In the past few days after the "Auntie", the chance of pregnancy is very high. I don’t want to "win the prize" to avoid

"Auntie" does not really refer to loved ones, but a kind of nickname for women for their own holidays.Each woman may love and hate her hate. The arrival of aunt can reflect the quality of a woman’s physical condition, and the arrival of aunt is also a manifestation of the right of a woman to be a mother.However, the aunt is another hidden danger of danger. For women who do not want their children for the time being, a few days after the aunt, it is easy to cause pregnancy due to the same room.

Colleagues Xiaoling has always been absent -minded recently. I only knew it under the question. It turned out that Xiaoling was worried that she was pregnant and said that she hadn’t come to aunt for 3 months.The pregnancy, because she had just been married with her boyfriend, she had no intention to get married. If she was really pregnant, she might choose a miscarriage. Looking at her so worried, she felt that girls really had to take good measures to protect themselves to protect themselves and protect themselves.This is the most important thing, and it also needs to master a certain contraceptive knowledge. To be contraceplained, you must first distinguish the ovulation and safety period in the case, especially the days after the holiday, that is, we say that we sayIn the ovulation period, if you do not want a child for the time being, you must do a good job of contraception to prevent accidents.

Each menstrual cycle of women is basically maintained at about 25-35 days, and this stage will be divided into several segments at this stage.The most important one is the distinction between ovulation day and ovulation.Literally, we can know that ovulation date refers to a date, and ovulation period is a time period.The ovulation period is at a time point in the ovulation period.

From the first day of the end of the last menstrual period, 14 days are calculated, which should be ovulation day, that is, the ovulation process before the next menstrual period of women is.In the period, this ovulation period is about ten days. It is the best period of conception and a high -risk period of pregnancy.Therefore, if women want good contraception or successful pregnancy, they must first grasp their ovulation days and ovulation periods, and protect them in dangerous periods.

In addition to the calculation of the above description to infer the ovulation period, you can also judge according to your own characteristics

1. Rise body temperature

Women’s body temperature in the ovulation period will be higher than usual, and if the body temperature continues to rise for three consecutive days, this time period is the peak period of ovulation, and it will be easier to conceive success.Women can measure the body temperature during ovulation through body temperature and judge the ovulation day.When monitoring the temperature, you should pay attention to the daily fixed time. Generally, it is more appropriate to choose in the morning and not stay up late and the schedule.

2. The stomach has a feeling of falling, a little pain

Some women have a trace of pain in the ovulation due to their own physical reasons because of the output of egg cells and passing through the pelvic cavity.This slight falling feeling can make women feel painful with lower abdomen pain.This is a normal phenomenon, but it is more obvious in individual physically sensitive women.

3. Significantly increased secretions

During the ovulation period, the secretions in the private parts are significantly increased. Women will feel that the underwear is always moist and sticky, and the leucorrhea increases, showing transparent brushes.This phenomenon will last for two or three days, and then gradually reduces.And this stage is the ovulation period.

1. Calculate the ovulation period, keep in mind your last menstrual date, and calculate the next time of menstruation. Only by calculating the correct ovulation period and ovulation day can we make the most sufficient contraception preparation.

2. In the same room during ovulation, if there is no child plan, you must pay attention to contraceptive measures. Do not leave fluke.

In short, women must have a deep understanding of their "big aunt" and learn to protect their bodies. If you do not want to conceive during ovulation, safety measures are absolutely essential. Once you get pregnant, you will greatly hurt your body.Essence

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