In 2021, the woman was pregnant and did not know who the child’s father was.

"We have all been divorced for 3 years. Now you say that the child in the stomach is mine? Zhang Shu, do you think an honest person like me is stupid and bully …"

In 2021, Mr. Yang of Yueyang City spread a ridiculous thing.

The ex -wife who did not contact the divorce for three years, one day suddenly looked up at the door with a big belly, but the child in his stomach was his own, so he was responsible for his mother and son.

Mr. Yang laughed at his anger. After three years of divorce, he could still put the children in his stomach on his head. Isn’t this a bullying honest person?

Mr. Yang is naturally unwilling to be this unjust, but who knows that his ex -wife even determined that the child was him.

She said, "The child is my back with you as a test tube baby!"

Zhang Shu

Is my ex -wife real?

If the child is not Mr. Yang, where is the child’s biological father, and why does the ex -wife do not find the child’s biological father to be responsible, but he depends on Mr. Yang?

"Please help me, I really can’t help me."

In 2021, Yueyang City, Hunan Province, a reporter from the TV station suddenly received a poor help application.

Zhang Shu, a 46 -year -old pregnant woman, had a big belly who was in the pimple for more than ten days, and told her tragic story with tears.

She told reporters that she and her husband were loving couples who have been married for more than 20 years, but they left because of a little impulse 3 years ago.

However, after the divorce, the couple lived together as before.It wasn’t until last year that the two had a conflict again, and they moved out of the house in anger and rented a hut to live independently outside.

But what made her unexpectedly, she found that she was pregnant before she moved out!

It is undoubtedly very dangerous to have children with a 46 -year -old pregnancy.But Zhang Shu felt that the child could come to his belly, and it was the fate given by God.

She couldn’t bear to give up a lively little life like this, so she made up her mind: even if she fights this life, she has to give birth to the child!

However, she fights for children who are in danger and health. The ex -husband did not welcome him at all, and even didn’t want to be responsible at all.

Zhang Shu cried sadly and said, "I really can’t help it. The child is born in ten days, but his father is unwilling to recognize him, and he doesn’t want to be responsible for our mother and son. I can only ask for it.You can help me. "

Listening to Zhang Shu’s crying, the reporters were very angry. Everyone felt that Zhang Shu’s ex -husband was really not a man. How could he treat his wife and children in this way.

They made up their minds and waited for Zhang Shu’s ex -husband, Mr. Yang, must do a good job of thinking!

Then, under the leadership of Zhang Shu, the reporters came to Mr. Yang’s house.

What the reporters did not expect was that Zhang Shu still had the keys from the ex -husband’s family in Zhang Shu’s hands.

From the door to entering the house, Zhang Shu seemed to be so familiar with the car, as if he had been living here, and never left.

Seeing this scene, the reporters were even more certain: Zhang Shuhe’s ex -husband should indeed divorce and did not leave home.

Zhang Shu opened the door and took a reporter to Mr. Yang’s house

Sitting on the sofa at home, Zhang Shu took out his mobile phone and called Mr. Yang, who was working at work,: "You hurry up and take leave to come back. I’m now at home.

When Mr. Yang heard this, he thought Zhang Shu had something to do. He asked nervously: "Is the stomach uncomfortable, do you want to go to the hospital right away?"

"It’s okay, come back quickly."

At first glance, Mr. Yang was so concerned about Zhang Shu’s mother and son. The reporters felt very surprised, and had more hope for this mediation.

Without much conference, Mr. Yang, who asked for leave, rushed back home.

When he saw a reporter and the camera, he couldn’t help but stunned.Didn’t your ex -wife say that if you have something to discuss with himself, what are these reporters and cameras?

Mr. Yang

When he saw Mr. Yang’s appearance, Zhang Shu, who was undergoing a lot of pressure, finally couldn’t help crying.She charged Mr. Yang’s ruthlessness in tears, and Chu Chu pityed Mr. Yang to take the responsibility of a father.

After listening to it for a long time, Mr. Yang finally understood that his ex -wife was looking for a father for the child in his stomach. He almost didn’t laugh at the anger at the time.

"Zhang Shu, the two of us have divorced for 3 years, and you have not been in contact for more than a year before pregnancy. Now you bring a reporter to say that the child in your belly is mine, forcing me to be responsible for your mother and son, are you?Do you think a honest person like me is stupid and bully? "

Zhang Shu’s expression was stiff, crying and retorted: "Yes, we have been divorced for 3 years for 3 years, but the child is indeed yours.Lai account, the child is yours! "

Zhang Shu

Mr. Yang was speechless, Zhang Shu still cheated himself as a fool.There is no marriage certificate, and the other does not have his own consent. How could the hospital be a test tube baby in the hospital?

Mr. Yang just blame himself too softly. At the end of last year, Zhang Shu came to find himself with a big belly. He did not mention his child’s father’s affairs. He only said that he couldn’t go through and let him help.

Because he couldn’t bear to sleep on the streets, Mr. Yang let Zhang Shu lived at home.But he didn’t expect that the kindness was not good. Zhang Shu was waiting for himself here!

Originally, he was trying to discuss a fair reporter for Zhang Shu. At this time, he also found something wrong with things.The more they felt, the more they felt wrong.

Mr. Yang and reporters asked Zhang Shu after she did a test tube baby and which hospital did she do it.

Zhang Shuzhi, I couldn’t answer it at all.

This time, the reporter confirmed completely that Zhang Shu, who was crying and crying miserable, was simply a lied lying!The grievances and injustice she previously talked about was all fake!

Since Mr. Yang is just regarded as a "pick -up man" and not the child’s biological father, who is the child’s biological father?

Who has such a great charm that can make Zhang Shuyi 46 years old unmarried without hesitation, and conceal him with his heart?

In response to these questions, Zhang Shu just cried and refused to answer, and Mr. Yang gave his guess.

He said: "Maybe it is not the child’s biological father’s charm, but that Zhang Shu wants a healthy child."

The reason why Mr. Yang has so speculated is based on his unspeakable painful past.

At the beginning, Mr. Yang and Zhang Shu were also a loving couple. Although they were not rich and expensive, they could be considered bland and happy.

Not long after getting married, the two gave birth to a lively and lovely son. The family and the United States were full of hope for the future.

However, all this happiness stopped abruptly when his son was 15 years old.

At noon one day that year, the son said that he was uncomfortable after returning home from school. He wanted to take a leave at home in the afternoon. Mr. Yang distressed his son and agreed.

But Zhang Shu felt that his son was not a big deal at all, but he was just lazy pretending to be sick.As soon as Mr. Yang left at work, she rebuked her son who should not pretend to be sick and let him go to school immediately.

At the time of youth rebellion, the child was so doubtful by his mother, and he was deeply injured by self -esteem. He rushed out of the house without saying a schoolbag.

Zhang Shu thought that his son was going to school and didn’t care.It wasn’t until the night after school that the son was still not back, and she realized that something was wrong.

After calling with the teacher, she knew that her son did not go to school at all, but did not know where to run.

Zhang Shu quickly called Mr. Yang and asked him to go home immediately to find his son.At that time, Zhang Shu thought that when he found his son, he had to teach him a good meal.

Unfortunately, when the husband and wife were scared to find their son, the jumping teenager had been taken to the hospital for rescue because of accidentally falling off the viaduct.

This time, the son’s lumbar nerve was damaged, and the body left a lot of serious sequelae, and even there was no way to take care of himself.

Such a major change defeated the little boy, he became sensitive, inferior, and depressed, and even thought of suicide.

Mr. Yang accompanied his son every day, encouraged him over and over again, comforted him, and told him: "Even if you lose everything, you will never lose your father."

As a father, Mr. Yang took care of his son and warm his son every day, but Zhang Shu, as his mother, had different ideas.

Zhang Shu

She thinks that her son is like this now, and he will definitely not be able to keep herself in the future.She discussed with Mr. Yang that she wanted to regenerate a healthy child and plan for the future of the two.

Mr. Yang naturally disagreed. He knew that if he and his wife really had a second child, it would inevitably ignore his son, and he would definitely make his son mistakenly think that he was completely abandoned by his parents and caused serious harm to his heart.

Therefore, no matter what Zhang Shu said, Mr. Yang just did not agree with the second child.

It was precisely because of serious differences in the second child that Mr. Yang and Zhang Shu finally reached the point of divorce.

At first, in order to take care of his son’s emotions, the two did not tell him about divorce. Zhang Shu has always lived at home as before.

Later, Zhang Shu repeatedly mentioned the incident of having a second child. Seeing that Mr. Yang was really unwilling, she moved out of the house in anger and planned to find another object.Give yourself an old age.

Zhang Shu’s ruthlessly hurt his son’s heart. Since then, he never shouted Zhang Shu’s "Mom" again.And Zhang Shu, thinking about regenerating a healthy baby, didn’t care about it.

Now, Zhang Shu finally got her baby with her baby, but her child’s biological father, she was killed and unwilling to say.

After that, Zhang Shu had been waiting at Mr. Yang’s house, and successfully gave birth to a 8 -pound baby boy in the hospital a few days later.

With this healthy child, Zhang Shu feels that he is more practical.And Mr. Yang holding this child who has nothing to do with himself is mixed in his heart.

Because Zhang Shu was unwilling to say the child’s biological father, he depended on his home.Mr. Yang couldn’t watch the mother and son in the way. He could only stay outside the delivery room, stayed in front of the bed, and took care of Zhang Shu’s mother and son.

Even Zhang Shu’s cost of hospitalization was paid by Mr. Yang.

Mr. Yang was originally unwilling to be this unjust, but he called Zhang Shu’s parents, that is, his former father -in -law and mother -in -law, but they were not busy with Zhang Shu, who was unwilling to help Zhang Shu.

Former father -in -law even said that since Mr. Yang took over, he should be responsible for him.

Mr. Yang took care of Zhang Shu in the hospital

Until a few days after giving birth, Zhang Shucai talked about the child’s biological father under the questioning of the reporter.

She said that the child’s biological father is the driver of a freight company, surnamed Tan.

She said that after her divorce, Mr. Tan had been pursuing herself. Once he was drunk, he accidentally had a relationship. The child was pregnant that night.

Mr. Tan was already promised well, and he would definitely marry her to marry her.But he did not expect that when he learned that he was pregnant, he turned his face and ran away.

How many reporters have found the boss of Mr. Tan’s company. The boss told reporters that Mr. Tan left the office half a year ago, but he mentioned that Zhang Shu’s private life was so chaotic, and he was not sure that the children in his belly wereWho is it, he is unwilling to be this injustice.

Zhang Shu

This surprised the reporter, and Zhang Shu, who looked ugly, then said amazing remarks: "The child looks so similar to him, it must be him!"

It turned out that because the private life was too chaotic, even Zhang Shu was not sure who the child was.It wasn’t until the child was born, the more like Mr. Tan, she was determined.

Later, after the parent -child identification, it was proved that the child was indeed Mr. Tan.

After the child’s biological father was determined, Zhang Shu let go of his ex -husband, and did not bother him anymore, but turned to find Mr. Tan, and asked him to take responsibility for his mother and son.

Later, with the help of the reporter, Zhang Shu found Mr. Tan, but after the consultation, he was only willing to give the mother and son a thousand dollars a thousand dollars a month, and he was unwilling to marry Zhang Shu.

Such a result made Zhang Shu very dissatisfied. She couldn’t even raise her herself. How could she raise this child alone?

Zhang Shu regretted that she even said irresponsible to send the child to the welfare home. With the hard persuasion of the crowd, she reluctantly dispelled the idea.

Zhang Shu

Children cannot choose their parents, and their parents cannot choose their children.

Parents have been given the fate of God, but Zhang Shu did not cherish this fate.

When the eldest son was most desperate and needed to help, she did not fulfill her mother’s duty and relentlessly abandoned her son.

When planning a second child, she was not ready to be responsible for the child. Not only did she not be married before she was unmarried and failed to give her children a healthy and healthy family, but she even used her kind ex -husband as the unjust.

An adult does so, which is too selfish and irresponsible.

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