I have been preparing for half a year of pregnancy and I have a dream. I have a dream. I have a dream.

This year, I was on the road to preparing for pregnancy. I often paid attention to the pregnancy preparation experience shared by the sisters. I took a lot of good pregnancy. This time I finally won the prize. Thank you here. At the same time, many sisters have seen many sisters.Anxiety, I can understand the anxiety of my sisters, because I also spent from anxiety. I was pregnant last year. Unfortunately, ectopic pregnancy. Fortunately, the value is not very high. After taking the medicine and conservative treatment, the middle contraception is half a year, and my body is restored.

I am afraid of outside the palace again, so I went to do the fallopian tube flux, either the feeling of pain and pain, or that I felt soreness and pain, and insisted on gritting my teeth.Do a follicle monitoring and test the test strip of the ovulation, and will soon get pregnant again. Unfortunately, a few months have passed. The friends around me are pregnant, and I still have no movement. My colleagues always ask., Hurry up, I am uncomfortable to get it, and I started to doubt that I was sick?My husband was still sick, began to be anxious, there was pressure, but the more pressure, the less difficult to get pregnant. Because I was also studying medicine, I calmed down, regulated myself, no longer go to the hospital for follicle monitoring, and no longer use ovulation test strips

Relax, let it be, love you, you need to be pregnant. If you do n’t have to raise your daughter, cultivate well. What is happy is that you are pregnant after relaxing. Some surprises.I dreamed that I was pregnant, woke up to the bathroom at night, and saw that there was a early pregnancy test paper. I picked it up and tested one. Oh my god, there is a gray. At that time, there were 4 days before menstruation.There may be a show, so I waited patiently. In those two days, I felt that the waist was particularly sour and tired, and I wanted to come to my aunt, but on the 7th, I did not come, so I tested the early pregnancy.Because I still don’t believe it will be pregnant, I went to buy the test strip and decided to test every day. The test strip was deepened every day.Last year’s ectopic pregnancy … Hey, don’t want to, go to the hospital for examination later, I hope that I am a healthy and good pregnancy in the palace this time, and I hope it is a male baby, because I have a daughter in a child, I want my children to double, I hope everyone bless me, thank youThe writing is messy, please sisters to contain, and finally I wish everyone health and good pregnancy. If you want to be pregnant with a baby or a female baby, the dragon and phoenix tires are also good.

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