I heard that kissing can also be pregnant. Brother Zhu Xiaowei, the son of his coat, kissed Chen Yanan. Is this child too honest?

"She married his son’s son for money."

"Just start the live broadcast, I want to make money and want to be crazy."

"Seeing that she was not respectful to the coat brother and daughter -in -law, she must not really love the son of the coat."

These words were all exposed on the Internet after Chen Ya’s married brother.

No one thinks that Chen Yaman is true love for his son’s son, so they have questioned.

Just for all this, Chen Yanan never cared. She opened a live broadcast, filmed a video, and even resigned from the nurse’s job.

However, in her live broadcast, it is often full of malicious comments.

"You should go to the daughter -in -law’s son, you can call the coat brother and daughter -in -law."

"When did you give Zhu Xiaowei a younger brother?"

In the face of these people, Chen Yaman always ignored. She chose to turn a blind eye, not reply, but just faced with a smile. After all, she needs the popularity of the live broadcast room to bring her the most considerable reward and live broadcast income.

It is said that Chen Ya’s live broadcast can bring herself more than 100,000 yuan.Looking at the money, she can bear it!

On October 4 last year, Zhu Zhiwen, the son of "Grand Clothing" Zhu Xiaowei, married, and hundreds of thousands of netizens watched the wedding live broadcast live online.

What is not doubt is that the protagonist is still Zhu Zhiwen. After all, his son is an ordinary person, and he is unprecedentedly unprecedented.

The bride is beautiful, with tall and slender figure, exquisite facial features, and in terms of face value, she kills Zhu Zhiwen’s son.Few people think that this is not a marriage that is raised by money.

The neighbors of Zhu Zhiwen showed the video of Zhu Zhiwen to the luxurious gifts of Zhu Zhiwen to the daughter -in -law. They were filled with cash in the box, and there were two real estate certificates and car keys. For ordinary people, they had to be tongue.

It is said that the coat brother bought a house in the city and opened a gold shop for his son. Now he is busy built a two -story villa in the village for his son -in -law and married to Zhu Zhiwen’s family.family property.

The bride’s father, although nervous and incoherent when speaking on the wedding day, it is difficult to hide the joy. After all, the daughter married the rich second generation of Shili Eight Village.I’m happy.

This statement was denied by Chen Yaman. She said that she was not for money, but only valued Zhu Xiaowei.

Some people say that Chen Yenan’s house is doing decoration business. He often picks up some decoration hotel projects in the town. He is also a well -known rich family in the town. Maybe businessmen need to have a well -known family, so they are willing to marry their daughters.Give this a little bit of Xiao Wei.

The door is right. Langcai’s appearance is generally judging whether a couple match the standard. In which aspect, Zhu Xiaowei’s "talent" is not worthy of Chen Ya’s "appearance".

Before Zhu Zhiwen became famous, his son Zhu Xiaowei was an ordinary rural child.

As his father became more and more famous in society, and his family income was increasing, Xiao Wei spent money began to make big hands and has nothing to do with it.He never learned no longer, put all his energy on playing games. He felt that his family was so rich, and learning was useless.

In a CCTV program, Zhu Zhiwen revealed to the program team that his son Xiao Wei began to drop out of the game at home when he was 14 years old. He was not watching TV or playing games every day.When you eat it, he will only get some snacks.

Zhu Zhiwen forced his son to go to school, but as long as he did not perform at home, his son would secretly run back from the school.

Zhu Zhiwen asked his son two tutors two times before and after, and they were unwilling to teach.

Only Zhu Xiaowei, who was in junior high school culture, dropped out of school, started a full -time driver of his father.

If it wasn’t for the fame and financial resources of the coat, Chen Yanan, who was beautiful, would look at Xiao Wei, and it would be estimated that no one would believe it.

If Chen Yaman went to work as usual after marriage, he was doing his own nurses with peace of mind. Moreover, the father -in -law’s coat brothers prepared a house and car for them.

However, Chen Yaman was not a peaceful master. The second day of the wedding started a live broadcast, and fans of the wedding suddenly rose to more than 400,000 with the help of the wedding.

Chen Yaman is a smart girl. When she started the live broadcast, she always played with her father -in -law’s coat, and she became popular for herself. However, her husband Xiaowei often became a background.Later, it was obviously his daughter -in -law but seemed to be like a "third party".

After the marriage, Chen Yanan quickly opened a company as a chairman. It was said that his brother invested 3 million for his daughter -in -law.

Chen Yaman sitting in the boss chair, in sharp contrast to Zhu Xiaowei sitting on the sofa in the office, felt that Xiaowei was increasingly not worthy of the ambitious Chen Yanan.

After half a year, Chen Yenan’s fans have risen to 3.3 million, and live broadcasts are becoming more and more skilled. Chen Yenan, who can already stop, now does not need Zhu Xiaowei to make a backplane wall. Her video is also from the earliest two people together.When she appeared, it had long been changed to a unicorn.

Zhu Xiaowei is a honest child, because he has not received a certificate with Chen Yaman when he is not married. In law, they are not real couples.

But no matter how honest children are, they may occasionally learn romance.

June 28th was Chen Ya’s birthday. Zhu Xiaowei prepared a birthday surprise for his wife. He covered Chen Ya’s eyes with his hands and took her into a room. When he took down his hand, Chen Yaman was in front of him.Stunning, she said, "Wow, so beautiful! Dear, thank you!"

Indeed, Xiaowei used his heart. He arranged balloons and birthday cakes in the room. There were two people’s photos. With the excitement of Chen Yanan, Xiao Wei took the moment to kiss Chen Yanan into the love affection, and then they were together.Cut the cake, Xiaowei fed the first sip of the Asian man.

Seeing them sprinkled sugar in the live broadcast room, although the brief birthday ceremony, Chen Yanan started the live broadcast and carried the goods, and finally let the fans put down a heart.

Some people say that the screenwriter of this birthday party is Chen Yan, the director and the protagonist are also Chen Ya. Xiao Wei is just a helping and tool person. In fact, it is not necessary to be so true. Which woman does not need romance, isn’t it good to show love in the live broadcast room?

The daughter -in -law is happy, and the fans are willing to pay and reward. In the end, the money was not fell into the pocket of their little couples.

Seeing someone scared Xiaowei: "I heard that kissing can be pregnant, are you afraid of Xiaowei?" Actually, this joke is not necessary. Say Xiaowei is also a 20 -year -old young man, and he has been married for more than half a year. As for the husband and wife,Can he not understand when you are pregnant?We worried about it.

Even if you are greedy for wealth and a picture, you are willing to fight and do it.

Do you say this is the reason?

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