I’m pregnant, but you have to break up with me

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Original author: Kellyxin


I just received a message from a friend, saying that she broke up with her boyfriend, and she was in a bad mood and wanted to talk to me.

She has been fighting with her boyfriend for several days, and no one has compromised.Today, she suddenly found that she was pregnant, and she told him with joy, and to relieve the atmosphere by the way.Unexpectedly, before he said it, he received the information of his breakup, and she was extremely sad.Both adults had met, and the wedding photos were taken, and the date of marriage was bad, but now they broke up.

Some time ago, she told me that she had a relationship with her feelings, saying that she felt so tired that she was tired and lived without herself.I asked what caused the reason. She said that they were contradictory no matter who they were together. In the end, she took the initiative to call or send information to reconcile. Her boyfriend never took the initiative to give her a step.Once apologize.I persuaded her to try to control her emotions, and don’t blindly look down and admit my mistakes, which will be used to it.Don’t be too humble in love.

She was not very optimistic about the truth with this man to tell the truth.The man was 36 years old, divorced, and a daughter, but the child lived with his ex -wife.She is 25 years old, unmarried, and just after graduation.Regardless of the differences between age, there are many contradictions with the experience of both sides.

A marriage that failed once, just wanted to find a woman to live a stable and bland life.In his heart, it is difficult for love to come again.Another, never experienced marriage, and reported unlimited longing and expectations for the future.Sweet love and romantic life are her interpretation of marriage.How can such two mentality be balanced.

In fact, it is difficult to judge right or wrong in the world of two people, and the problem is often not in someone.The man felt that the woman’s possessiveness was too strong, and he was too strict with him, and he had too many bondage to him. It was an emotional abduction.The woman believes that as a girl, she can pay more for him to put aside the secular vision and fight for the blessings of her parents.Being with him is nothing more than to be better to himself. When he is older, he will know how to take care of people.

I think both of them have a blind spot in emotional emotional.

As a man, you should know what he needs more after a marriage.Since you choose to find an unmarried girl, you should consider what stage of their emotional state.If there is no such tolerance and responsibility, then I advise you to find a woman who has also had a marriage experience. Don’t hurt the hearts of the girls.Don’t want to find a young and beautiful girl, but also want her to have mature and stable life experience, how is it possible?

As a girl, first of all, the best choice is to find a boy with too much age difference. After all, neither of them have experienced. It is also a good thing to explore life together.Secondly, if you have the courage to face a married man, then you have to consider it.You will face not only him, but also his past.Especially for children, because he cannot completely cut off contact with the child, involving the problem of raising, and in this way, he will also contact his ex -wife.Do you really think about this series of questions?Also, he will not treat feelings like a boy in his heart. There are not many passion and romance. Don’t expect too much.

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