In 14 weeks, the three "strange performances" that pregnant mothers appear when they sleep, which may be fetal treasures for help

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The process of breeding life is great, but only the hardships and difficulties can only be experienced by pregnant women.

Little life sprouts and develops in her mother’s belly. Every move of pregnant women may affect the growth of the baby.In the early pregnancy, the fetus will send a signal of "protection" by stimulating the pregnancy of pregnant mothers to remind expectant mothers to take care of themselves.

So in the middle of pregnancy, what special actions will the smart little guys "remind" the pregnant mother?

Sissi has been pregnant for 14 weeks. She has always been able to sleep well recently. She always wakes up several times at night.

Because it was the first pregnancy, Sissi had no experience in breeding, so she was worried about the baby in the stomach.So she asked her husband to take a leave to go to the hospital.

But Sissi’s mother -in -law felt that this was a daughter -in -law who did a lot:

When I was young, I had to insert seedlings with pregnancy!You will not have any problems with you so young. It ’s normal to sleep, do n’t be so confusing!

But after a few days, Sissi felt that she woke up more frequently at night, and she had no bottom in her heart. She went to the hospital alone while she was at work.

After some inspection, the doctor believed that Qian Qian’s frequent night awake was mainly caused by the lack of nutritional elements.

It turned out that Sissi had always appetite after pregnancy, and she couldn’t eat anything after pregnancy. The dishes made by her mother -in -law were too greasy, so Qian Qian during pregnancy was a little thinner than before pregnancy.It is precisely because of the insufficient daily nutritional intake that this causes Qian Qian’s physical discomfort.

The doctor bluntly, but fortunately Sissi comes early, otherwise it will cause anemia after a long time, and the fetus and pregnant mothers will be dangerous at that time.

Later, the doctor prescribed some nutritious drugs for Sissi, and also warned Sissi to eat well.

● Frequently wake up at night and sleep well

The pregnant woman entered the middle of the pregnancy at 14 weeks of pregnancy. Compared to the first three months, the pregnant woman at 14 weeks will be relatively easy. At this time, the fetal condition is more stable.

However, if pregnant women have frequently wake up at this time, pregnant mothers must pay attention to it, because this is likely to be the discomfort caused by the body’s lack of nutritional elements.In the second trimester, the nutritional demand of the fetus has increased significantly. If the nutritional intake of pregnant women cannot keep up, this may cause slow development and even abortion.

● Night night sweats are serious

During pregnancy, the body’s metabolism of pregnant women should be more metabolized, which makes pregnant women sweat more than ordinary people, and occasionally sleeping night sweats at night.

However, if pregnant women frequently night sweats after 14 weeks of pregnancy, then pregnant mothers need to pay attention, because this is likely to be a relatively weak feature of the body, which shows that the endocrine system in pregnant women is likely to have problems.

If pregnant women do not intervene in time, it is likely to affect the normal development of the fetus.

● Leg cramps during sleep

Pregnant women during pregnancy must bear heavier physical pressure than ordinary people, which makes them occasionally cause leg cramps because of excessive pressure.But if pregnant women are cramping frequently during sleep, then this is likely to be caused by calcium deficiency in pregnant women.

In addition to the occurrence of discomfort such as cramps such as cramps, pregnant women will also affect the skeletal development of the fetus and cause slow development.

For pregnant mothers, in addition to paying attention to the three strange performances of sleeping above, we must also achieve "three guarantees" to get better development opportunities.

One guarantee: ensure sleep time

Studies on the American Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology have shown that if pregnant women have less than 6 hours of sleep daily during pregnancy, then they will increase by 4.5 times that they will take delivery during childbirth.

So pregnant women must ensure sufficient sleep time.In addition, proper nap in the day can also help pregnant women to relieve physical fatigue, which is necessary for pregnant mothers in the workplace.

Second guarantee: Guarantee sleep quality

If the pregnant woman sleeps uncomfortably or dreams frequently, the quality of sleep will be greatly reduced. Occasionally, if they do n’t sleep well, they will not affect the body of the pregnant woman, but if this is the past, it will cause pregnant women to eat.

Especially with the increase in the volume of the fetus, the body burden of pregnant mothers has become more important, and the guarantee of sleep quality is particularly important.

Three guarantees: Guarantee sleeping posture

After 14 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women should adjust appropriately on the sleeping position to prepare for the habit of sleeping posture during pregnancy.Try not to lie on your back and sleep, and the sleeping position with 30 degrees on the side will be more comfortable.

As the fetus grows, pregnant women can adjust the angle appropriately with the support of pillows or pregnant women to reduce physical pressure and avoid compression of the fetus.

Therefore, pregnant women must pay more attention to their special performance during pregnancy. Once they find abnormalities, they must ask the doctor in time. Do not easily ignore the help signal from the baby in the stomach.Essence

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