I saw red for the first time when I was pregnant. I was stunned for the first time

Be careful in the early stages of pregnancy, especially when we are 39 -year -old old maternal women, they have to be more careful.I saw red after pregnancy a week ago. I panicked in a batch and was at a loss. I still think of it. I hope to see the sisters of this little Wen’s pregnancy.

On Thursday night, because family chores mixed with her husband on the phone with a few words, talking about Dantian’s warm currents to diarrhea down, I immediately felt bad, hurried to the toilet, squatted down and stood up and felt that there was a liquid.Flowing, a white secretion was sandwiched in brown -red blood.

Oh my god!I was bleeding. At that time, my head was blank instantly. This situation never encountered this situation when I was pregnant. The first reaction at that time was "it’s over, no children are gone.Strong period … "

Did I quarrel with my husband just now?

Worried, fear, and helpless, squeezed into my brain at the same time at the same time. In helpless, a little reasonableness told me that I should call the hospital.I trembled the phone in the hospital, but at 9 o’clock in the evening, no one had answered the call from get off work.

At this time, the husband far away in Beijing was so anxious that he could only comfort it over and over again, but what is the use of comfort at this time?So I called the cousin of the doctor, and I was told that I didn’t have to worry too much about this situation. At present, I will rest quietly.

I rushed to the hospital at 8:30 the next morning. One person queuing, payment, and color Doppler ultrasound, various guessing and worrying in the middle process, I felt tormented until 11 o’clock.It is recommended to rest in bed.A heart hanging when I heard that there was no big incident finally fell back. Knowing that the baby is okay, find the reason: the most likely is the recent heavy objects.(Dozens of pounds) They all come home by themselves.I dare not care so much in the future.The physical condition is not the same as in his early twenties and 30ths. The archives are written in the files -high -risk pregnant women, I must face this problem and take it seriously.

Fortunately, after two days of redness, after two days of red, the symptoms of bed rest were gone, but if you didn’t eat it right, there would be pregnancy.But I feel that the dangerous period has passed, and I have a good tire afterwards.

By the way, popularize with you, see red in the early pregnancy.Seeing red in early pregnancy may be the implanted bleeding caused by fertilized eggs. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. Generally, the bleeding time is relatively short, about 3 to 4 days, and the amount of bleeding is relatively small.Influence, as long as the pregnant mother should pay attention to personal hygiene at this time.

Secondly, early seeing red may also be caused by aura abortion. In this case, it is necessary to rest in bed for tire preservation.Of course, biochemical abortion or ectopic pregnancy may have occurred.Biochemical abortion indicates that it has flowed at this time. You should do B -ultrasound as soon as possible to see if there are residues in the uterine cavity to clear the palace.

For ectopic pregnancy, it is usually accompanied by tear pain in the left lower abdomen or the right lower abdomen. In this case, surgical therapy or conservative treatment of drugs should be taken as soon as possible to avoid falling egg tubes.

Therefore, if the sisters during pregnancy should be taken seriously if they encounter bleeding during pregnancy, do not take it seriously, contact the doctor for the first time, and then relieve their tires after confirming the situation.

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