In the life of husband and wife, as long as men do not ejaculate, they can avoid pregnancy?

In the "contraceptive control of population theory" pursued by many people, external shooting is respected as the safest method of contraception.But is this idea really reliable?In fact, the situation is not so simple, let’s talk about it below.

First, we must understand a basic concept- "ovulation period".A woman’s ovulation period refers to the time point of ovulation during the period between women (the first day of the start of menstruation, and the first day of the next menstruation).This time depends on the hormonal changes and individual differences in the female body, usually about two weeks in the middle of a menstrual period.Therefore, the interval is the easiest period for women to pregnancy.

Then, to understand a essential problem -even if the semen does not contain sperm, it also contains other components such as prostate fluid, which can fertilize the eggs.This problem is widely ignored, which is also the hidden danger of shooting.Although sperm is still the main cause of pregnancy, the prostate fluid and other components in the body may still fertilize the eggs.

Furthermore, it is not uncommon for examples affected by various factors. For example, the secretions of prostate fluid and epididymal glands contain active and feasible sperm, so even if men "shoot" in the real senseEssenceAt present, many studies have shown that among all the methods to control eggs, the success rate of external shooting is very low, only about 30%, and even in the middle cycle, it cannot guarantee 100%contraception.

So, how should women avoid pregnancy?Currently available contraceptive measures include, oral contraceptives, contraceptive injection, contraceptive ring, contraceptive stickers, contraceptive implants, and contraceptives.Different contraceptive methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. Women can choose the appropriate method according to their own health and need.

In short, in the life of husband and wife, it is not wise to rely on external shooting to eliminate the risk of pregnancy.Contraception is not only the responsibility of men, but also an important matter that women should actively participate.Choose the right contraceptive method and implement it carefully, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble and pain.

In fact, instead of sending the unreliable method of "external shooting", we might as well understand sexual behavior, so that it is healthier, safe, and happy to avoid pregnancy and avoid the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.Concerns.Healthy sexual behavior plays an important role in preventing reproductive health. We should pay attention to the health of sexual life on the basis of fully understanding and respecting each other.

A couple have been together for many years. They love each other very much, but they have never wanted to have children.As a result, they took contraceptive measures to avoid unwanted pregnancy.

However, one night, one of them made a mistake, and they forgot to take contraceptive measures.This situation makes them very worried, after all, they cannot accept an unexpected child.So they quickly checked the information, and wanted to know if men were not ejected in the lives of husband and wife, can they avoid pregnancy?

When they were looking for information, they found that this statement was wrong.Although men reduce the number of sperm contained in ejaculation without injecting, thereby reducing the possibility of pregnancy, there are still a small amount of sperm.Pregnant.

Even if it is just a trivial drip or coating on women, it will affect the possibility of pregnancy.

The couple quickly decided to go to the hospital for consultation. Through doctors’ examinations and evaluations, they accepted a long -term contraceptive measure.This measure is proven to be very effective, and there is no need to worry too much within the established time.

This story tells us that in the life of husband and wife, men do not ejection are not a way to avoid pregnancy.In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the couple need to take more reliable contraceptive measures.

Moreover, any errors in the life of husband and wife need to be corrected in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.The most important thing is that no matter what happens, the husband and wife need to support and understand each other, and face the difficulties together to truly establish a good and harmonious husband and wife relationship.

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