In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetal treasure "rooted" is unstable, and pregnant mothers should avoid four large movements!

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After the fetal treasure smoothly "rooted" on the wall of the pregnant mother, pregnant mothers will enter a comprehensive alert state. Usually the pregnant mother of the female attribute. At this time, you must become a lady.Do it again; usually lively and active personality, often staying up all night to love the pregnant mother who loves Busi, at this time, you must also be heartbuilding, and you have a good child.Pregnant mothers live so cautiously, in fact, they can also take root for the fetal treasure, but some pregnant mothers may be very concerned about it and do not pay much attention to this matter, so they have caused the fetal treasure to root unstable, causing irreparable recoveryas a result of.

The root of the fetal treasure takes time, and the rooting is stable. The first three months in the first three months of pregnancy is the most critical, especially to ensure that there is sufficient oxygen supply to the fetal treasure.During this period, because the fetal treasure has not been fully developed, the pregnant mother will not show her belly, and the body burden is not very large.Fitness, but these activities will be squeezed to the fetal treasure as long as they don’t pay attention to it, affecting the supply of oxygen in the body. If the fetal treasure is hypoxic for a long time, it will cause abortion.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fetal treasure "rooted" is unstable, and pregnant mothers should avoid four large movements!

1: Squatting or kneeling to do housework: squatting or kneeling down these two actions, the pregnant mother is difficult to do, and at the same time, they will feel uncomfortable., Driver, it is easy to fall when standing up a little instability. These movements also make the fetal treasures in the pregnant belly from being squeezed to varying degrees.It should not be done again.If you need to squat or kneel, the pregnant mother should all give it to the husband or mother -in -law. If they do not want to do it, the pregnant mother should not compromise.important.

2: Erlang’s legs: Some pregnant mothers like the legs when they sit down, and it will be difficult to change for a while and a half. In addition, the difficulty of raising Erlang’s legs is not very difficult.Don’t think that you are sitting comfortably like this, which is good for fetal treasure. In fact, it is not. When the legs of the Erlang Lang will affect the blood circulation of the lower limbs of the pregnant mother, it is easy to cause edema of the lower limbs.When the fetal treasure is pressed, the fetal position is not correct, so the pregnant mother still needs to choose the correct sitting position, and the time to sit should not be too long.

3: Holding the child: The pregnant mother who is only one or two years after the second child and the first child will be very hard. In addition to the baby, you also have to take care of Dabao. Children are one or two years old.Hug, I hope to get more sense of security from my mother, and I need to sleep while sleeping at night, so even if the pregnant mother is pregnant with a second child, I still have to hold Dabao, but Dabao’s weight is not considered counting.Light, holding the child is not only for the arm, but also the abdomen is also working hard, and in case the big treasure’s feet move, the fetal treasure that kicks to the pregnant belly is very dangerous.Therefore, it is not recommended that pregnant mothers go to hold their children and give the work of taking care of Dabao to her husband and the elderly at home.

4: Drive: If you want to go out during pregnancy, if you have a driver’s license, the pregnant mother must choose to drive out by himself. After all, taking public transportation, on the one hand, there are many dense people and prone to collision. On the other hand, the air quality is not good.There are many bacteria.But is it really no harm when the pregnant mother drives?In fact, it is not recommended to do this, because driving requires hands and feet, and the movement of the pregnant mother may not be so agile. In addition, the spirit should be highly concentrated on the road. After driving, I will feel particularly fatigue.You can take a taxi by yourself, or let your family drive, and the speed must be controlled slowly. If the bumps are too powerful, it will also have an impact on the fetal treasure.

After pregnancy, a lot of movements for pregnant mothers are not suitable for doing it, especially mentioned above. Usually, they should be considered for fetal treasures to keep their mother and child peace.

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