In 2009, the rich woman in Africa and the Liaoning guy gave birth to a mixed race. The skin color of the baby makes people sigh that the gene is powerful

In 2006, a Chinese crew got the contact information of a African girl through a clerk. After that, he hesitated for a long time without thinking about the next plan.After hesitating, his call finally called, and the phone rang a few times before being picked up by the girl on the other side. When the sound came from the phone, his complexion was slightly red, someI’m sorry.

A strange feeling that he had never had before made him feel dizzy. The corner of his mouth evoked a smile, and he didn’t even notice it himself.

When you meet someone you like, there is an irresistible power in his body, so that you can’t help but want to smile?

He did not expect at that time that three years later, he would usher in the crystallization of love belonging to the two of them outside the delivery room.

How do they know each other?

This man is called Liu Guihai. His hometown is Liu Wolong Village outside the outskirts of Zhuanghe City, Liaoning. The village is very small. His family is a farmer.

His mother became a sister -in -law because of an accident. He usually walked a little uncomfortable and did not save much money at home.

So Liu Guihai chose to go to the sea as a fishing seafarer after retiring from the army.

In contrast, although the girl Linda, who called him, was born in Kenya, Africa, her father worked in the army, and her mother had a small shopping mall, a wealthy businessman. In short, her family was very good.

How do these two completely different people meet?This must be mentioned a supplier of materials.

In 2006, when Liu Guihai was less than 30 years old, he had become a major deputy on the ship and was responsible for the entire ship. The most critical of which was the dock supply supplies.

Although he was under great pressure, he had a young heart, always doing his best to work.He sailed many times at sea, he was still very excited, always working, watching the scenery while working.

On this day, the boat he worked in the Sea of Kenya for fishing.

There are a lot of fishing for the entire ship. To this end, they decided to stay here for a while. Before each task set off, they need to prepare for everything.

Therefore, Liu Guihai often led the sailors to buy enough water and food in a supermarket. After a period of time, the clerk of the supermarket was very familiar with him.

Since engaging in this job, he has been able to communicate with foreign sailors or locals without obstacles. No one knows how much effort he has made for this.

Once, Liu Guihai went shopping in the mall and found that the clerk and a beautiful girl were communicating. The girl smiled at him. This smile made Liu Guihai feel excited, but he didn’t realize it at the time.

He learned that the girl was called Linda, 12 years younger than him.

After the clerk introduced the identity of the two, Liu Guihai had a good impression of the African girl, because Linda did not treat himself as a stranger, and he was very gentle with Liu Guihai.

The two talked a few words in fluent English, and naturally talked about it. One or two went, and the two felt that the other party had a good character.

Then they talked about many things, and they were very close to each other, and the two of them soon became friends.

When they first met, Liu Guihai regarded Linda as a good friend. Although the national culture of the two was very different, the two got along well. Every time they met, they would say hello.

After again and again, there are more and more understanding between the two, and the relationship is more intimate.

On one occasion, Liu Guihai’s fishing operation temporarily came to an end. There was a period of rest that could be freely arranged. He chose to return to China from Kenya.

The journey was far away. Liu Guihai who returned to China and Linda temporarily lost contact. It was also a long time without meeting, making Liu Guihai miss Linda more and more.

It was also at that time that Liu Guihai found that he had some special feelings for Linda. He realized that he might like Linda.

Every night, Linda’s smile and voice seemed to appear in front of him. He also understood his feelings for Linda. He looked forward to ending the holiday as soon as possible so that he could see Linda as soon as possible.

Liu Guihai, who returned to Kenya, met Linda after her work, tasted food with her, watched the local scenery, or chatted.

He hurry up and make time with Linda every minute and every second, but at this time Linda needs to study while working, and he is busy.

So he invited Linda on the phone, hoping that Linda could be a guide for him. After the two turned around nearby, they did not get Linda’s consent.

After being rejected by Linda, he felt red on his face, and wanted to hang up the phone immediately.

When he was about to hang up, he felt a little unwilling. After all, he didn’t know when he met next time. During this time, he hoped to have more opportunities to get along with Linda.

So he continued to persuade that Linda finally agreed after the balance.

After a year, the two got along very well. When they didn’t have time, they called and talked about the interesting things they encountered.

In a long time, Liu Guihai’s likes to Linda is even more strong. He hopes that he can confess to Linda and tell her that he wants to be Linda’s boyfriend’s thoughts.

Linda is also very happy, but before determining the relationship, Liu Guihai needs to be recognized by Linda’s mother.

Liu Guihai valued his parents this time. After careful consideration, he purchased some things that were more in line with Linda’s mother’s age, instead of buying expensive gifts because the Linda family was rich.

Liu Guihai’s mind was seen by Linda’s parents and was moved by his intimateness. They imagined that such men could take care of their daughters and agreed to the relationship between the two.

When leaving, Linda’s mother also warned him to take good care of his daughter.

The little couple lived sweetly for more than a year, and the questions were in front of them: when did they get married?Where to get married?Where do I live after marriage?

After consideration, Linda decided to follow her husband to go to a more prosperous Chinese life than Kenya.

But at this time, Liu Guihai hadn’t told Linda’s family situation -his hometown was not prosperous, and even his family conditions were not as good as Linda’s family.

After finishing speaking, Liu Guihai originally thought that Linda would reject him, but the girl said very clearly that she didn’t care about Liu Guihai’s origin. She was happy to face future challenges with Liu Guihai.

And due to family conditions, the girl did not give Liu Guihai a gift.

Hearing Linda’s answer, Liu Guihai dialed the mobile phone abroad with excitement, ready to tell them the matter of himself and Linda, and looking forward to getting his parents’ blessings.

But it was unexpected that Liu Guihai’s mother resolutely opposed the marriage of the two. She could not accept her child to marry a foreign woman.

On the one hand, because she stubbornly believes that such behavior will definitely be discussed by people in the village, she is unwilling to be said later.

And the girl’s family conditions are so good, how can she look at a poor boy?

Many of the villagers who knew this matter, relatives and friends were whispering, rumors, some people even looked at Liu Guihai with doubtful eyes, guessing that he was deceived.

And there is a huge language barrier between Mother Liu and her daughter -in -law: she is worried that the communication between the family is very difficult, plus her physical problem;

Over time, because of too little communication or misunderstanding, it is inevitable that there will be some conflicts, and your daughter -in -law will feel that he is cumbersome.

But how could Liu Guihai, who was in a sweet period, agreed with his mother. He identified the girl who had a love at first sight and always wanted to marry home to be a wife.

Because of this, he and his father and mother had the biggest contradiction in history. Liu Guihai, who was emotional to the critical point, threatened that if his parents did not agree, he stayed in Kenya.

The mother over there was almost dead, and she was ruthless, and she would not go back without going back.

Seeing that things developed like this, Linda was uncomfortable. She thoughtfully persuaded the boyfriend around her not to be angry with her parents.

After discussing the two, Liu Guihai intends to return to China first, convince them, and let them promise the marriage.

Liu Guihai returned to his hometown and took out photos of Linda on his mobile phone to show his parents and try to persuade his parents.

Seeing that his child was so painful, Liu’s attitude was a little loose. After thinking about it, he decided to focus on the happiness of his son and agreed to this marriage.

He also helped his son and persuaded his old wife: "The son is not a mess!"

Indeed, the little couple’s life is for themselves. No matter how opposed they are, they are useless. Instead, they will cause cracks between mother and child.

Although Mother Liu was still sullen, she couldn’t help the wishes of her husband and son and acknowledged a black daughter -in -law.

Liu Guihai exposed the first sincere smile from home from the lungs. When he smiled, he quickly contacted his fiancee.

After receiving the news, Linda originally intends to arrive in China by flight within a month, but was delayed by a passport procedure.

After finally persuading his parents, his fiancee did not come to China at the agreed time. Liu Guihai was very anxious.

A bunch of messy things, coupled with various rumors outside, boring Liu Guihai and Linda several quarrels. At the worst, they did not want to get married.

Fortunately at this time Linda finally overcome difficulties and arrived in the Zhuanghe River in Liaoning.

She stood at the door of Liu Guihai’s house, and she was a little nervous, fearing that Liu Guihai’s parents did not like her.

As soon as I entered the house, Linda gave Liu Guihai’s Liu Father’s kneeling gift. This action was startled.

As soon as Linda stood up, he hugged Liu Mu.

Although there were many dissatisfaction before, Liu Guihai’s parents could feel the sincerity and enthusiasm of this foreign daughter -in -law, and the relationship between the family was very harmonious.

Liu Guihai and his favorite African girl Linda finally overcome many difficulties, across Wanshui and Mountain, and held a grand wedding ceremony in Liaoning, Liu Guihai’s hometown.

On November 17, 2008, on November 17, 2008, Liu Guihai’s house was curious to watch this foreign woman curiously. After all, he rarely met foreigners, let alone a couple with a foreigner.

Some of the children who come and go are familiar, and some will touch Linda with their fingers, and their eyes are curious and unbelievable.

In a cheers, the wedding finally ended smoothly.

After getting married, Linda was very filial. Treating her in -laws like her biological parents and received unanimous praise from her in -laws.

Linda’s hometown Kenya’s climate is very different from her in -laws. He never experienced such a cold winter in warm tropical areas.

Although I am not used to such a severe cold, Linda is still diligent. She follows her in -laws’ rhythm and gets up early in the field every day and helps to deal with the big and small things at home;

After dinner at night, I will help my father -in -law and mother -in -law to wash their feet.The move was surprised to Liu Da Liu Ma, and they immediately shook their heads to express their rejection.

Linda uses the essential oil brought by Kenya to apply her feet to her mother to deal with the calluses left by her feet because of her feet.

However, under the resolute request of daughter -in -law, the two could only enjoy this care with peace of mind.After careful care from her daughter -in -law, her feet have now fully recovered, tender and smooth.

Linda’s good is also praised by the brothers and sisters of Liu Guihai, especially a sister of Liu Guihai, and Linda is not good.

Comparing his heart, Liu Da Liu Ma knew that his daughter -in -law missed his hometown very much. Because the epidemic could not return to China to visit, Liu Ma learned from the Internet for many African cuisine for daughter -in -law.

Under each other, they get along well.

In 2009, Linda found that she was pregnant for several months. She was very popular with the Liu family. This is even more concerned about the whole family. The Liu family regards her as a pearl on the palm.

Although I do n’t say at home, they are worried that the child’s skin will be criticized by others.

After the child was born in the same year, everyone was surprised, because the child’s skin was beautiful wheat color, not as dark as her mother. Compared with her father, someone joked that "the gene is really powerful."

Liu Guihai named her Anqi, and the child’s arrival also made their family more energetic.

But at the same time, there are more and more family expenses. In order to bring a better life to his wife and daughter, Liu Guihai floated on the sea for a long time.

This made Linda very distressed by his husband. In order to alleviate his pressure, Linda decided to start a business after a market research.

In March 2022, she was determined to use her language advantage to open a foreign language training center locally.

However, their business was not good at first. In order to improve the situation, their husband and wife worked hard to advance their teaching level and vigorously carried out publicity work.

After a period of time, the number of people recruited by the school a year has gradually increased, and it is getting hotter.

Based on the research institute, the two decided that the school was based on training students as the main content -Liu Guihai and Linda could know each other and love each other, which cannot be separated from the fluent English spoken English.

Linda’s teaching method is very creative. He has won the support of many students and parents, and slowly has a certain reputation.

Now their language school has become a very popular training center, and many locals will let their children come here to learn speaking.

Now Liu Guihai and Linda have already built a new house with their own efforts, and their living conditions are getting better and better.

Love is a kind of belief. People of two different countries have experienced different suffering and affection. They finally know each other and learn to use love to tolerate and face everything.

In the future years, they witnessed each other’s wonderful moments, every detail, will always be printed on the hearts of the two, and will never fade.


Author | Wang Fenfen

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