I started to start glass heart when I was pregnant.

Many mothers say that their emotional changes during pregnancy are a little embarrassed. I don’t know why. When pregnant, women’s hearts become very fragile, and they often cry because of some small things.A mother said that she had forgotten to bring something when her husband and herself went out. As a result, she scolded him next to him.Crying; a mother’s torture in the early pregnancy reaction, lying on the sofa and resting, suddenly felt that she was pregnant, and then cried because of grievances; and a mother was pregnant because of her pregnancy.When I told my husband that he wanted to eat melon seeds, but did not want to eat it after buying it, he counted two sentences by the husband, and then cried for a long time.

Different mothers have different reasons for crying. Everyone becomes so glass heart when she is pregnant. What happened to this?In fact, it is normal to cry occasionally after pregnancy. On the one hand, the emotional ups and downs of the level of hormone levels is also more powerful. On the other hand, pregnancy is indeed a very hard process.When it is uncomfortable and stressful, crying at this time can help relieve the mother’s discomfort.

Although occasionally crying has no effect on mothers and babies, if the mother often cries, it may be affected by many external factors, such as a relatively large changes in the family, the feelings between her husband are not smooth, and so on.Frequent crying is still not small for pregnant women, and the impact of greater emotional fluctuations on everyone on the body is also obvious.Crying is actually an expression of negative emotions. This also means that pregnant women are currently in a state of hesitation, anger, and fear. Living in such emotions for a long time, everyone is likely to sleep well, eat badly, and live during pregnancy.It’s harder than the average person.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain a good mood when you are pregnant. Not only can you make yourself happier, but you can also make your baby moisturize by positive emotions.There are many ways to maintain happiness in pregnant women, such as writing diaries is suitable for most pregnant women.Many pregnant women’s fast sources during pregnancy are babies in the stomach, and it is a very happy thing to feel the growth of the baby.Writing a pregnancy diary with expectations can make this happiness play to the extreme, and this diary can show him after the child grows up, it is also very meaningful.

Another good way is to maintain communication with others, especially his husband.Pregnancy is a big thing. Although her husband is his own family, he does not participate in the process of pregnancy, so it is inevitable that when you are unable to feel the same. At this timeMany problems will be solved after opening, and many husbands are confused about the emotional changes of their wives. They feel that they have done everything, but their wives are still unhappy.So tell them directly that they will understand what to do better.

Of course, everyone can also communicate with experienced predecessors, especially when there is any uncomfortable physical fitness, they will definitely help everyone to solve problems and get the help of others. It is also a very happy thing for pregnant women.

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