I persuade you not to worry about pregnancy in these few times, and no matter how anxious!Otherwise, it will directly affect the latter three generations

First of all, we really need to take advantage of the young man to give birth to a baby, but at any time, we do n’t cut the firewood by the knife. If your preparations are not done well, you are anxious to get pregnant. It is difficult to have the ideal pregnancy ending.

The following is the time period that I summarized according to the relatively common situation in the past. I hope that everyone will compare themselves. If there are related problems, it will not be late to get a little bit of pregnancy after the problem is resolved.


If you have been to the reproductive center, the first prescription that many doctors to give patients may be to lose weight. This not only refers to the obesity of the woman, but the man’s obesity also has a very negative impact on pregnancy.

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Many women’s BMIs are not high, but this does not prove that she is completely healthy, her waist and hips are unqualified, and heart -shaped obesity has an important impact on women’s fertility.

The human body is mainly to regulate the endocrine mechanism by sex hormones, such as estrogen, androgen, and these are also fat -soluble hormones.

If the body contains more adipose tissues, it will affect the mechanism of certain endocrine function, interfere with estrogen orrogen, and cause abnormal ovulation function (can inhibit normal ovulation).

Women’s menstrual cycle is directly proportional to BMI (physical quality index).Women have menstruation once a month, but the higher the BMI, the higher the chance of menstruation.

Therefore, the weight gain, the chance of not ovulation will be higher.This shows that the ratio of unstable menstrual time (ovulation) occurred in obese women.

Obesity can not only cause difficulty in pregnancy, but also easily cause abortion and even embryo deformity after pregnancy.

Most studies have shown that endocrine dysfunction caused by obesity is the main mechanism of miscarriage. Most obese patients have high insulin ledmia and insulin resistance.

In addition, endometrial endometrial tolerance, decreased endometrial blood flow, and abnormal chromosome nuclear abnormalities are also the cause of abortion caused by obesity.



Women’s obesity is likely to be consciously changed when preparing for pregnancy. Male obesity is often ignored during pregnancy. In fact, male obesity and sperm quality and future health have far -reaching impacts.

Male obesity mainly affects sperm quality from two aspects:

1. Obesity affects the level of reproductive hormones

The level of male reproductive hormones is an important condition for sperm generation. It is like the crops need to be sunny and dew. Once it becomes a storm, it may be difficult to grow up.

Obesity can affect the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonad axis function. Since most of the male obesity is accumulated in visceral fat, aromatic enzymes in fat tissues convert androgen into estrogen, increase the level of estrogen, and then decreased.

Insulin resistance and hypertrophy, which is often accompanied by obesity, can reduce the synthesis of sex hormone binding protein, and the decrease in testosterone levels. These changes will affect the generation of sperm.

2. Obesity affects sperm fragmentation rate

The production of sperm is more sensitive to temperature. The normal temperature of the scrotum is 34-35 ° C. The accumulation of fat around the scrotum of obese patients. The increase in local temperature of the testicular will reduce the sperm movement ability and increase the sperm DNA damage.

Obesity is usually accompanied by hyperglycemia. High blood glucose can increase the oxidation reaction of sperm, and the oxidation stimulus reaction can damage the integrity of the sperm DNA.

High -pressure environment

Is there such a person around you: for a long time, infertility, and after thousands of hardships, you have come to the test tube. I did not expect that there was a sudden natural pregnancy on the eve of the test tube; there were still many travel babies, which was the effect of stress on pregnancy.

We know the impact of many women’s pressure on pregnancy. In fact, stress also has an impact on men’s pregnancy. If the pregnant father is too psychological, it may affect the brain development of future generations.

Jennifer Chan of the University of Pennsylvania studied male mice with mild and chronic pressure.

The hormones of these mice’s descendants are "dull", which is related to diseases such as post -trauma stress disorder (PTSD).

She found that stress changed the expression of genes in sperm and changed the maturity of sperm, which may change the brain development of their offspring.

Researchers have found that the genetic material in the sperm of these mice -micro -ribosaccharides has changed.

Micro -nucleic acid is a nucleotide with a shorter nucleotide length and a regulatory nucleic acid, which plays an important role in the process of genetic transformation into functional protein.

In the male reproductive system, the epididymis will release small sacs carrying tiny ribosacle nucleic acid, which is fused with mature sperm developed in epididymia.

When the male mice are facing stress, the micro -ribotate in the epididymis will change.

Change of micro -ribosacleucleic acid can cause degradation of parental messes in the eggs, and the messenger ribosic acid carrys genetic information and guides protein synthesis, which may be the cause of the brain development of the offspring.

This means that even if slight environmental pressure, such as the pressure of the workplace, may have an important impact on the development and health of future generations.

Of course, we cannot choose not to work, but we can adjust our rhythm appropriately when preparing for pregnancy and prepare for the healthy baby.

High -fat diet

The high -fat diet is not far from us. The takeaway you eat, the barbecue you eat, the carbonated drinks you like, the first cup of milk tea in the autumn, cake and bread, etc. This is the category of high -fat diet.

High -fat diet harms healthy aspects, such as obesity, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, breast cancer, rectal cancer, etc. It will not let the reproductive system go.

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Affect embryo quality

Scientists from the University of Buenos Aires and other institutions revealed the connection between high -fat diet feeding and high breeding capabilities.

In this study, researchers in -depth analysis of the influence of the fertility and sperm function of high -fat diet induced METS (metabolic syndrome) on high breeding characteristics.

Researchers conducted fertilized tests in the body at 12, 16, and 18 weeks to evaluate the impact of high -fat diet on B6CF1 male mice.

The research results show that the fertilization rate of normal fat diet and high -fat dietary groups is similar, but the results of sperm analysis show that mice with high fat feeding and normal fat feed are significantly different in sperm count.

In addition, Maria Ohllsson TeaGue and Michelle Lane of Australia have found that mice growing up with unhealthy foods are prone to insulin resistance.

A large amount of fat around the testicles of obesity mice may change the environment there and promote epigenetic genetic changes.

This change is most likely to be affected with embryo growth, sperm development and metabolic disorders.


Affect future health

If you think the impact of men’s high -fat diet on fertility is not so great, then I tell you that women’s high -fat diet may affect the health of the three generations.

Researchers from the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland have found that mice who have a high -fat diet during pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after pregnancy, their second generation of descendants -grandson -will have abnormal performance.

For example, add addictive behaviors such as increased drug sensitivity and preference for drugs, and at the same time, obesity -related characteristics will occur, such as changes in metabolism.

In the third -generation descendants (that is, great -grandchildren), the author observes some gender differences. Only females have addictive behaviors, and only male has obesity characteristics.

Of course, we cannot use the mouse model completely on people, but the impact of high -fat diet on humans cannot be ignored, especially it can spread intergeneration. This impact is too terrible.

Therefore, if we want to have a descendant of health, we must develop a healthy eating habit in advance.

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