I have given birth to the second child for almost a year. I have sorted out a few precautions for the pre -pregnancy period and shared it with you

It’s been almost a year since I was born in my second child. According to my experience in recent years, I have sorted out a few precautions for pre -pregnancy and shared it. I hope it will be helpful to the people who I see:

1. The new house decoration should be prepared for pregnancy as much as possible. The sense of smell during pregnancy is particularly sensitive. Some furniture in the family does not have the taste of dispersing, which will affect the pregnant mother. What is more outrageous is that the pregnant mother can smell it. Others can smell it.No understanding.See if the upstairs is decorated in the first trimester. If there is any, try to divert as much as possible in the first three months of pregnancy.

2. Try not to drink as much as possible in the first three months of pregnancy. The regular schedule (irregular, which will affect the sleep quality of the pregnant mother in the later period. Add hormonal reactions during pregnancy. It is very easy to insomnia at night.

3. Be sure to observe your physical changes in the first month of pregnancy. Do not climb the mountain, do not dance, do not do too severe exercise, try not to lower the staircase for a long staircase (to prevent the fetus from bed, it is easy to have a miscarriage).

4. If you find that you are pregnant, you can use perfume with caution. Skin care products with strong aroma, sunscreen spray, shampoo, shower gel, etc. (old -fashioned shampoo shower gel during pregnancy will be disliked by pregnant mothers).

5. Try to cook at home in the early pregnancy, eat less takeaway and food outside, especially over -oil, too spicy.I couldn’t help it, I controlled myself, I controlled myself, and gave my husband.Don’t explode, don’t rain, don’t be too impatient.

6. Before 8 weeks of pregnancy, try to rest at home as much as possible. If you can go to the hospital, you will not go. When brown -brown secretions after 4 weeks of pregnancy, do not be too nervous, rest in bed, do not do housework, work heavy work, go to pharmacy to buy folic acid, go to pharmacy to buy folic acid, go to the pharmacy to buy folic acid.Mogoone tablets, fetal spirituality, 30 % of pregnant women will have this situation, and basically improve.Pink blood or red blood must go to the hospital. The hospital usually tests blood and do B -ultrasound. Most of the blood tests look at the progesterone value. B -ultrasound determines whether the inside of the palace will explain the induction of labor, and the inside of the palace will be hospitalized as much as possible to protect the fetus and protect the fetus as much as possible.EssenceThere is no problem, you can go to the hospital for confirmation for more than 8 weeks of pregnancy.

7. In the first three months of pregnancy, because of pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have no appetite. They ca n’t eat anything. They are not in a good mood. My husband must accommodate the pregnant mother, soothe the pregnant mother, and prepare some other foods.In order to prevent the pregnant mother from being hungry and malnutrition, pay attention to the physical condition of the pregnant mother at all times. Do not let the pregnant mother bent over to pick up things. The toilet should not stay for too long. It is easy to get dizzy and dizzy.

8. After three months of pregnancy, the pregnant mother should pay attention to the stool, try to eat as much fruits, vegetables, drink lemonade, and all sprout juice.

9. During pregnancy (especially in the early pregnancy), the husband treats all the housework, cooking, laundry, clothes, mopping, sweeping the floor, mites, etc.Do not force pregnant mothers to eat in the early pregnancy, the more nausea.Help communicate and coordinate to be a good relationship with mother -in -law.Go to the hospital with pregnant mothers and run up at the hospital. Some people get medicine, some people accompany, and someone helps. The pregnant mother is relatively easy to relax.I usually spend more time chatting with pregnant mothers to relieve the worry of pregnant mothers.

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