In 2021, the second marriage girl wanted 300,000 colorful gifts, and she stepped on two boats. Boyfriend asked her not to break up

Girlfriend steps on two boats

Ms. Zhou, who was in Putian, Fujian in 2021, hopes to break up with her boyfriend Mr. Yang.

She can’t stand this boyfriend.

Because her boyfriend looked too tightly, she had no space for freedom.

She couldn’t live such a life, so tired.

Therefore, if the boyfriend continues to be entangled like this, he does not know how to repent.

She will definitely break up with her boyfriend to end this relationship.

And the reason for her to mediate the program group this time is to break up with her boyfriend Mr. Yang.

However, it is not so easy to break up this relationship if you really want to break up.

Because Mr. Yang refused to let go.

He loves this woman so much.

For this woman, he can die.

Mr. Yang also said that for Ms. Zhou, he divorced his ex -wife.

When they met in 2017, they had marriage and family.

It’s just that after two people stole their affection, they had deep feelings. Ms. Zhou divorced first,

He divorced later.

Why can’t the two of them love each other now?

Now Ms. Zhou has to break up.

Mr. Yang said that Ms. Zhou was caused by concealment.

He was deeply affectionate to Ms. Zhou, could not help but control himself in the depths, and did not conceal Ms. Zhou.

But what Ms. Zhou concealed him could not accept him.

What is it?

Ms. Zhou said that it was not a big deal, but I always contacted my classmates.

We often meet.

As long as we met and he knew, he suspected that there was something to do with the male classmates and betrayed his feelings.

We will always make a big noise because of this.

In fact, she said that she and her classmates were ordinary relationships, not male and female friends.

However, Mr. Yang didn’t say that.

Because he knew the contact information of Ms. Zhou and her classmates, Ms. Zhou’s name for her classmates was "rabbit".

He added "Rabbit" and contacted "Rabbit" privately,

The two also met.

He told Ms. Zhou’s classmates who were with Ms. Zhou, and he listened to Ms. Zhou’s classmates.

He could feel Ms. Zhou’s classmates very hostile to him.

Later, she also sent a text message to Ms. Zhou, asking her why she had to step on two boats?

This information was kept by Mr. Yang, which was sent by Ms. Zhou’s classmates.

Moreover, Mr. Yang also said that he could testify that he could not lie.

Isn’t this the problem yet?

He felt that Ms. Zhou had betrayed their feelings and had an improper relationship with her classmates (rabbits).

With a child abortion

Ms. Zhou does not admit that she has an improper relationship with the "rabbit", and does not want her boyfriend Mr. Yang to interfere with her.

It was because Mr. Yang had suspicion of her and was uneasy about her.

As a result, she would break up for Mr. Yang.

She really has no private space, and she said,

She was wrong with Mr. Yang at first.

Because at that time, their extramarital affairs were discovered by Mr. Yang’s wife.

Mr. Yang’s wife scolded her primary three and hit her.

She believes that Mr. Yang’s wife, the reason why she can find her residence is the information provided by Mr. Yang.

This man is too unreliable.

She said she should not be with Mr. Yang at that time.

But she was still fascinated, divorced by Mr. Yang and her ex -husband.

Mr. Yang said that at that time, Ms. Yang said, it was Children’s Day of Children’s Day. Mr. Yang took her daughter of her house and Ms. Zhou took her son’s son.

They went out to play together and dinner.

When the child returned home, he said that Dad and an aunt. They walked closely and had a close relationship.

It was because the child had a lot of mouth, which caused Mr. Yang’s wife to suspect that there was a woman outside Mr. Yang.

Then, Mr. Yang’s wife followed Mr. Yang secretly.

In this way, she came to Ms. Zhou’s house, scolding Ms. Zhou as a primary three, and also hit Ms. Zhou.

At that time, Mr. Yang was awkward at the scene. Who should he help the two women?

One is a mistress and the other is his wife.

When he saw his wife hit Ms. Zhou, he grabbed his wife’s hand and said that beating was wrong.

On that day, both women complained of him and said he was biased towards each other.

He felt that he was the most aggrieved, and he was not a person inside and outside.

It was also this incident, and Mr. Yang had to make a choice.

Who should he choose for two women?

He decided to choose Ms. Zhou, because he loved Ms. Zhou more, and he could die for Ms. Zhou.

He divorced his wife.

After the divorce, he came to Ms. Zhou, and the two lived together.

They have lived together for four years.

Now because Ms. Yang stepped on two boats, the relationship between the two was wrong.

Well, they love each other so to divorce each other.

Why did they get married in the four years of living together?

Speaking of this, Ms. Zhou was angry.

She said that there was a good opportunity that they could get married.

She was pregnant, and she hoped that Mr. Yang could propose to her while having a child.

In this way, two people are husband and wife, and they can be legal together.

Unexpectedly, the child was aborted.

What happened?

Mr. Yang can’t get 300,000 colorful gifts

Mr. Yang said that after learning that Ms. Zhou was pregnant, he was very happy.

He wants this child very much.

As for how the child had a miscarriage, why did he not get a marriage at Ms. Zhou’s house.

That was because Ms. Zhou asked him to get 300,000 colorful gifts, and said that if he did not hold it, someone would give her 300,000 to her dad and kissed her family.

However, Mr. Yang had not been divorced long after divorce, and basically belonged to the net out of the house.

He didn’t have so much money at all.

He couldn’t get a gift of 300,000, and he didn’t go to mention.

So Ms. Zhou was very upset.

Once, Mr. Yang asked a friend to dinner and let Ms. Zhou go together.

Ms. Zhou didn’t want to go, and the two of them pulled.

Mr. Yang hugged Ms. Zhou and walked out, so he had to ask her to invite friends to dinner together.

Ms. Zhou thought that Mr. Yang was going to hit her, and she started to Mr. Yang.

As a result, this time, the child had a miscarriage.

Therefore, Mr. Yang said that it was Ms. Zhou herself and miscarriage the children in her belly.

Anyway, the two people got together very unpleasantly.

Mr. Yang also said that he divorced more than 100,000 when he divorced, and he spent more than 100,000 on Ms. Zhou.

Take Ms. Zhou to eat delicious and buy something for Ms. Zhou.

It’s all over anyway.

Now he has no deposit, but also owes 400,000 liabilities.

In Ms. Zhou’s view, the two of them cannot be together.

They have no feelings.

The four years of getting along has made their feelings consume.

Perhaps this is the reason that Ms. Zhou stepped on two boats.

He felt that he had paid too much for Ms. Zhou, so don’t say about money. The feelings he invested in Ms. Zhou is that money cannot be measured.

However, Ms. Zhou was decided because she and Mr. Yang felt tired.

And in order to find her, Mr. Yang also did a lot of excitement, such as publishing her father’s contact information on social media, and publishing the address of her family on social media.

… …

The people in her family had no impression of Mr. Yang.

The mediation person also connected Ms. Zhou’s family. Ms. Zhou’s younger brother said that they all knew the affairs of the sister and Mr. Yang.

Mr. Yang did a lot of things that hurt their family, and he went to the police station several times.

Therefore, they hope that Mr. Yang will not continue to entangle his sister.

None of the people in their family like Mr. Yang, I hope Mr. Yang can let go of his sister.

How to mediate them?

Obviously, through the performance of Ms. Zhou, it can be seen that her intention is decisive, otherwise she will not step on two boats.

Not to hide everywhere.

This shows that she was really scared to Mr. Yang, but fortunately they have not got married.

Therefore, two people still get together.

As for the process of getting along with each other, whoever spends more and who spends less, if both parties care about this problem, they can still negotiate.

So, they continue, there is no need.

In the end, the two people reached an agreement under the mediation of the show group and chose to break up. Although Mr. Yang was unwilling to separate, Ms. Zhou changed her heart, and the twisted melon was not sweet.

So I have to give up this relationship.

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