In order to escape the punishment, she gave birth to 5 children in 10 years, and the time was very accurate

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"Director, I will go back for a month and I will come back when I am pregnant." This is a female criminal who is being corrected by the community in Donghai County, Lianyungang, Jiangsu.The offender turned off and lost contact.Why did she send such a message to the director?Why should she come back when she is pregnant?

Superborn: In order to escape the punishment, ten years in a row

Things start from 2009.This year, the criminal Wang Hong was sentenced to one year or six months in prison for theft for theft and two years in probation.However, during the probation period, Wang Hong did not know how to repent, and re -filed the old industry to do "old -fashioned bank". As a result, because of many household theft, he was canceled by the court in November 2011.Nine and six months in prison.However, Wang Hong was pregnant at this time. According to the relevant provisions of my country’s criminal law, women who were pregnant or breastfeeding their babies were sentenced to temporarily executed after being sentenced to punishment.Who would have thought that in order to protect the rights of pregnant women and infant rights, it became a "life -saving straw" that Wang Hong escaped the punishment maliciously.

On January 14, 2012, Wang Hong gave birth to a baby girl, so the court decided to temporarily implement it for one year.During the execution of the supervision, Wang Hong continued to commit crimes of theft.In order to continue to "get away" smoothly, Wang Hong began to be pregnant and had children regardless of the consequences. From then on, he embarked on a non -returning path to use children to change freedom.In the next ten years, Wang Hong was sentenced to the court many times, but each time he was unable to accept the punishment of the prison because of his pregnancy or breastfeeding, and whenever he was approaching the end of the supervision, Wang Hong "掐" 掐 掐 掐Point "malicious pregnancy and gave birth to five children in ten years.In March 2021, Wang Hong, who had not been able to succeed in pregnancy, tried to re -applied his skills again, which appeared at the beginning of the absurd scene.

Task: Get in time, no chance to give her no pregnancy

After discovering the sudden disappearance of the criminal Wang Hong, the Justice Bureau immediately notified the case to the Donghai County Procuratorate.Given that Wang Hong’s overseas execution was less than a month left, if Wang Hong was pregnant, she did not need to miss the sudden disappearance at all to avoid correction supervision.As a result, the procuratorial organs quickly launched the plan for supervision and collection and supervision, and jointly established a special working group with public security and justice to design the arrest plan and carry out the arrest of the criminal Wang Hong.The members of the working group moved to Xuzhou and Lianyungang in many places, and finally captured Wang Hong in somewhere in Lianyungang.Due to the timely development of the arrest, no time for Wang Hong’s pregnancy again, everyone was relieved.

On April 7, 2021, the criminal Wang Hong was sent to the detention center. During the conversation before the delivery, Wang Hong cried and said to the prosecutor: "I regret it now.It should not be so many children, this is not responsible for children. "Unfortunately, this kind of remorse is too late, waiting for her will be the pain and blame of the child for more than ten years.

Governance: How to make the tragedy no longer happen

In recent years, the successive exposure of the case of the "Paper Singing Sentence" and the "death penalty" Sun Xiaoguo case has gradually realized that the "last mile" of the punishment to perform this criminal lawsuit also needs supervision and high attention. This is directly related to the relationship. This is directly related to the relationship.Whether the criminal justice can reach the "finish line" of fairness and justice.Among them, in order to avoid punishment, the malicious pregnancy behavior of the consequences not only harms the seriousness and justice of the judiciary, but also can easily cause a series of social and family problems, which is not conducive to the harmony and stability of the society.

According to the undertaking prosecutor, the situation of "crazy superb" after the crime like Wang Hong was not a case, and it occurred in various places.How to introduce effective legal norms, timely regulate the "farce" of this kind of continuous pregnancy and children, and prevent such a "drilling empty" phenomenon.At the same time, the prosecutor reminded that the child is exchanged for their own freedom. Such a "little cleverness" will eventually be the child’s suffering, and it will even become a social problem. Do not let the child become an innocent "tool person".(The characters involved in the article are all pseudonyms)

Source: Yangtze Evening News

Correspondent Wang Qingxuan Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Zhang Lingfei

Source: Heilongjiang Radio and TV Station

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