I have never been able to get pregnant. My boyfriend said that he can get married, but if you can’t give birth, you will divorce

We fell in love in 2019, prepared for pregnancy in 2021, and did not conceive for two years. I went to see the reproductive department some time ago, found premature ovarian failure, and wanted to test tubes.He wants to divorce.

Now he wants to bet with me, get married first and then test tube. Should I agree?I don’t know what to do if it is a bit confused. He also said to have a boy.

I have never been pregnant or messy. I have been with him for more than two years. I have been in sex for a long time. I usually do n’t pay special attention to it. I have no measures, but I did n’t get a pregnancy.

I suspect that I have infertility. I am very thin and thin, 160 height, 85 pounds, and a yellow complexion. At first glance, it is the kind of girl who is not pregnant.

He is not tall, and he is very ordinary. He is a single eyelid. Before I didn’t find a boyfriend, the standard I found my boyfriend was that my boyfriend must have double eyelid eyes, because I have a single eyelid, and I want a pair of dreams.Beautiful eyes, I ca n’t realize this dream in my life, but I hope my child has no trouble.

Although my boyfriend is not the same as before, I like it very much. Although I occasionally quarrel together, I usually take the initiative to bow their heads. Although the tone is very bad when I comfort my mistakes, I can always make me teasing my happiness.Essencewhat do I do?

The above is the netizen’s self -report.Suggestion: Your boyfriend is very frank, but very affectionate, regardless of your feelings.If your body has infertility, the range that can be chosen in the future will be much smaller. Most people are very realistic. You may not care when you are in love, but there are no children in the marriage for a few years.Under family pressure and various environmental pressures, the idea will change.The first thing to do at present is to condition the body and cure the disease.If you do not break up now, you can do the following considerations:

Do not break up, possible results:

1. I can’t give birth to a child for a few years, divorce, getting older, the second marriage is difficult to find, and I may live in the future;

2. Only give birth to a girl. Because the other party has no son to divorce, you become a single mother, and you may have lived in the future. Although the benefits are hard, there is a child;

3. Give birth to a boy, all happy.But since the man can divorce your son because you can’t give birth to your son, or you can divorce seriously illness in the future, or because you are unemployed and have no income divorce, the other party is not a person who can suffer.When you need him most, he may be the one who settled in the stones.

Break up, possible results:

1. Find a man with a good character, he doesn’t care if you can have children.

2. I can’t find it, I will be single by myself in the future.

You also have an option, that is, not getting married but doing test tubes, and children say that they are married.In the end, how to choose, you still have to decide in combination with yourself.

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