I have a wayward indulgence during pregnancy. I regret it after waking up

For women, pregnancy is happy because it represents the continuation of life and the hope of life.But because of this, pregnancy also represents obligations and responsibilities.During pregnancy, each pregnant mother must be responsible for the small life in the stomach, and to use all their strengths to be responsible for their healthy growth.

If the pregnant mother is not responsible, for the baby who has not been born, alive, disasters will occur at any time.

Today I want to tell the story of fan Xiaoli may make people angry.But please don’t scold, because she has been punished.And this punishment may be a lifetime.The following is Xiaoli’s self -report:

I regret it, because of my waywardness, I have made a good life like that.

Last year, I got married.Her husband met with a blind date. He was three years old and had a good time to me. After half a year of getting along, we became logical and walked into the palace of marriage.Life after marriage is bland and happy.After half a year, I was pregnant. The arrival of a small life made our life sweeter.

However, his arrival broke everything.

He is my first love boyfriend, we have been together for five years.At that time, we all identified each other and thought they would be old.But he finally failed to resist the pressure of his parents and returned to the south, and I chose to stay in the north because I couldn’t bear my parents.

Don’t scold, I haven’t thought about reunion with him.I am married, pregnant, and soon give birth to a baby, which is very satisfied.For me, he is just a precious memory.Now he came to see me, I didn’t throb, not happy, just a little sad.So he asked me to eat, and I did not refuse.At the dinner table, when we talked about the previous things, we all burst into tears.Maybe because of uncomfortable, I drank.That’s right, during pregnancy, I drank.

I naively think that the fineness of red wine is small, and it is okay to drink less.I also naively thought that he would still control me like before and prevent me from doing stupid things.But when I drank, I forgot about my pregnancy.And he didn’t know if he intentionally or unintentionally, not only did he stop me, but persuaded him.Later, I kept thinking that if he was unwilling, it would be really disgusting.

Anyway, the final result is that I drink too much.Pregnancy, big stomach, I drink and drink too much.This is simply a joke, a big joke.But at that moment, I really forgot to get pregnant, and forgot to be responsible for the baby in the belly.

After getting pregnant and drinking, after waking up, I was very scared and hurried to consult a doctor.But doctors only say that if you drink alcohol during pregnancy, it is likely to affect the fetus, causing permanent defects to the fetus, hindering the growth and weight of the fetus, destroying neurons and brain structures, and causing physical, mental or behavioral problems.As for whether there is any impact now, he said it is not good, but if he wants to keep the fetus, he can only check more and observe more.

I collapsed, and I wanted to die in pain, and spent every day in muddy.Because of the willfulness, I may hurt my baby. Maybe this is the punishment of God.

Now I am about to give birth. Although I have been checked many times, I have been saying that the fetus is okay, but I still pray for God to bless my child.

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