In 2004, the man in Anhui decided to degenerate and married a high -profile after surgery.

In early 2005, Huang Ningqian, who finished the transsexual surgery, wanted to save money and go home to raise his body.

Knowing that his son was back, Huang Ningqian’s parents were killing chickens and ducks.

At the moment when I saw my son, I was dumbfounded, and I almost didn’t pump up in one breath. The son who hadn’t seen each other for a few years turned his hair with long hair and thick makeup, and twisted into the house in a small skirt.

The father didn’t recognize it, and asked, "Girl, who are you looking for?"

"Dad, I’m Lingling!"

The father was suddenly like the acupuncture point, stiff at the door of the house, and returned to God for a long time. The girl was originally her son.In an amazing question

"Child … Zi, you … what’s wrong with this? Why is this that, your daughter -in -law? Is it stimulated by fighting with her?"

"Dad, I’m okay, tell you something, don’t worry, I … I have done a transsexual surgery, my daughter -in -law has left, now …. I … is a single woman!"

The father was shocked first, and then blood rushed to his head!Qi is like mountain flush!Topy!

Picked up the broom stick, then stunned Huang Ningqian and scolded:

"You evil, a good man is improper, you have to be a woman, you quickly go back to me, otherwise, you are not my son."

After finally becoming a woman, of course, Huang Ningqian couldn’t change it again. The family did not accept herself, and she could only leave her hometown again.

So why did Huang Ningqian variants?After leaving home, did she find happiness?What is it now?

Huang Ningqian, a peasant family born in Anhui in 1975, was originally called Huang Ensing.

Rural people, having a son is a great event. On the day of birth, his father was very happy. Although he was poor, he was still happy to buy a big red firecracker.

My father vowed secretly that he made good money. In the future, he was for his son to go to college, became a big official, and gave himself a fat grandson, Guangzong Yaozu.

But I did n’t think about it. The longer Huang Ningqian, the more the boys, the other little boys, went to the house to expose the tiles, mischievous, and everything.

However, Huang Ningqian is like a female doll, either nesting at home, or living with the little girl in the village, jumping rope and kicking the dumplings.

After a long time, people in the village began to make a joke: "How do Lao Huang’s son like a girl?

Parents are busy all day long, and they hear others say that, although they are angry, they have no time to observe their children’s strangeness.Thinking that the child is young, just wait for it.

Gradually, Huang Ningqian went to middle school. At this time, he found that he liked others to call himself a little girl. What is even more strange is that he will blush when he sees a handsome boy, and to the girl, just like his brother.Feel.

It was also since then that he began to hate the body of his male, and he was eager to be a girl in his subconsciousness.

But boys want to be a girl, it is difficult to open up.Outside, he had to wear boys’ clothes and keep the boy’s hairstyle.

But when he returned home, he would steal his mother’s skirt, high -heeled shoes, standing in front of the mirror, holding a skirt and turning around.

Once, I was hit by my mother, and my mother was very angry and said:

"What are you doing, a big guy wears a woman’s clothes, what if you let others know, you must not make people laugh, and hurry to take it off!"

Huang Ningqian was very aggrieved and distressed. I asked myself many times. I was obviously a boy. Why did I like the girl’s things? What did I do?

Time is like a running train. In 1998, Huang Ningqian, 23, worked in a factory.

At this time, everyone still has no knowledge and concept about the transsexuals, so Huang Ningqian did not dare to expose her like to be a girl’s habit.

Huang Ningqian has a thick eyebrow, with a talent.

Many enthusiastic colleagues introduced him to the girl.But Huang Ningqian rejected the girl. Deep in his heart, he liked boys.

Seeing that his son is not active, Huang Ningqian’s parents are anxious. Well, you do n’t find it, let ’s tell you Zhang Luo.

So they introduced them everywhere, and finally met a girl, but Huang Ningqian avoided it.

The mother cried and made a noisy: "You want to hit the bachelor for a lifetime, you don’t want such a good girl. If you don’t find an object, don’t call my mother in the future!"

With the intimidation of her parents, Huang Qian could only marry the girl in violation of her heart.

After marriage, Huang Ningqian not only disgusted her husband and wife, but also treated her coldly and coldly. He also persuaded himself to try to get along, but as long as he got in touch with her, Huang Ningqian felt disgusting.

The marriage life of those years was a nightmare for him. He wanted to end it all the time.

His wife’s behavior of Huang Ningqian’s mother is also difficult to accept =. The most unbearable is that he often puts on makeup, wear women’s clothing, and go out every time he goes out.All kinds of things made her feel unable to lift her head.

After that, the relationship between husband and wife became more and more nervous. In order to escape the contradictions, the two ran to work in different cities and maintained the relationship between husband and wife.

The parents always thought that their son -in -law was working in one place, so they knew nothing about the real situation of their marriage.

During the period, Huang Ningqian did not want to delay his wife. He told his parents the idea of divorce, but his parents resolutely opposed it. They felt that the daughter -in -law was filial and reasonable. There was no reason to divorce others. Moreover, divorce was not a glorious thing.

Parents did not agree, and Huang Ningqian couldn’t help but hide outside and did not go home for several years.

Occasionally, he saw articles about easy sex in the book. Easy habits were disagreements to his gender, and he could change his predicament through transgender surgery.

For his years of confusion, he found a scientific explanation. Huang Ningqian was very happy. He felt that he should pursue his life, not dying in this unfortunate marriage.

He gathered the courage and said to his wife, "Divorce, I am a woman in my bones, I like men, we are together, just torture each other!"

His wife was exhausted and agreed quickly, but in order not to worry the parents in the family, they decided to hide the facts of divorce.

Huang Ningqian, who resumed single, completely let go of herself, wears women’s clothing, turns heavy makeup, and bubbles. From the perspective of appearance, he is completely a girl.

In 2004, when friends around him saw him a day of flowers, he suggested him:

"You like to be a girl so much, why don’t you do breast augmentation and transsexual surgery. Now technology is so developed, you can be a real woman!"

In a word to wake up the dream, Huang Ningqian found a plastic surgery hospital under the recommendation of a friend.

At that time, degenerative surgery was not as common as it is now. Things are rare and expensive, and the cost of surgery is naturally scary.

Huang Ningqian was just a migrant worker with a monthly salary of 2,000, and the cost of more than 100,000 surgery made him discouraged.

But the idea of being a woman is like a weeds. He inquired everywhere, and the goods were more than three. Finally, there was an institution that was willing to perform transsexual surgery for him for free.

The premise is to be an image spokesperson for the hospital after degeneration.

As long as it can be transsexual, endorsement is not a trivial matter.Huang Ningqian immediately agreed, and the two sides were closed.

On December 31, 2014, Huang Ningqian was promoted to the operating table. After 6 hours, he finally became her.Become a real woman.

At that moment, she shed tears and shouted secretly. I was finally a woman, and finally a woman ………

Although the operation is free, the cost of maintenance also requires a expense, which can save points. Huang Ningqian decided that after discharge, he went home to regulate his body.

Parents who are skin -skinned and do not tell their father and mother, Huang Ningqian always feels ashamed.When I went back this time, I just told them this, hoping to get their understanding and blessings.

Unexpectedly, as soon as I entered the door, there was a scene at the beginning. The old man thought about having a son, waiting for him to grow up and give himself Guangzong ancestor.

As a result, even if you don’t have a long face, the son’s son has turned into a daughter, isn’t this a joke!

After staying at home for a day, my father’s nose was not nose, his eyes were not eyes, and his mouth scolded and grin:

"Shame, shame, look at you, men are not men, women are not women, others do n’t say, I panicked!”

Listening to the broken thoughts, Huang Ningqian was very embarrassed and applied for herself a ID card. After changing her name and gender, she left home again.

She couldn’t get the support of her family. Huang Ningqian, 28, felt lonely. She hoped to find a partner who could understand her to stay in life.

In 2006, she was a high -profile marriage in Hangzhou. The reason why she chose Hangzhou, she felt that people in coastal cities were more tolerant and more acceptable to transgender special groups.

However, as soon as the marriage advertisement came out, the outside world opened a criticism of stormy and stormy. The words "boring", "disgusting" and "hype" made her almost collapse.

She said: "I’m a woman now, but I just want to have a home, and I don’t do anything to hurt me. Why do you scold me like this?"

Just when she was the most helpless, a Mr. Zhu appeared. Mr. Zhu graduated from a famous university.Not only did he not mind the identity of her transsexual, but appreciated her courage.

Huang Ningqian thought that he found it, but after two years of sweetness, Mr. Zhu’s parents strongly opposed their relationship. His mother found her:

"You can’t give birth to a child, you are embarrassed to say that you are a woman!" Hurry up and leave, don’t harm my son here!"

While insulting Huang Ningqian, he found Mr. Zhu and put pressure on the relationship between mother and child. Although Mr. Zhu loved Huang Ningqian very much, he was a filial son. He could only give up this relationship.

Perhaps Mr. Zhu was stimulated, Huang Ningqian searched for the method of conceiving transsexual people’s conception. However, the artificial uterus could not realize her dream in theory or ethical.

Since she couldn’t have children, Huang Ningqian decided to work hard on her face. In 2010, she ran to plastic surgery for plastic surgery, including forehead filling, mandibular fake weight replacement and vaginal reconstruction.

After plastic surgery, Huang Ningqian became more and more like women. To this end, she also learned dance and improved her temperament. She was born with beauty. Under various creations, she became more and more star temperament.

She once said: "Within three years, if you don’t live, I will never go back to my hometown!"

Her efforts have finally returned. With the increase of fame, many companies invite her to commercial performance, and even get the opportunity to advertise.

While hitting the iron, she also participated in the beauty contest. As a result, she won the first prize with the selling point of the transsexual people.

As the value is getting higher and higher, endorsements, commercial performances, models, various opportunities have followed.

Later, Huang Ningqian met Mr. Chen from Hangzhou. Mr. Chen was the owner of a company. He was eight years older than her. The two appreciated each other and had a plan to get married.

Seeing that she found home and was respected by society, Huang Ningqian’s parents gradually let go of their prejudice and accepted the fact that her son’s degeneration was accepted.

She also called for a special call and instructed her marriage to be a child’s play, but she could not be as confused as in the previous paragraph.

Huang Ningqian has always felt sorry for his parents, because of the degeneration, his parents were ridiculed and criticized.

She said that if she is conditioned, she wants to bring her lover and go back to her hometown to perform a literary performance.

Huang Ningqian, who is now the title of "The First Beauty in East China Transseea", rarely appears in front of the public. Maybe she is married and becomes a full -time wife. In any case, I believe she has suffered hard and lived her life.

It ’s for decades to go to the end of life. If there are things that make you happy, as long as you do n’t break the law, why not be a lonely man and bold to pursue it?

What do you think about Huang Ningqian’s degeneration?Welcome to discuss in the comment area!

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