I heard that if you have a child, you won’t you have dysmenorrhea?

Hello, Dr. Xu, I heard that there would be no dysmenorrhea if you gave birth to a child. Is this true?

Many unsatisfactory girls are painful to be tortured by dysmenorrhea. There are always elderly people who will comfort: "It doesn’t matter, there will be no dysmenorrhea if you have a child!" Is this experience from generation to generation true?why?

Dysmenorrhea is one of the most common gynecological diseases for women, and the incidence accounted for 30-40%of women of childbearing age. Many reasons can cause dysmenorrhea.The "dysmenorrhea that does not have pain after giving birth to a child" mentioned above should be due to the narrow cervical canal, or the uterine excessive backward leaning and then flexion, or other reasons that cause the endometrial fragmentation of menstrual blood and exfoliating.Large causes abdominal pain, that is, Chinese medicine says that "it is pain if it does not communicate."

In this type of dysmenorrhea, during pregnancy, the uterus increases with the fetus with the fetus, and the uterine position changes. At the same time, the cervix duct becomes soft, creating conditions for the birth of the fetus.The fetus during childbirth played the role of expanding narrow cervical tubes through the cervix. Therefore, after childbirth, the cervix mouth became relaxed, the position of the uterus was partially corrected, and the endometrium of menstrual blood and exfoliating was easy to discharge, so dysmenorrhea was on.It will be relieved or even disappeared.Even if it is a cesarean section, pregnancy has a "coordination and unobstructed" effect on the uterus.

There is also a type of uterine endometriosis, dysmenorrhea caused by adenomy muscle disease, and dysmenorrhea symptoms often aggravate, that is, it is more and more painful.One of this dysmenorrhea treatment scheme is the "fake pregnancy/fake menstrual" therapy.Use hormone drugs to inhibit the endocrine function of the ovaries so that it can not do it, so that the ectopic endometrium tissue has no hormone stimulation for a long time and atrophic necrosis, achieving the purpose of treatment.

Then, changes in hormone levels after pregnancy can treat or slow the development of such diseases. Therefore, pregnancy must be helpful for dysmenorrhea caused by endometriosis."Time will also play a good treatment and relief.Of course, when the cesarean section is produced, if the pelvic endometriosis is found to be cleared at the same time, it is absolutely effective for having children to have children.

Of course, when the patient stops breastfeeding and restores menstruation, and the level of hormones is gradually recovered, the endometrium isopic lesions or adenomy muscles are likely to be "dead ash" and cause dysmenorrhea again.The new adhesion has blocked the pathways of menstrual blood circulation again. This is why some patients have a period of time after giving birth to children, and then dysmenorrhea starts.

Do you understand, dear?If you have any questions, you can leave a message. I hope that I can help our more female friends after work.

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