Illustrated | "Crab" Wonders: What do you look like to watch in crabs?

Crab not only has edible crabs, but also to watch crabs.Different classification of crabs and other aquatic biological classifications. Crab classified scholars divide 6 types of crabs into 6 factions, namely: Mian Crabist Dromiacea, Ancient short -tailed Archaeobrachyura, sharp mouth OxyStomata, sharp -faced Oxyrhyncha, osteoscopy crab crabsSchool can be sent, and the short -term Brachyrhyncha.

In fact, the "horizontal domineering" crown on the crab’s head, which is a bit less wronged with it. The domineering is determined by its physical structure.The 10 feet of the crabs are both sides of the body. The two large claws are weapons of digging holes, defense and attack, and the remaining 4 pairs of crab claws are used to crawl.Because the body of the crab is wide and flat, walking horizontally can reduce energy consumption, help crabs enter the cave quickly, and avoid the pursuit of predators.This is why most crabs are crawling horizontally.In fact, if you watch it carefully, not all crabs are walking horizontally. There is a kind of crab called short -finger monk crabs walking straight, and living crabs and spider crabs can also walk forward.Different lifestyles may lead to different ways of walking in crabs.

To this end, we need to stand fair from another angle for crabs. They are not only rampant and overbearing, but also beautiful and charming.With the breakthrough of breeding technology and the improvement of people’s living standards, some people will put the beautiful, gentle and cute crab in the aquarium as watching crabs, and become a beautiful scenery in the family.Watching crabs is not high and easy to raise.There are more and more people who watch and watch crab. The crab industry is the same as the ornamental fish industry. It has become an industry for breeding fishermen to become rich.

What are the main types of crabs?

Red claws crab.If the hand crab is red all over the body, the scientific name is the redlablast crab crab.The cuteness of the hand crab is a pair of beautiful biglasses.

Red chewed crab, picture from "Chinese Marine Biological Grade"

Red claw arm crab, picture from "Chinese Marine Bio of Biology"

Rainbow crab scientific name armed round -axis crab, origin in West Africa.Rainbow crab is large and stronger.Rainbow crab cannot be artificially reproduced now, but the beauty of the rainbow crab is indeed like the rainbow and colorful after the rain. I believe that if the artificial reproduction technology breaks through, the rainbow crab will be loved by more people.

Purple crabs are wearing elegant purple clothes and red gloves.It is said that red crabs with Christmas Island are close relatives, and they are all bright crabs.Nor can they reproduce artificially.

Purple crab, picture from "Chinese Marine Bio of Biology"

Leopard crab is also called Surawishi Leopard Crab, but it is not a devil crab and can be kept deep in water.Look at the leopard point of its whole body, like a fierce leopard?

At present, everyone’s most often raised crab may be creek crabs.There are many types of stream crabs, some are very beautiful, very ornamental, and can also breed.Crab’s food is very mixed and basically eats everything.

There are many crabs like this.Here I want to tell two little stories, one is about the story of the crab.

Tide crabs are also one of the crabs.Its biggest feature is a pair of clashes with different sizes. The large chews on the front chest are like samurai shields.Tide crab will make a dancing action, so it is called a tide crab.The purpose of this "tide" is to intimidate the enemy with large chews or begged.In addition, there is a pair of matte -like eyes -like eyes, which is very special.When foraging, the two eyes were raised high and observed the surrounding movement.Once found, it evacuated quickly.The biggest feature of the male crab is a pair of clashes with different sizes. The large one is called mating chela, with bright colors, special patterns, and almost half of the body.The strange thing is that if the male unfortunately loses the big cheek, a small cheek will be produced in the original place, and the original small cheek will be replaced by the big chew, exerting the same function.

The color of the crab is very beautiful, with coral red, bright green, golden and light blue.Tip crabs live on beaches with salt and bitter salt water. On the beaches by the Mali Tali Desert in Africa, there are many such tide crabs.

Coarse -legged green -eyed tide crab, the picture comes from "Chinese Marine Biological Atlas"

The second little story is the story of HP crab.Honesty crabs are mainly used by snail shells, and the maximum diameter of the maximum snail of the residence can reach more than 15 cm.Because it is very fierce, it is often used to eat the flesh of the software animal shells, occupying its shell as its own, and the housing is named after renting. As the crab grows up, it will replace different shells to live in to live.Essence

Author provides

The sharp -eyed versatile crab, the picture comes from "Chinese Marine Biological Grade"

I went to the Toronto aquarium in Toronto, Canada the year before, and there were many home crabs in the water tank. The explanation card reads: "Honesty crabs are looking for empty shells to shelter themselves. When they grow up, they will look for larger shells as new homes.For this reason, picking up shells on the beach is never a good idea! "I appreciate this kind of educational popular science method.In each link of production, our conscious actions are formed, and maybe this job is much easier!

Biological diversity provides us with colorful crabs, so that we can enjoy its deliciousness and enjoy its beauty.However, while enjoying, we must always keep in mind that although the aquatic biological resources can be renewed, it is not endless; the crab family is strong, and once the development is excessive, the resources are difficult to continue.The author calls here to develop reasonable development and utilization and ecological protection in harmonious development!

Author: Liu Yadan (National Chief Scientific Communication Expert, Assistant Secretary -General of the Chinese Fisheries Society, Assistant to Secretary -General of the China Rural Professional and Technical Association)

Audit expert: On behalf of the National Day (Secretary -General of the China Algae Industry Association)

Edit: Wu Yitong

School pair: Jiang Ruiyi (internship)

Source: Science China

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