate

Someone is nervous as soon as the physical examination, the heartbeat is fast or often drink coffee, and the palpitations and arrhythmia are uneven. If the candidates who have the above phenomenon should pay attention, if the electrocardiogram is abnormal, you can see the doctor in advance for conditioning.


Vision needs to be noted that some positions have vision requirements. If you want to do surgery, you must do it before the written test. Do not wait until the interview is completed. This recovery time is too short. Generally speakingEssence

Therefore, no one should take the risk of being brushed away if you care about any level, and you should not take it lightly. The exams are fair. You can look forward to the next year’s test next year.

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