In order to give her mother angry, her son had a pregnant wife, but his mother -in -law said that he played well.

In order to get angry with her mother, her wife, Qiao Ling, slapped in public in public, but her mother -in -law said happily when she knew it.Why do my mother -in -law say that?

Qiao Ling was 23 years old and had a relaxed and stable job after graduating from college.Qiao Ling’s father died very early. In these years, Qiao Ling and her mother depended on each other. Her mother was able to read it well in order to allow Qiao Ling to read well.When he is a mother and a father, he has suffered a lot.

For Qiao Ling to be able to admit to a good university, her mother saved money to save money for her daughter, and she wanted her daughter to be admitted to a good university in the future and had a stable job.Find a good mother -in -law’s house, and be assured as a mother.

Qiao Ling did not have the expectations of Gu’s mother. He admitted to her ideal university. After graduation, she had a decent job. In this regard, her mother was also very pleased.Li Wei, an unemployed young man, is tall and handsome, but his mouth is smooth, and he will coax girls to be happy.

Qiao Ling and Li Wei met at a friend’s birthday party.At that time, Qiao Ling fancy at a glance that he could speak, and he was a bit handsome Li Wei.Li Wei’s handsome appearance and exaggerated appearance gradually attracted Qiao Ling.In addition, Li Wei also saw Qiao Ling’s interesting herself.

Therefore, with the frequent pursuit of Li Wei’s frequent dedication, the two people began to associate as men and women in a few days.

Soon, Qiao Ling’s mother knew about this. Through acquaintances, she learned that Li Wei had not had a formal job so far. She was idle all day long, and often went to the game hall, the billiard hall and the movie theater with some fox friends and dog friends.The local reputation is very bad.

At that time, Qiao Ling’s mother did not agree with her daughter and Li Wei after they knew.However, Qiao Ling didn’t care about her mother’s words, saying that she didn’t care about Li Wei, and had to associate with Li Wei. She believed that Li Wei would be good to herself after marriage.For this reason, Qiao Ling quarreled with her mother.Mom also slapped her daughter angrily.

What Qiao Ling’s mother didn’t expect was that she slapped and had problems.Qiao Ling left home regardless of her mother’s opposition.If you do n’t go home, the mother is about to report to the police when she is mad, and let the police help to find Qiao Ling.

When they found Qiao Ling, they were in a game hall. At that time, Li Wei was also at the scene. When she saw Qiao Ling, her mother dragged her out. Qiao Ling said that she would not go home with her mother.: "Even if you dragged me back, you can’t watch me not let me go out every day. I just go back with you today. After that, I still have to be with him."

My mother listened to her daughter, and she was burst into tears and helpless. She really didn’t know what to do if she took this daughter who grew up since childhood?She is also afraid to lose her only daughter.I had to agree to the two of them together.

It didn’t take long for one day, Qiao Ling told her mother that she was pregnant now and was ready to get married. My mother said sadly, "Your dad has gone early. In these years, I will save money for you to go to college.Go to a good university, find a good mother -in -law’s house, and find an object that is like you. If you can live a happy life, your mother can rest assured that after leaving.

Unexpectedly, you just do n’t listen to your mother like this, I am your mother, can my mother hurt you?You see you found such a person who is not doing business, and you can eat and drink men all day long.Before you get married, think about it yourself. Can your in -laws look at you after you get married?

There will be you suffering in the future.If you don’t listen to your mother, there is a day you regret. If you really regret the day, you can’t complain that your mother has not reminded you.This is the way you choose, you just have to go on your knees."

Who knows that Qiao Ling decisively said to her mother, "I believe in my own vision and don’t regret my choice. I believe Li Wei will get better."

Because Qiao Ling was pregnant, their wedding was simply held. After the wedding, Qiao Ling and her mother -in -law lived together. Qiao Ling’s mother -in -law was not a fuel -saving lamp.

One morning, Qiao Ling had a special sleep because she was pregnant, so she slept for a while. She didn’t get up for breakfast. My mother -in -law yelled in the living room.Isn’t it what you should do if you wash your clothes? "

Qiao Ling felt very aggrieved, and said to her mother -in -law: "I’m pregnant now. Today, Sunday, if you don’t go to work, you want to sleep more for a while. No? When I didn’t marry your house, your family does not wash clothes and eat.Yet?"

Qiao Ling’s mother -in -law did not expect that she dared to talk to herself. It happened that at this time, Li Wei returned. The mother -in -law fell into Qiao Ling in front of her son.Clothes, don’t give yourself pocket money, and scold herself, she doesn’t want to live anymore. "

Li Wei saw her mother like this, thinking that her mother was really wronged. In order to give her mother a breath, Qiao Ling slapped her two.Qiao Ling looked at this husband he trusted unbelievably.The grievances flowed down.

Back in the bedroom, Qiao Ling called her mother to complain.On the other side of the phone, my mother said that it was very good. You knew that I regret it now. How did I tell you at the time.You are blame yourself.

Listening to her mother’s words, Qiao Ling really regretted it. She really did not expect her husband who was thinking about her heart would be a pregnant herself.At the moment of being beaten, Qiao Ling was discouraged. Until then, she remembered her mother’s teachings, but at this time, she said everything was late.

As the saying goes, if you do n’t listen to the old man’s words, you suffer in front of you, and you still listen to the opinions of the elderly, so as not to make a wrong choice and regret your life.

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