I have never been in the same bed for a year, and I have never found that my fiancee ending has collapsed.

I am Liu Ming, 26 years old, a company’s sales manager.I have a fiancee called Huang Li. We have been in love for more than a year and are ready to get married.We have never had a relationship, because she said that she wanted to give it to me on a new wedding night.However, just one week before we got married, something that made me never forget.

Huang Li

On that day, we went to the hospital for a medical examination before marriage.This hospital is where my ex -girlfriend Zhang Meng works.Zhang Meng is a nurse. We used to break up because of their unreasonable personality, but they were still friends and often had contact.I greeted her in advance, and she also gladly agreed to help us register for medical examinations.

After the medical examination, we got the results.I looked at my own report, there was nothing abnormal.Then I looked at Huang Li’s report, and my eyes stared like a copper bell.It reads: Two months of pregnancy.Two months pregnant?How can this be?Didn’t she say she was still a virgin?Did she have been lied to me?Does she have other men?The news hit my heart like a lightning.I feel that I have been betrayed, deceived, and teased.My heart is full of anger and pain.I raised my hand and slapped Huang Li fiercely.

"How can you treat me like this? Who did you go to bed with? Who did you have a child?" I asked her loudly.Huang Li was dizzy and turned, she covered her face, her tears flowed.She looked at me, with a look of grievances and innocent."Liu Ming, what are you talking about? I haven’t betrayed you! I didn’t go to bed with others! I am still a virgin! I can’t get pregnant!" She cried and explained.

"Do you dare to say that you haven’t betrayed me? Do you dare to say that you are still a virgin? Do you dare to say that you can’t get pregnant? You see this!" I pointed at the report sheet yell at her. "This is clearly written on itChu! You are pregnant for two months! Whose child is this? "" Liu Ming, this is impossible! This must be wrong! "Huang Li said in horror," Liu Ming, you believe me! You believe in our feelings!You believe in our love! "Huang Li cried and begged me."Believe you? What do you believe? You have betrayed me! You have hurt me! You have destroyed our happiness!" I said coldly, "From today, we have no relationship! Let’s break up! "

After saying this, I turned and left.Huang Li desperately pulled my clothes and cried my name.But I didn’t look back or stopped.I just want to leave this place where I broke my heart.The next morning, Huang Li called me.She said she went to another hospital for a medical examination and sent me the medical examination report.The above shows: unmarried women, unhappy, complete hymen.Seeing this report, my heart hurts like being cut by a knife.I called Zhang Meng, and Zhang Meng yesterday because of jealous ghosts.It turned out that Huang Li really did not betray me.

But it’s too late now.Everything that happened yesterday was irreparable.Huang Li has lost trust and love for me.She said that she never wanted to see me anymore, and returned to my slap and cried and ran away.At that moment, my world became dull.I only regret and blame my heart.Why didn’t I believe Huang Li at the time?Why did not investigate clearly at the time?Why didn’t Huang Li a chance at the time?

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