In 2018, American vegetative girls are pregnant and have children?Black male nurse is hearty and mad sexual assault multiple times

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One day in December 2008, a female nurse was changing clothes for 29 -year -old patient Belinda in the HACIENDA Health Hospital in Arizona.

Belinda has lived in this nursing home for many years, and she is a semi -vegetative with epilepsy.The so -called semi -vegetative can move slightly in hand and feet, but they cannot speak or have no ability.

Suddenly, Belinda twisted his body and started to shake, and his mouth was sobbing.At the same time, the female nurse also noticed that Belinda’s body actually flowed out of a pool of blood …

How is this going?The nurse lifted the quilt to check Belinda’s body, and was immediately scared by the scene he saw!

Belinda is actually giving birth!There is a full -moon baby in her belly, and she is about to give birth …

In the urgent incident, the hospital could not find a lot of immediately find a doctor and nurses to assist, and eventually Belinda gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Seeing the little baby crying, the doctor was stunned again.

Black skin children?Belinda is obviously a white man. How could a black -skinned baby boy?

Of course, at this moment, this is not the most unacceptable thing.The most oriented and incredible doubts are still in front of them: how can a female vegetative who is half -coma for 14 years be pregnant?

Belinda’s parents and family members were extremely angry after learning the news!

This nursing home claims that there is a 24 -hour care service, and no one has found that her daughter is pregnant from beginning to end?What are the nurses doing?

A woman with a big stomach for ten months and still has no ability to have a ability to be lying on the bed by the staff. No one can see the strangeness of Belinda’s body?terrible……

The fact that the vegetative girl suddenly became pregnant and gave birth to a child. This was too weird.

Obviously, Belinda suffered terrible things in the nursing home -raped!

The police immediately investigated that after all the members were inquired, they did not get any valuable clues.No one admits that it is related to the matter, and no one expresses the fact that Belinda is pregnant.

Can no one admit that the original figurine can be found?of course not.

Police have the most critical evidence in their hands, and they can directly lock the evidence of the suspect -baby.

First of all, the police determined that the criminal must be in this nursing home.As long as the DNA of all men in the inspection hospital is compared with babies, the scientific results will soon reveal the answer.

In January 2019, the DNA test results were released, and the truth was shocking.

Sadland, a male nurse, who has been working in the nursing home for six or seven years, is confirmed to be a father in the sense of biology!

Sadland was 36 years old, born in Haiti, adopted to the United States in 1989, and became American citizens in 2011.Beginning in 2012, Sadland worked in this nursing home.

Faced with the charges of police, the male nurse Sadland defaulted his crime.

After all, he also knew that his black skin and DNA betrayed him, and the iron plate was refuted.

According to US law, Sadland needs to pay $ 500,000 to be released. It is undoubtedly a astronomical number for this man.

In November 2019, the court sentenced Sadland to Sadland’s 10 -year imprisonment period for the case (do you feel too light?).

At the same time, a attending doctor of the victim Belinda also made a decision to fine $ 15 million.The doctor has been responsible for Belinda’s medical care for many years. In this matter, he has a serious crime of serious misconduct.

Faced with a private nursing home with a low charging fee, there were medical staff to accompany the medical staff 24 hours a day.How did Sadlan implement his despicable and shameless criminal acts?

In the second half of 2017, the male nurse Sadland was assigned to be responsible for the care of Belinda, a 29 -year -old female vegetative in the hospital.

Sadland is an old employee here. He has 6 years of care experience. Because of his low -key and mild personality, he has won the love of colleagues.

Sadland and girlfriend

After starting to care for Belinda for a while, Sadlan also met with his parents, and his family was very satisfied with his careful care.Everything looks smooth until …

Objectively speaking, Belinda’s encounter is gradually deductible by three reasons.

First of all, since Belinda has become a vegetative for more than ten years, family and relatives and friends came to visit at the beginning, but gradually the interval is getting longer and longer …

Even Belinda’s parents only visited her once in May 2017, and there was no figure in the next few months.Medical expenses are also directly completed by electronic transfers.

Secondly, Sadland has worked in the hospital for many years. In fact, he has long discovered that the management of this nursing home has become increasingly loose, not as good as advertising.

In addition to him, other nurses and doctors inquire about the patient’s condition is extremely low, and sometimes it is less than once in a few months.

Third, it is also the direct cause of this accident.

Although Belinda is a semi -autonomy and is in poor intellectual development, she is also a young woman in her twenties.She has fair skin, brown hair and a pair of bright eyes. This is a beautiful girl,

Although she cannot communicate with others or walk, sometimes she makes some sounds and can move her hands and feet. This is actually very different from the real vegetative …

A young and beautiful white woman, which is a fatal temptation for the male nurse Sadland, who is in the middle of the age!

One night in October 2017, Sadland took care of Belinda alone in the ward alone.

During that time, Sadlan and his girlfriend had a conflict.Perhaps in this case, Belinda’s beautiful face in the light attracted Sadland to get closer …

In the ward, Sadlan’s first sexual assault to female vegetative Belinda was the first time.

In the next period of time, Sadlan was uneasy about the scandal he made, so after more than a week, he did not find it?

The devil factor once again recovered in this man’s body. With the first time, there will be a second and third time …

In a few months, Sadlan actually implemented dozens of sexual assault on Poor Linda.

Belinda is not an unprecedented plant, she has perception, but she is not able to express language.

I can’t imagine how fear and despair when the poor girl suffers from all this!She couldn’t tell others to others, and there was no way to resist. She could only choose to endure it silently …

After the incident was exposed, public opinion was uproar.

The survey found that the service of this nursing home was not as professional as apparent.

If a woman will have at least menstruation, big abdomen, and swelling of the legs, why no medical staff finds Belinda’s body abnormalities.

There were even news that when Belinda was 9 months pregnant, the hospital’s medical records also showed that she had done a health test for her.

Which body is this physical examination?Can’t check that she is pregnant?

Let’s take a look at the hospital’s supervision and arrangements for nursing staff. In fact, there are many inappropriate and loopholes.

Some former employees who have resigned are still breaking the news on the Internet. Several male caregivers in the nursing home like to do some harassment actions in front of female patients, but the hospital ignored it …

Undoubtedly, the hospital’s inaction and irregularities are the fuse of this tragedy.

When Bellyda’s family scolded the hospital’s criminal behavior, they should actually reflect on themselves.

Perhaps, a half -vegetative daughter who has been bed has been bed for more than ten years is no longer the focus of their lives.From every few days to visit to visit every few months, the family’s concern and attention to it is gradually disappearing …

Otherwise, the daughter has a big belly for no reason, why did the parents find it?

In fact, in recent years, such a similar wonderful case has often occurred in the United States.The country that claims to have the world’s most advanced medical system and the most humanized citizen system, how many unknown "secrets" are hidden?

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