In addition to eating dog food, Bidi bears can eat these 6 kinds of food, which can also be beautiful and healthy

Bichon is one of the dogs that many people like. In terms of feeding, many owners will worry about what it can eat and what they can’t eat, and worry about it for the wrong thing.Today I will share with you. In addition to eating dog food, eating these 6 kinds of food is also very helpful. It is also healthy to be beautiful and healthy.

Egg yolks are rich in nutrients that are helpful to dog hair skin and healthy food.Two egg yolks to Bie Bear a week will make the hair of the bichon bears look better and provide a lot of nutrients.Eggs cannot be fed too much. The puppies are at most three a week. The pregnant dogs can be one the next day. If you are an elderly dog, do not take too much. You can eat a little bit every day and the amount of each week.

Sanyan fish can also help dogs and hair, and have a certain maintenance effect on joints, which can improve the immunity of dogs.When feeding the bikong salmon, remember to cook it first and then feed. There are many bacteria for raw or deteriorating salmon. Compared with bear’s health will have an impact.Essence

Trial flowers are rich in vitamins and cellulose. They can be fed whether they are raw or cooked, but they are recommended to feed cooked food, fearing that the dog will eat bad belly.The appropriate amount of feeding can be mixed in dog food as a supplementary food. It can provide nutrition such as vitamins and promote the digestion of bikin.

Carrots are very healthy. Whether it is human or dog, it is supplemented with vitamin carotene. It can be clear, beautiful, and can strengthen the dog’s gastrointestinal motility.Faying carrots for Bie Bear can also be added as a supplementary food, which can supplement nutrition to the bear, and make the hair of the bear look better.

Apple contains a water -soluble food fiber, which helps the dog’s gastrointestinal motility, can help digestion, and reduce diarrhea.When feeding apples to a bear, remove the seeds, because apple seeds contain cyanide, and if they eat too much than bear, it will cause poisoning.

Sheep milk also has a beautiful and hair effect. It is very close to breast milk. It can provide dogs with nutrients of growth and development, allowing dogs to grow and develop better.Both puppies or dogs or elderly dogs can be drunk, and nutrition will be better.It is a very healthy choice to give bipedon aes with a sheep milk. You can also choose goat cheese and other snacks, which also has a beautiful hair.Improve immunity, promote hair development ¥ 63 Buy

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