In July, my mother found "hydrocephalus"?How to regulate success in 2 months!

Fay girl is two years old today, lively and cute.

In the past two years, she has really "taught" many of us adults.

how to say?

Today, two years ago, I was facing the biggest test in my life, because during the delivery of for more than 7 months of pregnancy, I found that Faymei was "hydrocephalus".

At that time, I heard the term "hydronewater" for the first time. Of course, it was very strange. The medical examination physician was reluctant to say more. We already had a premonition. A few days, we hurried to find the fetus to treat authoritative physicians.

I have been diagnosed with the accumulation of the fetus, and learned that my sister’s stomach is very strong. It is very urgent. The doctor hopes that I will come back to do shellacal puncture the next day to determine that my sister is not Tang’s, and then think about it.

I heard it here.

I have been pregnant for more than 7 months, is it going to remove it?

Even while mothers do amniotic stabs, my sister has to puncture ascites at the same time and bears huge risks. However, when listening to the meaning of the physician, the situation at that time was not to deal with it, and I could only agree.

My heart is full of huge uneasiness, and I want to have no problem.

I hope that miracles will appear.

The long needle, shuttled back and forth in my stomach, although it was very uncomfortable, but I kept telling myself that I wanted to be brave, and shouted with my sister in my stomach, and wanted to cheer with her!During the process, my sister had been "flashing needles" and moved around. It was very thrilling. After 5 minutes of tossing, the physician finally passed the long needle through the sister’s belly, pulled out the first tube of hydrocephalus, and it was full.Two tubes.

Thanks, the first level is completed.But why is it "hydrocephalus"?Doctors explained several possible causes. The most common of which is the most slightly intestinal rupture (fetal peritonitis), because the intestines have a hole in the intestine to cause stomach water., Take out the broken intestines.However, it may also be a more serious problem.

Later, the doctor did an ultrasonic examination back and forth. Seeing that the heart was roughly normal, there was no stagnant water in the chest cavity, and there were not too much amniotic fluid.With his professional judgment, it should be the first most common: intestinal rupture.

Looking at the report the next day, Donaldia’s screening is normal, but there is another bad news -the number of lymph balls is much more than the normal value, suspecting that the problem of the lymph system causes ascites.The doctor said that if the ascites caused by the lymphatic system, it may not be a problem of the intestine, maybe not even the knife is opened.

With uneasy mood, change the dietary habits according to the doctor’s instructions, adjust it to light, and read the scriptures every day to stabilize the mind, and constantly refuel the sister, hoping that the situation will be improved.

Finally, let’s support the days when we agreed with the doctor to agreed with the doctor in the 37th week. Before the birth of the ultrasound, the hydraulic hydrocephalus was reduced, which is really "miracle", but I know that I need more miracles.

At the moment Fay Sister was born, her face was swollen, and she was sent to the intensive care unit as soon as she was born. Sometimes the nose was inserted into the respiratory device, and the mouth must have a root canal to get out of the stomach to pull out the drinking milk to digest for digestion to digest for digestion to digest for digestion.According to analysis, the whole body is covered with pipelines, with a bit of hand and feet.Seeing her little baby suffering from these sufferings, she was really mixed and mixed, and she was worried and scared, distressed and pity.

Until the sixth day of birth, she was still in the insulation box, but the tube was finally pulled out.

At this point, I really thanked God Cang. A few months ago, this was the best result we dared not think.

Finally, after half a month after being hospitalized, Fay was discharged from the hospital for healthy and healthy because she could not find any reasons for the hydrocephalus.

Now, thank you, thank you for giving us a series of miracles. Fay sister grows safely and healthy.

Looking at her two -year -old, I only have one feeling–

Life is to work hard for "miracles".

Although the miracle does not seem to happen from the beginning, we cannot stop us from continuing to work hard.And when we continue to work hard, we have some strange sense of grasp, miracles, will definitely happen.

What else is except the above points of the reasons for the accumulation of abdominal water?

There are many reasons for the accumulation of the fetal abdomen. The main two aspects are that there are mothers and child blood types in immune, and the other is non -immune. There are mainly chromosomal abnormalities, intrauterine infections, abnormal structure of fetal organs, anemia, etc.Some twin blood transfusion syndrome, hyperactivity of pregnant women, hereditary diseases, etc.Diagnostic expert accounts to provincial or municipal hospitals.The prognosis is difficult to say, it is related to many factors.

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