In restless heart!Can I have sex during pregnancy?Listen to what the experts say!

Harmony sex life is the first choice of condiments of husband and wife emotional life!

Moskovitz, an expert at the University of New York University of Pharmaceutical Center, had a summary of "sex": no matter what symptoms you have, a perfect sex life will have a good health effect on you.

Studies have shown that a moderate sexual life can release a natural pain relieving agent of endorphins and endorphins, which can relax human tissue.Not only that, a sexual life survey report of a 37,500 adults shows that the harmonious couple’s life can effectively regulate people’s emotions, relieve anxiety, eliminate tension, reduce the concept of violence and hostile emotions, make the mentality more peaceful and delay aging.

So how much is people’s awareness of sexual life?The results of the survey of 200 pregnant women’s pregnancy and sexual life in Huaxi Hospital are surprised. Data show that only 58%of the 200 pregnant women have a correct understanding of the safe pregnancy weeks (12 ~ 28), and and of.This result does not match their actual sexual living conditions. Only 31%of pregnant women often or occasionally have sex, and the remaining 69%of pregnant women are very small or non -sex.

This may have a certain relationship with China’s traditional concepts, and sexual concepts are relatively conservative."Talking about sexual changes", and the relative lack of sexual health knowledge during the pregnancy, the doubts of sexual life knowledge during pregnancy are ashamed.The source of health information is nothing more than some search platforms, with ads with soft text webpages, etc., with a variety of content and lack of professionalism.

In the early pregnancy (first 3 months), sexual life is forbidden

Although the placenta has been formed in the early stages of pregnancy, the embryo is not very stable, especially for pregnant women with a history of uterine backward and habitual abortion. If the same room is in the same room, it can easily cause the embryo to stop developing and cause a pioneering abortion.Therefore, sexual life must be prohibited in the early stages of pregnancy.

In the middle of pregnancy (4-6 months)

In the middle of pregnancy, the placental development has become intact, and the fetus has a humanoid first, and the progesterone secreted by the pregnant woman has a certain protective effect on the fetus.Relatively safe, you can live sex during this time, but do not frequently sex, and do not be too intense. You must also choose properly to avoid damage to the fetus.

Late pregnancy (7-9 months)

During this period, sexual life is strictly prohibited. Because the pregnant woman’s uterus is relatively large at this time, the cervical mouth is not strictly closed. If the same room is in the same room, it may be pressed to the fetus, and the fetal membrane is prone to premature babbing and premature birth.Sexual life will increase the risk of various gynecological diseases.

There are several situations in the following situations to avoid sexual life in a timely manner:

1. Blood bleeding for unknown reasons

2. I feel uncomfortable with sexual life

3. Dominations have sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infections, etc.

4. There are many history of abortion.

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