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In order to implement the three -child fertility policy and supporting support measures, and improve the management system of maternity registration service, in accordance with the "Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the National Health and Health Commission on improving the maternity registration system" and the "Shaanxi Provincial Population and Family Planning Regulations"If a citizen of a household registration or residence in the administrative area of Shaanxi Province, a husband and wife have children, shall apply for childbirth registration within six months of birth after pregnancy.If you have children in other circumstances, you can also register for birth.If you do not apply for a marriage registration, you should hold your ID card or hukou book and fill in the "Shaanxi Provincial Maternity Registration Form" at the application agency or online platform.Care and adopters shall apply for fertility registration with the adoption certificate.

The husband and wife who intend to have children should hold the identity card or hukou book of both parties to the application agency or online platform to fill in and submit the "Shaanxi Provincial Fertility Registration Form".After the registration agency completes the maternity registration service, it shall issue a proof of fertility registration for the registrar.Fertility registration vouchers are the vouchers issued by the application agency to apply for maternity registration for registers, and do not use the basis for the relevant fertility behavior to meet the basis of the Regulations.Fertility registration vouchers should be numbered, and the number is automatically generated by the system, which is unique in the province.

The fertility registration method is divided into two types of on -site and online (mainly online handling). The processing process is as follows:


On -site

It can be handled at the registered or husband’s units, the location of the household registration or the place of residence (town) (town), and the street office.The township (town) people’s governments and street offices may entrust the residents ‘committees and villagers’ committees to apply for maternity registration.

If you apply for maternity registration on the spot, the registration agency shall apply immediately and issue the "Shaanxi Provincial Maternity Registration Volume".


Online handling

Registration can log in to the "Health Shaanxi Release" WeChat public account maternity registration module to apply for online processing registration.If you apply for registration online, the handling agency shall apply for maternity registration within 7 working days after the registrant submits the maternity registration information, and generates the "Shaanxi Provincial Maternity Registration Volume" with electronic chapters for the relevant departments call or download and use it to download and use it.Essence

Online registration operation process

first step:

Click on birth registration -online application

Step 2:

Click to continue to visit

third step:

Personal identity registration

the fourth step:

Sign up to log in

the fifth step:

Click on the maternity registration service to handle

Step 6:

Reading certificate guidelines and selection

Step 7:

Enter the information of myself and family members

Step 8:

Upload evidence photo information

important hint

1. Due to the upgrade of the online application content of the "Healthy Shaanxi Release" maternity registration system, friends who need to apply for maternity registration for first, second, and third children need to pay attention to the "Health Shaanxi Release" WeChat public account.Follow the WeChat public account, and then perform the operation of the above registration process.

2. If the relevant business has been processed before, the case information has existed in the population library, and the system will not display the family information entry interface, just upload the certificate.

Source: Health Shaanxi Published

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