In 11 years, a vegetative belly in Jiangsu became larger, and after the examination, she found that she was pregnant. She woke up after giving birth to a son.

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A family will be in trouble because of certain accidents, especially those who have plants.They often treat all them to heal, looking forward to a medical miracle, but not all hope can usher in the imagination.

In 11 years, a lady in Jiangsu became a vegetative due to a sudden car accident, but after that, the lady was pregnant. Her suddenly bulging belly gave her husband’s hope for her husband and gave this family a better future.But this is hard to stuff the doctor. I don’t know how to solve this problem. When they were meeting for the meeting for this matter, the woman suddenly woke up.What exactly is going on?

Gaodejin and Zhang Rongxiang met in 2007. Both of them were the people at the bottom. They rely on their labor to get meager income.Self -esteem is still exploring more ways to survive, like two tough plants, so they were attracted by the other party after they met.

Gaodejin has never seen such a caring and understanding woman who is gentle and gentle, so he started a violent pursuit of Zhang Rongxiang. At first Zhang Rongxiang had hesitated. She was worried that she would not have a lot of family members to worry about their families after the combination of Gaodeka.It is also difficult to give children a good future, but she still plans to respect her feelings and conforms to her heart.

The two worked hard after their marriage. Although the income was not much, they had a good calculation and had a sum of money. The two were dependent on each other and had deep feelings.More warmth.Gaodejin especially likes his daughter. He said that his daughter would be as gentle and understanding as Zhang Rongxiang. Zhang Rongxiang just smiled.

Such a peaceful life has been maintained for a long time. Zhang Rongxiang will wipe off sweat for him when Gaodejin works. Gaodejin will also make dinner for her after Zhang Rongxiang’s work.The two people were deeply affectionate, and they should have spent a lifetime in such a steady life.

In 2010, Gao Dejin and Zhang Rongxiang went to the place where the goods were selling on the same time as the two -wheeled vehicle. As a result, due to the mistake of a large truck, they had a car accident. This violent impact caused the two to lose their memory at the time.When they woke up, both of them were in the hospital.

Gaodejin’s injury was not too serious, and his wife Zhang Rongxiang suffered a lot of injuries and once rescued in the ICU.To maintain the cost of the ICU, Gaogejin took out all the savings of the family, and because there was no surveillance on the road, Gaodejin could not find the driver of the accident. This cost can only be carried by itself, which makes people feel more sad.Yes, Gaodejin’s wife Zhang Rongxiang became a vegetative under the judgment of the doctor.

Gaodejin was anxious to cry for such a high cost of treatment. He asked someone to fight a lawsuit. He thought he was indispensable. After all, this was the responsibility of the driver.Such costs.

In order to treat his wife, he has been looking for a lawyer to discuss it, and he has also read many legal provisions in order to allow the driver to be punished accordingly after the emergence and compensate them.

I didn’t have hope. Who knew that the driver Zhao suddenly found out that after learning the news, he found that he had compensated the Gaodejin family of more than 40,000 yuan in accordance with the court’s decision. These more than 40,000 yuan could maintain the cost of treatment for a period of time.

So Gaodejin began to take care of his wife day after day. He wiped his wife, feed his wife every morning, and then told a story to his wife. In addition to taking care of his wife, he also continued to run outside and exhausted his life., Just for the crushing silver.

At that time, many people were very sympathetic to Gaodegin, and the doctor was trying to find ways to wake Zhang Rongxiang as much as possible.In this way, three months have passed. From the perspective of everyone around, Gaodejin is a qualified husband.

On this day, Gaodejin was still wiping his body for his wife Zhang Rongxiang. As a result, when he wiped his abdomen, he suddenly felt that his wife’s abdomen changed. He even felt the bulge of his wife’s abdomen. This made him strange. Is his wife pregnant?So Gaodejin immediately called the doctor. The doctor began to consult several sections, and finally determined that his wife was pregnant.

At this time, Zhang Rongxiang is still a vegetative. This is also a rare case of patients in the hospital. Gao Dejin hesitated whether he wanted this child, especially under the doctor’s persuasion.The doctor told Gaodejin that this child is likely to become a deformed child because Zhang Rongxiang has been taking medicine in the past few months, but Gaodejin thinks that this is a life and should be left.

In a blink of an eye, Time has passed five months, and his wife successfully gave birth to the child. Although it was a cesarean section conducted by the hospital, the child was healthy.Look, we have a baby. Wake up! "But at this time Zhang Rongxiang still didn’t wake up.

Gaodejin believes that this is a gift of heavenly gift. This is also a child who commemorates his love with his wife, so he named himself and Zhang Rongxiang’s child.

He still carefully wipes Zhang Rongxiang’s body every day, takes care of Zhang Rongxiang, and is working hard. Sometimes he wipes tears and is particularly sad.But he still did not give up, in order to wait for Zhang Rongxiang to wake up one day, he could give Zhang Rongxiang a good future.

Many people were moved around Gaodejin’s emotions and behaviors, and also hoped that Zhang Rongxiang could wake up.Just one day, Gaodejin said to Zhang Rongxiang with his child. He said, "Glory! You see our children have grown so big, if you wake up, we can live happily and wake up.Bar."

The rest of the ward sighed. Who knew at this time because of the maternal love in the depths of emotions, or the love of Gaodejin in the subconscious, Zhang Rongxiang suddenly woke up.

Gaodejin quickly called the doctor to judge his wife’s current healthy and good health, and Zhang Rongxiang looked at her child and the Gaodeko who insisted on her own., Her good, with Gao Degin and children running towards the future.

This story is really touching and full of miracles.However, from a legal perspective, this story provides a good case to explain the relevant laws of compensation for traffic accidents, physical damage compensation, and medical accidents.

In my country’s "Road Traffic Safety Law", the escape of the accident seriously violates the law.If the driver causes personal injury or property loss in a traffic accident, it should be parked immediately to protect the site and report the traffic police or other relevant departments.If the perpetrator escaped the scene, he would face criminal responsibility.

Similarly, the Criminal Law stipulates that the escape of traffic accidents and serious injuries that cause personnel to die or seriously injuries will be sentenced to less than three years.In this case, the driver Zhao escaped the scene at first, but finally chose conscience to discover and voluntarily compensate the victim’s loss.

In this case, although his behavior has constituted a traffic accident, because he took the initiative to compensate and obtained the understanding of the victim, his surrender behavior may be considered as a factor in the criminal responsibility.The court may consider this as appropriate when judging, and a greater punishment for it.

Regarding Zhang Rongxiang’s situation of plants, although it is caused by a traffic accident, in the medical process, if there are faults in hospitals, such as medical accidents or medical negligence, the hospital may also need to bear the corresponding responsibilities.In my country’s "Regulations on the Handling of Medical Accidents", there are clear stipulation on the handling of medical accidents, including medical damage compensation.

In addition, the 40,000 yuan compensated by Zhao was just the amount of compensation he took on.The determination of the amount of compensation in my country is usually determined by the court. Therefore, if Li’s family believes that 40,000 yuan compensation is not enough to cover their losses, they can choose to file a lawsuit. Prove the loss he suffered.This may include:

1) Medical expenses: This includes all costs related to the treatment of injuries, such as surgical costs, drug costs, medical equipment use fees, rehabilitation training fees, etc.

2) Wage income loss: If Li cannot work properly, then his income loss should also be compensated by Zhao.

3) Psychological damage: If Li is suffering from mental stress or pain, he has the right to ask for mental damage.

4) Agreement that cannot be taken care of by life: If Li’s wife seriously causes life to be unable to take care of himself due to injuries, he also has the right to ask Zhao to pay for maintenance.

So what should we think about the issue of his wife who is pregnant in a vegetative state?

From a medical perspective, if a woman is pregnant before entering the state of the vegetative state, her physical body may be able to continue pregnancy under the care of the doctor until delivery.

However, if you start your pregnancy after entering the state of the plant man, this involves some very important ethical and legal issues, such as issues such as autonomy and sexual assault on personal body.

Li’s wife was pregnant after entering the state of the plant man. Even if they were legal couples, this may still involve legal and ethical issues.On the one hand, according to the provisions of the marriage editor in the Civil Code, both husband and wife have equal rights and obligations, including the autonomy of sexual life.

On the other hand, if the wife of the plant man cannot express his will, any operation of his body, including sexual behavior, may be regarded as infringement.

In this case, if there is controversy, the court or other legal institutions may be ruled.They will consider all factors, including the marriage status of both sides, the health status of the wife, whether it is possible to obtain the consent of the wife, and so on.

Now let us look forward to more miracles. I hope that the family of Li and his wife will return to normal, and children can grow in a good and happy environment.

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